Addmotor New Electric Tricycle Released: Herotri M-365x & Soletri M-366x

By Addmotor | 28 March 2023 | 0 Comments
As the world becomes increasingly focused on sustainability, more and more people are turning to eco-friendly modes of transportation. One such option is the electric trike, a three-wheeled vehicle that uses electric power to propel its wheels. With its sleek design, efficient performance, and low environmental impact, the electric trike is quickly becoming a popular choice for commuters, leisure riders, and anyone looking for an alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Addmotor has been working on them for quite a lot of time and with their experience in building the trikes there’s no match for them.

Recently Addmotor has launched two new mock-ups for their electric trike series that include the Herotri M-365x and the Soletri M-366x. Both these adult electric tricycles have top-notch equipment and specifications depending upon the customer whichever models they wish to choose. 

 M-365x and M-366x Herotri M-365X Electric Trike for Adult with Banana Seat


The design of these two electric tricycles is compact and streamlined, allowing them to move easily through traffic and maneuver tight turns. The overall design is a fusion of retro and futuristic bodies.

The main feature of these 2 electric trikes is the banana seat configuration having faux leather for a comfortable and soft ride. The banana seat configuration makes for 2 people to sit on and ride easily for the dimensions of 23’’x 8.5’’ are big enough. All the previous generations of e-trikes did not have the seating compatibility to have a passenger on board but these models are now introduced with it. This makes this the best electric tricycle for two adults.

The M-365x has a step-over frame with all the same aspects of the M-366x which is a perfect e-trike for people who can easily ride. While it may be a problem for seniors or people with disabilities to climb on the M-365x that’s where the M-366x comes in. Having a step-through frame the M-366x can be easily climbed upon by anyone making for a perfect companion for the elderly. The M-366x also has a footrest board as being a step-through design body people can easily rest their footsteps in the middle of the frame. While the M-365x doesn’t have that but the point for it is moot as well as being a step over frame the rider can rest the feet on the pedals.


Most 3 wheel electric bikes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that provide a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge. But the Addmotor being the best at producing long-range trikes can go up 85+ miles of range on a single charge with its 20Ah battery system, the batteries can be charged at any standard electrical outlet but with the specified 48V charger from the Addmotor and take between 8 to 10 hours to fully charge.  

The 750W powerful motor combined with 7 levels of pedal assists and a 7-speed Shimano derailleur gives the trike its distinct performance. With a payload capacity of 450 lbs, the trike can easily go up and down the hills without the need for extra pedals. The e-trikes also come with mechanical disc brakes front and rear with additional parking brakes for extra safety. In addition, the parking function is also a unique feature of the 365x, 366x, which could help you stop your e-trike safety.

M-365x & M-366x while retaining the same fat tires as before. The fat tires make for easy and comfortable rides on roads with puncture resistance. The tires make for easygoing on an unbalanced turf as well, in case of any bumps, sand, snow, or even gravel. Moreover, the new 365x, and 366x electric trikes are equipped with dual suspension, while the previous electric tricycle series only have a front fork shock. The 365x, and 366x can be regarded to be an upgrade and enhancement on the previous three-wheel electric bike. The fat tire combined with the dual suspension will give you the most ultra-comfortable riding experience.

Addmotor brief history

Addmotor has been the pioneer in the market of electric bikes and trikes since their production first started in 2011. With top quality, innovative, eco-friendly, safe, and comfortable electric bikes and trikes have gained popularity and become one of the favorites for the riders and customers of the electric bike and trike community.

One of the main achievements is the first-ever semi-recumbent electric trike in the market back in 2017 and have been the best at it since then. That’s when they decided to have a livery of electric trikes. The trikes since then have been in production and the market with the best that is available.

The M-365x and M-366x are no exception from it as they provide all the accessibilities to Addmotor rives for their customers with no lack in design whatsoever. These trikes having a 2-person compatibility is probably one of the best ways to ride a trike with a friend or family.

Why buy them?

There are several compelling reasons why someone would want to consider buying an electric trike from Addmotor.

# Eco-Friendly

Addmotor electric trikes are powered by electricity from their UL-certified battery rather than gasoline, meaning they produce zero emissions. This makes them an environmentally friendly choice for transportation, especially when compared to traditional cars and motorcycles. 

# Low Cost of Ownership

Electric trikes from Addmotor have a much lower starting from 1500$ at a minimum than gasoline-powered vehicles. They require less maintenance, have lower fuel costs, and are often eligible for tax incentives and other financial incentives. 

Easy to Operate

They are typically easier to operate than traditional motorcycles, with a more stable base and a simpler control system. This makes them a great option for riders of all skill levels, including those who may not feel comfortable on a traditional motorcycle.

Improved Safety

They have a lower center of gravity than traditional motorcycles, which makes them more stable and less prone to tipping over. They also have a smaller profile, which can make them easier to see in traffic.


Addmotor models come in a variety of styles and sizes, from small and nimble to large and powerful. This means there is likely an electric trike that will suit your specific transportation needs, whether you're commuting to work, running errands around town, or going on a long-distance adventure.


Addmotor has pioneered the fascinating world of the electric trike and bike cycling and its dedication to delivering affordable, sustainable, and diverse transportation solutions. From the brand's brief history to its present product portfolio and planned releases, we have witnessed how Addmotor has swiftly developed to become one of the market’s most popular electric bike manufacturers.

A devoted following of riders who value exploration and adventure has developed around Addmotor's commitment to innovation, quality, and flair. With Addmotor’s promising new product lineup, it's clear that its success and impact in the industry will only continue to grow.


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