5 benefits of Addmotor's GRANDTAN M-340 E-trike

By Addmotor | 05 January 2023 | 0 Comments
Electric 3-wheel bikes for adults have made everyone’s life easier with their numerous benefits. The comfort and stability it provides to adults have made a 3-wheel electric bicycle increasingly popular in the market. But with a variety of adult electric trikes for sale available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the best battery powered trike. Addmotor electric trikes are popular in the market due to their unique design and style, advanced features, and efficient mechanical and electrical components.
The latest model of e-trike at Addmotor, the GRANDTAN M-340 E-trike has been the talk of the town ever since its launch. The reason behind its popularity is the number of benefits it provides to the riders. So let’s see the five benefits of Addmotor’s M340 e-trike.


1. Long-range due to large battery capacity

The battery is the heart of a 3-wheel electric bicycle. It provides power to the electric motor, which then provides pedal assistance or moves the battery-powered trike solely on its power. The battery capacity decides the maximum range your fat tire electric tricycle can cover on a single charge without frequent recharging. Addmotor’s M-340 is equipped with the latest EB 2.0 Samsung battery, the first UL-certified 48V*20 Ah battery. This e-trike can cover 40 to 85 miles on a single charge with its high 20 Ah battery capacity lithium-ion battery, with other fully functioning electrical components. With a large battery capacity, it has also improved maximum discharge current that protects the battery from damage, ensuring its safety. The battery of M-340 battery-powered trike takes a maximum of 9 to 10 hours to get fully charged.
Grandtan M-340 Electric Trikes for Adult In Rose Gold 

2. 750 watts powerful motor for a smooth riding experience on terrain  

The main advantage of a 3-wheel electric bicycle is that it provides a smooth and comfortable riding experience over terrains, hills, sandy beaches, and snowy weather conditions. It is only possible when the electric motor in a fat tire electric tricycle provides high power to move over a terrain. Addmotor M-340 has 750 Watts Bafang front hub motor, which can achieve a peak power of 1000 watts, providing smooth and fast acceleration even when riding on terrains and hills. The electric motor produces a high 80 Nm torque that lessens the burden on your legs to produce much force when pedaling, providing a comfortable and enjoyable ride to adults. The motor also has an inner ring that ensures better heat dissipation and protects the magnets from decaying.        

3. Integrated light system for a safe ride at night

For a safe and comfortable riding experience at night, electric three-wheel bikes for adults should have an efficient lighting system. Addmotor M-340, with its updated EB 2.0 system, has an integrated LED lighting system that provides maximum visibility while saving 15% energy consumption. As the lighting system depends on the battery pack, it shouldn’t utilize much energy and decrease the range of a fat tire electric tricycle. Addmotor M340 has an integrated head and tail light. The headlight has a MUC chip that provides a brightness of 40 lumens and covers a visibility range of 200 meters with a 180-degree side view. It comes with a reflector that falls within CPSC standards, providing a safer and more comfortable riding experience at night. M-340 also has an efficient taillight with a MUC chip, ultrasonic welding technology, and 21 optic principles that provide a clear 180-degree side view and visibility distance of 200 meters. The multi-function tail light also works as a brake light, flashlight, danger light, and signals for left and right turns. The materials of both the head and tail lights reach the IPX5 waterproof standard, which means you can ride your 3-wheel electric bike at night in low or moderate rain without worrying that the lights would stop working or get damaged.

4. Provides optimum comfort and stability

Addmotor M340 is a fat tire electric tricycle means it has 4-inch-wide tires that provide stability and comfort. The fat tires have excellent shock absorbing capacity that prevents the risk of falls and injuries, making a 3-wheel electric bicycle a great purchase for adults. A large amount of air inside the tires of a fat tire electric tricycle prevents it from frequent punctures and wear and tear, irrespective of riding it on any land. Addmotor M-340 is equipped with 4-inch Kenda tires, which have layers of protection like an antislip cover, inner tube protector, and high volume inner tube that add up to the comfort and stability the battery-powered trike provides to the riders. In addition to the fat tires, the M-340 has a well-padded, ergonomic saddle with an adjustable backrest and handlebar. You can easily rest and support your feet when you get tired or use a full-throttle mode as M-340 battery-powered trike comes with a wooden footrest, providing you optimum comfort.  

5. Additional advanced features for a smooth ride

Apart from the main features of an M-340 3-wheel electric bicycle, there are more fun and exciting features present, making it one of the most popular adult electric trikes for sale. Addmotor M-340 comes with a 5-inch LED display that provides all the necessary information you should know while riding it, such as mileage, speed, battery usage, PAS level, lighting usage, current motor wattage, etc. The Addmotor M-340 fat tire electric tricycle has a Tekro mechanical disc brake system with 180mm disc brake pads and an automatic motor cutoff sensor. Electric 3-wheel bikes for adults, due to their weight, generally require more effort while applying brakes, but hydraulic brakes need less effort to stop the fat tire electric tricycle as it produces more friction on the rotors when applying the brake. It also comes with a large waterproof removable, rear storage basket made with an alloy that has a carrying capacity of 100 lbs and can easily be used for transportation. Another great feature of the Addmotor M340 is its step-thru frame that makes stepping on and off the battery powered trike convenient for adults.    
There may be many adult electric trikes for sale available in the market, but the numerous benefits of Addmotor M-340 make it stand out from other electric trikes. Out of the numerous benefits, these were the 5 major benefits of Addmotor M-340 that make it the best 3 wheel electric bicycle available in the market.  


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