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Electric bikes have revolutionized the world of traveling. It has made commuting simpler, more fun, and exciting. Along with sustainable commuting, it provides various other benefits such as grocery shopping, making food or parcel deliveries, or pick and drop to the school. For any commuting purpose and to replace cars, the riders require a space or storage to keep their stuff somewhere on an e-bike and to avoid carrying backpacks. So let's delve into the details regarding baskets for e-bike or e-trikes, their benefits, and how they make the commute convenient. 

Addmotor electric bike and e-trike is popularly known for their practicality and comfort. They are equipped with all the components and features and come with all the necessary accessories to make the riding experience convenient and fun. To ensure the Addmotor delivers the optimum riding experience, all Addmotor electric bikes and e-trikes are integrated with a front basket and a rear storage bag. This storage space allows the riders to travel and run errands conveniently and comfortably. So let's look at some of the benefits of baskets for e-trikes and how they impact your riding experience. 

Benefits of using a basket for e-trikes 

•  Convenience

Electric bikes are known for making lives simpler and more convenient, and with accessories like baskets, the convenience multiplies twofold. A basket in an e-trike can be a blessing for any rider as it allows you to transport anything wherever you want. Whether going for groceries or carrying a laptop to work or books to college, storage space in the form of a basket can be beneficial. It prevents you from carrying a large bag back on your shoulders and helps you ride your e-trike conveniently without any load on your back. 

•  Safety 

Safety is an utmost priority of any e-trike rider, and accessories like a basket also play a role in the safety of the riders. Baskets in an e-trike minimize the risk of affecting the center of gravity of an e-bike, which can be disturbed by the backpack loads carried by an electric bike. A basket lowers the center of gravity of an e-trike and distributes the weight equally, thus enhancing its stability and preventing any risk of accidents and collisions.  

•  Versatility 

An e-bike can be used for various purposes, such as daily commuting, grocery shopping, delivering items, or traveling to a destination for picnics or camping. To fulfill any riding purpose, a basket in an electric bike can be helpful to store anything, from picnic or beach essentials to laptops, tablets, or grocery bags, you can keep anything in the basket and commute to your destination. 

•  Secured goods 

Some electric bikes, such as Addmotor electric bike come with a rear basket and a waterproof storage bag. These waterproof bags can be beneficial for the riders to store goods. In any weather condition, whether it's raining or snowing, your goods remain secured in the storage bag and don’t get damaged. This storage bag also keeps your items safe and secure from the risk of falling out or being theft. 

Addmotor electric bike baskets 

Considering that Addmotor manufactures e-bikes and e-trikes to provide optimum comfort and convenience to the riders, they come with all the necessary components and accessories. All the models of Addmotor e-bike and e-trike are also equipped with baskets and storage bags to provide increased capacity to the riders to carry all kinds of stuff. They have enough carrying capacity and are also built to withstand heavy loads. All the models of the Addmotor e-bike and e-trike come with two storage baskets, present at the front and rear end. 

► The front basket 

All the models Addmotor e-trike and e-bike come with a removable front basket attached to the handlebars of the electric bike. The sturdy Addmotor front basket is made of aluminum and is of perfect 13.4'' x 11'' x 7.48'' dimensions, which makes it compatible with all Addmotor electric bikes. The front basket provides you with a perfect storage space to carry your daily essentials like keys, wallet, mobile phone, water bottle, books, or even small grocery bags. You can keep all the necessary items that you may need during the ride and are accessible and within your reach instead of in the backpack, which may require you to stop the ride and dismount the e-bike. Keeping your essential items within your sight in the front basket may be the safest option during the ride and will keep your mind relaxed during the ride and maintain your focus on the road.  

► The rear basket

Along with the front basket, all the models of the Addmotor e-trike come with a removable basket present at the rear end. This large storage basket is also made of aluminum and can carry larger loads. Most of Addmotor's rear-end baskets can carry loads of 100 lbs while others can carry up to 80 lbs. The rear basket on Addmotor electric trikes can carry larger items or heavy loads such as picnic supplies, delivery items, clothing, or heavy grocery bags. It prevents you from carrying heavy loads in your backpack, which may be uncomfortable for longer commutes and may cause strain in your back. Carrying heavy loads in the rear basket also distributes weight properly and close to the center of gravity, which keeps the e-bike stable and doesn’t compromise its performance. The rear-end basket in the Addmotor electric trikes also comes with a waterproof storage bag that keeps the items secure in all weather conditions. It makes the Addmotor e-trikes a perfect choice for all riding purposes, either for daily commuting, leisure activities, or running errands. 
So let's look at some of the top-selling models of Addmotor e-trikes 

Addmotor Grandtan e-trike 

Grandtan M-340 e trike is the top-selling model of the Addmotor electric trikes. It has been popular in the market for a long time and is now upgraded with new cutting-edge features and components to provide more comfort and convenience for riders. 
The new addmotor Grandtan e-trike has a powerful 750-watt rear-mounted electric motor, which provides enhanced stability and keeps the e-trike balanced on all kinds of terrains. 
The 20 AH UL-certified Samsung battery provides a long range of 85 miles. The unique features, such as the rear speed differential allow you to make smooth and safe turns through corners and prevent any slippage or accidents. 
Another unique feature of the Addmotor Grandtan e-trike involves a parking brake system that allows you to park your e-bike anywhere you want, even on hills or slopy surfaces, without worrying about it rolling from its place as the parking brakes lock the wheels of the e-trike.  
Addmotor Grandtan e-trike provides you with a lot of storage carrying capacity as it comes with a front basket and a rear basket. The rear basket alone allows you to carry a load of up to 100 lbs. It also comes with a waterproof storage bag for the rear basket to keep your items safe and secure. For carrying extra cargo, the Addmotor Grandtan M-340 e-trike comes with a tube to connect the trailer and increases the cargo-carrying capacity of the e-trike. 

Arisetan II M-360 e-trike 

Another one of the most popular Addmotor electric trikes is the Arisetan II M-360 electric trike, as it’s the world’s first semi-recumbent e-trike. With its ergonomic design, anyone with back pain, knee pain, or joint issues can ride the Addmotor Aristen II M-360 e-trike effortlessly. Not only does it provide comfort with its design, but the new Aristen II M-360 semi-recumbent is also upgraded with advanced, cutting-edge technology that adds to the comfort and convenience for the riders. 
The new Arisetan semi-recumbent e-trike has also been upgraded to a rear 750-watt electric motor for enhanced stability and better control. The high capacity 20 Ah Samsung battery allows you to ride the e-trike for up to 85+ miles on a single charge. 
For added comfort and a smooth riding experience for the riders, it consists of a front suspension fork that minimizes the impacts and bumps and allows the riders to navigate uneven or rough terrains smoothly and effortlessly. 
It also has updated features like rear speed differential and parking brakes to enhance the riding experience for the adults.   
The Addmotor Arisetan semi-recumbent e-trike also has a foldable design, which allows you to store the e-trike anywhere in the compact space and even carry it along while traveling to another city.  
This addmotor e-trike also comes with a rear basket that provides enough storage space to keep all your belongings or even picnic supplies. This large rear basket has 20.5" X 16" X 9.5 dimensions and can carry up to 100 lbs load. Like all the other Addmotor e-bike models, the Arisetan M-360 also comes with a waterproof rear basket storage bag to keep your belongings safe and secure. The trailer tube is also present, in case you want to add another basket and increase the cargo capacity of the Addmotor Arisetan semi-recumbent e-trike. 
Baskets are a practical accessory for an electric bike and have various benefits. It adds convenience, comfort, and safety to your riding experience. But whether it’s the cupboards in the house or baskets in electric bikes, they are never enough to store all our belongings. Addmotor electric bikes and e-trikes have solved this problem with their front and large rear baskets that have enough storage capacity to store the maximum items you may need during any ride, whether it's grocery shopping or your commute to work. To know more about the storage capacity and features of Addmotor electric bikes, you may head over to our website and choose the best e-bike for yourself. 


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