5 Best Electric Bikes for Women in 2022

By Jamie | 11 April 2022 | 1 Comments
When you’re looking for the perfect electric bike, you might wonder, “What are the best electric bikes for women?” and “Which one makes sense for me”?
The best women’s electric bikes are catered to ladies’ sizes, practical needs, comfort, and style but don’t sacrifice power and features. These include electric cargo bikes, fat tire e-bikes, step-thru frames, hybrids, and cruisers built just for women or with a woman in mind.
Whatever type of riding you’re planning on doing with your e-bike, we’ve rounded up a list of the best options for women. Some of these are true women’s-specific bikes while others are simply bikes that have a wide variety of sizes and appropriate geometry for ladies.

1. Addmotor E-43 Low-Step Citypro E-bike

Motor: 48V*500W rear brushless gear motor
Range: 125+miles (estimate)
Tire: 26*2.3” reflective strip durable tires
Height Range: fit riders between 5’4”-5’8”
Price: $1,599

Designed with a step-thru frame and equipped with a 20Ah EB 2.0 Samsung battery, E-43 Citypro enjoys the longest range among e-bikes that can reach up to 125miles (PAS1). The 360°visual lighting system allows riders to use a variety of light combinations such as left and right turn signals, braking signals, and flashing lights. Riders will easily be able to see the road ahead whether it's a trip to the farmers market or a casual stroll in the park.
If your trip is 10 miles each way and your bike’s battery range maxes out at 20 miles, this is pushing it. Furthermore, it would mean that you need to pedal the entire time so that the battery doesn’t discharge too quickly. It would be wiser to buy an electric bike with double the range you anticipate needing. This E-43 e-bike comes with a large battery range that would be a perfect choice for those who have long-range commuting needs. It can easily handle the potential detours along the way.

2. Addmotor M-430 Cruiser E-bike

Motor: 48V*750W rear brushless rear-mounted motor
Range: 65+miles (estimate)
Tire: 24*4.0” fat tires
Height Range: fit riders between 5’2”-6’
Price: $1,899

Featuring a 23.5” standover height, this cruiser bike is perfect for those who need a more approachable bike without sacrificing functionality. It is also suitable for quick trips and longer adventures. Thanks to the step-thru design and the 24” fat tires, getting on and off this fat tire electric bike is quick and easy.
Cycling is not an exclusive activity for men, Addmotor M-430 offers more possibilities to women. A fat tire e-bike like the M-430 with a step-thru design frees women from the height range limits and allows women to experience the fun of riding as men do, exploring various bike trails and enjoying their outdoor riding time.

3. Aventon Pace 500 NEXT-GEN Step-Thru E-bike

Motor: 48V*500W rear brushless rear-mounted motor
Range: 25-48 miles average
Tire: 27.5*2.2” reflective sidewalls
Height Range: fit riders between 5’1”-6.4”
Price: $1,699

The Next-Gen Pace 500 Step-Through makes getting on the e-bike easy. The in-tube integrated battery and controller help give this electric bike its sleek, vintage look. It also features a full-color display that allows riders to charge their smartphone via its concealed USB port and sync to the Aventon mobile app to share rides.
4. Rad Power RadCity Step-Thru 3 Electric Commuter Bike

Motor: 48V*750W brushless Shengyi direct drive hub motor
Range: 25-45 miles average
Tire: Kenda K-Rad 26" x 2.3"
Price: $1,599

The RadCity Step-Thru 3 features a low-step frame design and less distance between the rider and the handlebars. With its small 17″ standover height, even young women and teen girls can get on and off easily and fit comfortably. It’s a great e-bike for commuting to school, work, or just zooming around town. Its powerful 750W motor and 7-speed drivetrain (gears) will get you up every hill.
5. Lectric XP™ Step-Thru 2.0 Ebike

Motor: 48V*500W brushless geared rear hub motor
Range: 25-45 miles average
Tire: Chaoyang or CST 3" x 20" fat tires
Price: $999

This e-bike is perfect for quality and price-conscious young women who are ready to tackle any adventure. The rider can ride up to 45 miles (or more if pedaling) and traverse multiple terrains with 20″ X 3″ wide tires. The maximum payload capacity of this bike is about 330 pounds. Additionally, you can travel anywhere with its foldable frame. It’s truly a fun and capable e-bike, especially for the price.
Finding the best women’s e-bikes doesn’t need to be hard. With this extensive list and help with choosing the right e-bike for you, you’re on your way to enjoying a fun ride!


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