2022 Addmotor's Best Black Friday Electric Bikes Sale up to $400/$200/$150 OFF

By Addmotor | 16 November 2022 | 0 Comments
If you are saving your money to buy an electric bike then it's the perfect time to buy an electric bike on the Black Friday ebike deal with discounts of up to $400. To promote electric bikes and save you money addmotor is giving special Black Friday electric bikes for sale offer to electric bike lovers.

Buy Black Friday Electric Mountain Bike --Save $400

Addmotor is giving a $400 discount to you for a mountain trip after buying a terrains mountain electric bike. The regular price of the M-5500 all terrains electric mountain bike is USD 2999. For your adventure tour, we have a Black Friday electric mountain bike with a new price of USD 2599. You can buy Black Friday electric mountain bike with a $400 discount with the code that is available on Addmotor.

Why Black Friday Electric Bikes for Sale is Especially for you?

1. Motan M-5500 has fat tires for traveling on all types of terrains. You can ride on sandy beaches, mountain terrains, snow, wasteland, on the road, and on trails.
2. The frame of the Motan M-5500 is a unique shark mouth frame. the electric bike riders look like flying tigers when they are riding Motan M-5500.

3. The power of the Motan M-5500 is 1250W and travels up to 60 miles on a single charge. its 48V lithium 17.6Ah long-lasting battery is suitable to you for riding in your surroundings.

4. Speed of the electric mountain bike is 28MPH.

5. Addmotor is giving one year warranty for Black Friday ebikes

MOTAN M-5500 All-Terrain Electric Mountain Bike

From our previous sale record, Addmotor has decided to give discount offers to the riders according to their electric bike demands. Some riders need a high-speed electric bike with maximum loading capacity for cargo purposes. Daily electric bike riders need electric bikes with maximum battery timing for long rides. Some riders demand high-power motor electric bikes. Addmotor has prepared electric bikes for riders to fulfill their needs.

All these electric bikes from Addmotor have high-quality four layers of fat tires for all types of riders. Electric bikes of addmotor have integrated headlights and taillights for traveling at night time. Addmotor electric bikes have an LCD display that shows battery time, riding range, and control lights through buttons. You can buy customized
Black Friday ebike on different discount offers with a code that is available on the addmotor website.

Black Friday electric bikes for sale --Save $200

Buy your electric bike from the Addmotor Black Friday ebike discount offer. This special opportunity is for you to buy your favorite city pro electric bike for up to $200 off. This best time of investment for you to save your transport expenses within the $2000 budget. Black Friday ebikes deals addmotor is giving $200 off to you on buying M-81/E-43/E-53/M-550/M-560 electric bikes.

The M-560 P7 and M-550 P7 all-terrain ebikes travel with a 750W powerful motor to climb uphill smoothly and efficiently. The design of these two bikes is totally different and also available in different colors. The E-43 and E-53 CITYPRO electric bikes with 20MPH top speed travel up to 125 miles on a single charge. While M-81 is a cargo electric bike with 350 LBS payload capacity.

M-81 Step-thru Fat Tire Cargo Electric Bike, Army Green

Addmotor Black Friday electric bikes for sale --Save $150

Addmotor aims to update all bike riders with its new electric bike. For all the beginners and old riders addmotor has launched a Black Friday ebike for sale. Electric bikes of addmotor are available on different discount offers in the Black Friday ebike sale. For M-140/M-430/430/M-66 R7/M-66X/M-65X electric bikes addmotor is giving up to $150 OFF. 


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