The Heart of the Machine: In-depth Look at Addmotor's EB2.0 Etrike Controller

By Addmotor | 17 November 2023 | 0 Comments
The controller, one of the most essential features of an electric trike. Often referred to as the 'brain' of the electric tricycle, the controller plays an important role in managing every aspect of the etrike and shaping the overall riding experience.
Linking together the electrical components such as the battery, motor, and throttle of the etrike, the controller empowers you to regulate the motor's power, trike’s speed, acceleration, and more, essentially serving as the control center for the entire electric trike system.
So, today, in this article, we'll take a deep dive into the technological marvel that powers Addmotor's electric trikes; the EB2.0 controller system.  
Let's explore this cutting-edge technology and understand why it is called the heart of Addmotor's etrikes.


Unveiling the Addmotor’s EB2.0 Controller System

Simply put, the controller is like a small computer or powerhouse that connects all the electrical parts like the motor, battery, throttle, pedal-assist, display, and various sensors on the fat tire etrike in one place. Basically, it manages everything from power distribution to speed control and handling user inputs.
But what exactly is the EB2.0 controller system?
Well, in the latest EB2.0 era, the controller has undergone an upgrade to a chip-type design. This not only simplifies the various circuit systems but also saves space on the board and enhances overall system stability.
Equipped with a high-performance processor, this EB2.0 controller system now can achieve efficient, swift, and precise command control. All these elements work in harmony to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience on your fat tire etrike.

electric trike's controller
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How Controllers Work or Interact with Etrike Components?

By now, you have understood that the EB2.0 controller plays a vital role in the electric trike's operation.
Now, it's time to see how it actually works.
To understand how the EB2.0 controller works, you need to understand its incorporated components and functions. So, here’s how it goes-

1. Microcontroller:

At the core of the etrike controller is a microcontroller. It is an integrated circuit that processes rider input, such as throttle position or pedal cadence. After processing the input, it translates them into commands for the motor.

2. Power MOSFETs (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors):

This component serves as an electronic switch, controlling the on-and-off states of the current flow to the motor. These semiconductor devices receive signals from the microcontroller, determining the power output to the motor.

3. Current Sensors:

Etrike controllers are equipped with current sensors to monitor the flow of electrical current. Measuring the current passing through the system, these sensors let the controller adjust the power output accordingly.

4. Voltage Regulator:

A voltage regulator is integrated into fat tire etrike controllers to provide the motor with a stable and regulated power supply. It maintains a constant voltage output, preventing potential damage to the motor and other electrical elements, even in the face of battery voltage fluctuations.

5. Communication Interfaces:

The best electric trikes for adults often incorporate communication interfaces to send signals to the display, which shows the rider the speed, distance, battery level, and other information. This connectivity enhances the user experience and allows for convenient adjustments and monitoring.

Safety and Reliability: The Controller’s Pivotal Role

The best electric trikes for adults’ EB2.0 controllers integrate safety features like the main chip, sensor, under-voltage circuit, over-current protection circuit, MOSFET,  etc. All these ensure a safe and reliable riding experience by providing a stable and efficient power conversion, responsive and accurate command control, and a compatible and integrated system design.
So, here’s how these features of the Addmotor’s EB2.0 controller ensure safety and reliability-
1. Real-World Scenarios: If you’re on a slippery road, the controller can detect this and adjust the etrike's responses to maintain stability, keeping you safe.
2. Low-Voltage Protection: To protect the battery from over-discharge, it monitors battery voltage and shuts the motor when it detects excessively low voltage.
3. Over-Voltage Protection: It keeps an eye on battery voltage to prevent overcharging and automatically shuts down when voltage levels are too high to ensure the battery's safety.
4. Over-Temperature Protection: To safeguard the FET power transistors, the controller monitors the temperature of Field-Effect Transistors and shuts down the motor whenever they become too hot.
5. Over-Current Protection: If the current of the motor exceeds safe levels, the controller reduces it and provides protection for both the motor and the FET power transistors.
6. Brake Protection: It shuts down the motor during braking, prioritizing the brake function even if other signals are present. For example, if brakes and throttle are engaged simultaneously, the brake function takes precedence.

arisetan electric trike

Maintaining the EB2.0 for Optimal Performance

The controller can encounter a range of issues, from faulty wiring and loose connections to malfunctions in the on/off switch. Problems may also arise if the controller's fuse or circuit breaker is not operating as intended.
Thus, it's essential to address these issues promptly and keep the EB2.0 in top condition to maintain the smooth functioning of the best electric trikes for adults.
Some tips for maintaining the EB2.0 etrike controller for optimal performance are:
• Keep the controller clean and dry, and make sure not to use any kind of water, harsh chemicals, or cleaning agents.
• Avoid overloading it and exposing it to extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight.
• Avoid riding in heavy rain and dry immediately if it gets wet. If possible, consider waterproofing options.
• Check the connections and wires of the controller regularly, and make sure they are not loose, damaged, or corroded. Reconnect any wires if you find them improperly connected.
• Do not modify or tamper with the controller, as it may affect its functionality and warranty.
• Inspect for physical damage like cracks or dents, and if you find this kind of damage, make sure to address it promptly.


As we wrap up our exploration of Addmotor's EB2.0 controller, it's evident that this technology is not just the brain but also the heart of electric tricycles. From enhancing functionality to ensuring safety, the EB2.0 controller is the unsung hero behind every memorable ride.
Remember, the EB2.0 controller isn't just a piece of technology; it's the soul of your electric tricycle adventure.


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