Review on Addmotor HEROTAN M-65X Cruiser Ebike - make your adventure fun and safe!

By Lance & Cinda Serafin | 20 March 2023 | 0 Comments

We're showing you this Addmotor M-65X that we got and we rode mountain bikes for years, still have some. But why we got this is because we're not as young as we used to be! You can ride this electric bicycle and it's electric assist but you can adjust it where you put more pressure on your legs so it gives you good exercise. It helps us with the steep hills that we live in around here.
Cinda is going to use this cruiser ebike to run errands and make deliveries to the post office. It's definitely going to save gas by using it and we're going to save a little more by using a solar panel and a Percheron generator that we have and charge it up and use the Sun as power. So Cinda is going to take the ebike and get used to riding around here on some of our little trails and like I say get used to it. And then we're going to take it and ride it down to the lake and ride around there some and show how good it does on the hills. Because there are some steep windy hills going to to the lake. That's pretty steep! And Cinda is doing good!

Well, so far some of the features that we really like about this electric bicycle is the disc brakes and how well they work. You can see the nice disc brake, good size disc. Then you got your cable disc here. That's run on a cable, it's not hydraulic. Some of them are hydraulic, but it really didn't matter. They're mechanical, but they still work really good. And while we're up here you see that it has a really nice little headlight and that's all wired into the battery. So if you drive at night, that will still be safe and it has reflector here also. Well guys it not only has a headlight, it's got a tail light. It's also got little turn signals right here, when you turn them on, I mean hit the turn signals, so people can see it. And brake lights also, so that's fantastic. And this little backrest, this is extra, so you can get this or you can get one like that bolts on, is just for carrying stuff. You can kind of carry stuff if you're just by yourself with that one. But you can get either one of those. So, two nice extra options that you have to buy without the bike.
Another thing you notice it is a full suspension electric bicycle. You can see the front forks and they work really nice for going off-road. They're actually an air shock also. You put a little air in here with spring assist. It's got your back pegs for your second rider on both sides. And nice fat tires! And I like that you're able to shift. It's got seven gears just like a regular 10 speed for going up hills or you can get it into a higher gear for going downhill. So your pedals aren't going real fast. And another nice feature is the battery system here. It's got 960 watt hour battery and also the motor back here is a 750 watt motor. So you got all kinds of power! It'll pull me and Cinda up hills and everything! So it's doing really good, and the battery comes out you see there’s like a little key, it's a key that comes with it, so you can take your battery out of it and take it inside to charge it. And it also helps those little safety features. So people can't run off with it as easily.
We're getting ready to go up to the lake. The sun's still not out yet but it's supposed to come out in just a little bit, so we left our solar panels all hooked up. We've got it plugged into our little generator and what we're going to do is let it charge up. And then tonight, when we get back, we can just take this inside and we'll take our battery and charge it up. And this will charge our battery up about two times if we have it fully topped off. So that's going to be super nice. If we go to the lake or camping or somewhere there's not power, we'll still be able to recharge it. If you have the bike on one assist, it supposed to go over 100 miles so you don't have to charge it very often. But if you're using it like full-blown on seven or you're using it without pedaling at all, it'll do over 30 miles. So it's depending on how heavy you are. But anyway, so you don't have to recharge it like every time you use it. So you're good to go for as long as you've got some sunshine you've got free energy!

Lance: Oh my gosh that was a big hill! Now I know why my wife bought the e-bike!
Lance: Oh that was rough!
Cinda: Is your heart still beating?
Lance: Yeah, this is like having super powers!
Cinda: You still get some exercise, but I feel like I have bionic legs.
Come on old man! You did good though, I didn't know you still had it in you!
Lance: My legs were burning!
Lance: That goes good on the road and off the road. This thing's nice!
Cinda: I know, I like it! I can go anywhere on it! That's a good little bike, that's a pretty spot, isn't it?
Lance: Yeah, it is.
Lance: I'm going to burn some rubber.
Cinda: He's still just a big kid.

This is fun! I wish I had this when I was coming up that hill! My legs feel so much better!
Well guys, what we're planning on doing is bringing our camp and really kind of show how good this electric bicycle is when you're at a campsite. You can ride them over to the little grocery store over here, or you don't have to get in your car. You can drive around to see the scenery. I was having a blast coming down that hill. It was crazy! It handles really well because it's kind of got a low center of gravity. The seat is not adjustable but it's a perfect height for me and it's super comfortable. But like for Lance he's 6'1, if he was going to do a lot of pedaling or off-road pedaling, he probably might want one of their bigger bikes that has adjustable seat for his long giraffe legs.
But anyway, what I really like about it is, I like riding an electric bicycle and getting some exercise and this has the pedal assist. And it is just right here, so it's super easy! So if you're going up a super steep hill, you can just very easily turn it up and then turn it back down when you want to do some pedaling and get some exercise. It goes all the way from zero to seven. And it also has a shifter. It has seven gears and that is also nice. And then it has a throttle right here. You can push this button and just ride it like a scooter without even pedaling if you want. So it's pretty cool! I really like it!


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