9 Tips to Improve the Range of Your Electric Trike

By Addmotor | 05 January 2023 | 0 Comments
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As a result of developments in battery technology, we are witnessing a steady increase in the average range of new electric tricycles. How far do they go? is the first query we frequently ask about our electric trikes. Due to the many factors at play, such as the terrain, the rider's weight or the weight of their luggage, wind resistance, how hard they pedal, etc., this is a difficult question to answer.
However, as a general rule, we inform consumers that three wheeled electric trikes range from 40 to 100 kilometers.The range of an electric trike is a typical worry for e-trikers. Therefore I'd like to give some advice to help you get the most out of your journey. Before embarking on a lengthy trike tour, make sure your e-tricycle has enough battery life.
Even if you can't double its range, there are a few simple techniques you can do to improve performance all around. This article on the blog contains a lot of advice on extending the battery life of your electric three wheeler bicycle.

1) Charge The Battery

Always make sure your battery is charged fully before leaving. You can charge the battery at work or while traveling, for instance, if you leave a charger at work or pack one in your pannier. I bring this up because, after a long day, it can be simple to forget to recharge your battery.
Make it a habit to plug your batteries in right away when you come home. We advise you to buy a second battery or an AddMotor e-tricycle if your trips frequently involve long distances and extended tours.

2) Pedal As You Mean It

Although it might seem obvious, this needs to be said. You might find that you need to perform a few more errands since you don't have much battery life. To make up, you might lower the assist setting, use less throttle, and pedal more.
Another excellent piece of advice is to pedal harder when necessary. When you accelerate after coming to a stop, it uses a lot of energy. Your battery energy will be conserved if you cycle vigorously to move your electric tricycle off the line. Also, hills take a lot of energy, so pedaling harder will help improve your range.

3) Go Slowly To Go Far

Wind resistance can seriously deplete your energy and that of your battery. Riding a little slower can lessen the wind drag, allowing increased range. Additionally, it will benefit you by extending the e-range of your e-trike, even if only by a few kilometers. Oh, and riding more slowly is generally safer!

4) Carry A Charger With You

However, this option is considerably more practical and easy for commuters: leave a charger at your destination, like at work. It allows you to quickly recharge your electric tricycle during breaks and extend its range.
You might require more range than your battery can supply if you have a long commute to work and errands to run. So that you can recharge during the day, you might have a charger at work.

5) Consider a second battery

When you can have a tank with double the capacity, why ride with only one? It can be worthwhile to purchase an additional battery for your e-trike if you have a particularly long commute or favorite riding route. Some e-tricycle manufacturers add a second battery to increase your range.
If you want to replace a flat battery while you're out and about on a prolonged tour, take a fully charged replacement battery in your trike backpack.

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6) Maintain Tire Pressure

Checking the tire pressure is more of a daily chore than caring for your e-trike, taking maintenance over long periods. Touring pros check their tire pressure before each ride, and we advise you to do the same before any lengthy tour.
It is so that an e-trike tire can only fully develop its rolling properties when the tire pressure is just perfect. The system weight (rider plus e-trike), the tire model, and the surface you are riding on are some variables that affect the proper tire pressure.

7) Using regenerative brake features

Regenerative braking, which transforms the motor into a generator to act as a brake and replenish your battery slightly, is available on some e-trikes. Usually, a sensor on one of the brake levers activates this (usually the rear brake lever).
Please be aware that there is debate in the e-trike world around the amount of energy recovered during regenerative braking.

8) Take good care of your battery

Since batteries don't fare well in extremely cold or hot conditions if at all possible, store them at room temperature. In general, it's a good idea to charge your battery often to top it fully. If you don't use your electric trike frequently throughout the winter, store the battery fully charged and charge it now and then. Avoid leaving it plugged in for longer than 24 hours. Also, don't charge right after riding!

9) Keep your chain lubricated

It will increase the effectiveness of your pedaling plus if your trike has a motor, it will increase its effectiveness as well. Let your chain sit after you've oiled it for a few minutes before wiping the extra oil off with a towel.

Final Words

Putting these modifications into practice can help you stay on schedule for your rides and save money on charging, making your  three wheeled electric trikes more cost-effective. We hope these pointers assist you in extending the range of your electric trike. Applying these suggestions and making them a habit is the best course of action.

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