A Buyer Guide to Adult Electric Trikes

Elevate your riding experience by diving into the buyers' guide for adult electric trikes, and embrace a world of comfort, versatility, and convenience.
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In recent years, there has been a continuous development of advanced technology and stuff. Among the advancements that have brought significant changes to our lifestyles are electric bikes or trikes. Electric bikes have the potential to change your travel style.

There are times when you have to dash to a nearby store or run a few errands quickly. Or maybe your office is a couple of blocks away but the traffic situation isn't helping. In these situations, you’d like to avoid your car and choose a more efficient and faster means of travel.

This is why more and more people are choosing electric tricycles for personal transportation. They’re more stable and safer than their two-wheel counterparts and require no fuel. As they run completely on electricity there are no environmental hazards involved either. Isn’t it just right?

But there’s one problem. Due to the excessive demand and popularity of electric tricycles, the market is flooded with options offering attractive features and more. So how do you choose the right one for your routine? Worry not, to get you started with finding the right electric trike, we’ve compiled this complete guide to help you make the right decision.


#1 Frame & Design

The frame and design of your electric trike are critical aspects that impact the convenience and comfort of electric trike. Electric trikes can feature step-over or step-through bike frames in different models. Usually, they are equipped with step-through frames, which makes mounting and dismounting easy for all types of riders.

In terms of frame design, electric trikes can be upright, recumbent, or semi-recumbent depending on the model you choose. The upright frame is kind of similar to that of an electric bike but with the addition of a third wheel. However, the recumbent frame is designed for maximum comfort and ease. You sit on a recumbent bike frame as you’re sitting on the sofa of your lounge. Yes, you heard it right, it’s that comfortable.

Therefore you must figure out what your needs are before choosing an electric trike frame. If you’re an elder or someone recovering from an injury whose primary focus is convenience, a recumbent or semi-recumbent bike frame should be preferred. Similarly, if you’re someone who wants to stay fit and right in a more upright manner, the upright frame would be more applicable.


#2 Motor power & type

Similar to electric bikes, electric trikes have motor power from 250W to 1000W. But as trikes are generally heavier and designed to be robust so they can carry more cargo, they usually feature powerful motors.

Similarly, in terms of types, the motors used on electric bikes can be mid-drive or hub motors. Mid-drives produce more torque power and smooth acceleration, but they are generally more expensive. On the other hand, the hub motor might lack torque but is efficient and light on the battery. As a result, hub-motor bikes usually have a longer riding range than bicycles with motors.

Before choosing your ride, you must understand that a more powerful battery means more battery drainage. So if your primary task is to just have a personal means of transportation to go around the block and speed isn’t your main concern, a hub-motor rated between 500 to 750W electric trike will be sufficient. Contrary to this, if you need a more rugged trike that will help you enjoy off-road adventures and climb up hills easily, a mid-drive motor rated between 750-1000W would be a better option.

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#3 Battery & Range

The battery is probably the most significant component of your electric trike. The battery powers all your bike's electrical components. So, without a reliable battery, you cannot experience the excitement and joy of riding an electric tricycle. Therefore, the battery is of paramount importance while selecting your e-trike.

The battery’s capacity is expressed in Watt-hours. Capacity refers to the maximum amount of charge your battery can store. So, the riding range depends on this. Usually, electric trikes have riding ranges between 25-60 miles per charge, which is considered quite efficient as they're heavy and can haul cargo as well. While choosing an electric trike battery, you should look for more capacity and more charge cycles to get the most out of your purchase. Moreover, you should choose batteries that are certified by third parties. The batteries are prone to fire and can cause damage to your bike. By having certified batteries like the UL-certified batteries used in Addmotor electric trike, you can reduce the chances of any risks and enhance the safety of your electric bike.


#4 Cargo carrying capacity

One of the main reasons why people prefer electric trikes over the two-wheel alternative is the enhanced cargo-carrying capacity of the electric trikes. Electric trikes have a robust frame design and bigger motor to carry more cargo on the go easily. Many electric bikes come with cargo racks and storage bags at the rear. With these, you can easily carry your essentials or whatever you need. You can also use an electric trike to deliver goods efficiently because they’re fast, convenient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective modes of transportation. Moreover, by replacing conventional delivery vans on the road, traffic congestion can also be significantly reduced.

#5 Comfort, Stability & Tires

Electric bikes are comfortable rides too, but electric trikes are truly unparalleled. This is one of the primary reasons why elders and people with mobility issues usually prefer electric trikes over bikes. If you’re someone who is concerned about comfort, choose an adult electric trike with a padded saddle and comfortable backrest. Also, look for additional features like a footrest, suspension system, and adjustable handlebars that will add to the stability and comfort level of your trike.

Similarly, choosing the right tires can totally change your riding experience. Fat tires are preferred because they offer superior shock absorption, stability, and improved grip on rough and uneven terrains. Fat tire electric trikes can easily tackle any terrain and are suitable for adventures.

Bottom line

In conclusion, you now have the information and factors required to make an informed purchase after reading the thorough buyers' guide to adult electric trikes. You can easily and confidently select the ideal electric trike that satisfies your particular needs and preferences. This is done by understanding the comparison criteria for relevant factors like range, motor power, comfort, and durability. Ideally, you are now prepared to embark on your adventure with an electric tricycle that offers ease and fun.

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