Addmotor M-65x fits all terrains well - even on the desert

By Remote Trooper | 27 March 2023 | 0 Comments

I'm looking for this ebike that I found a long time ago. It's like three quarters of the way under the ground and we're on our brand new Addmotor electric bicycle, so I'm not pedaling at all. This is all motor right here. This ebike has dual suspension, and it has two shocks in the rear that are beautiful. They work really well and it has these Add shocks in the front that are made by the company that produces this bike and the front shocks are fully adjustable. I have them all the way soft right now so it's like nice and cushy. 
Another part is that the battery is actually a Samsung battery and the motor is inside the rear wheel, and it's all waterproof. I did a lot of research on this ebike before I accepted it. Because I wanted to make sure that we weren't reviewing something that wasn't good. Look at this, this electric bicycle has disc brakes front and rear. It's got this big nice comfy seat on it. I just modified my bicycle rack that I used for my normal bike to fit this ebike, so I kind of just added some metal to that and got it to where the ebike can be nice and secure back there. 

Oh, this is just rough sand. I found the car, huh, I don't remember what kind of car this was. It's printed on the VIN plaque right here but we're gonna walk around it first. I think they had some gauges in here. That's probably where the radio went and here's one of the seat frames. There's another angle of the motor what's left of it, so this is a big old like dirt bike track out here. And we're actually right on the mint 400 course which is the largest off-road race in North America. This is part of the course, it's 100 miles long. We're gonna get back to it and leave this car.
How did I get something in the derailleur? Yeah, this ebike has a Shimano derailleur and it has these Kenda Crusade fat tires. There's a rating printed on the side that says you can run them anywhere from 5 PSI to 30, and I'm running them at 5 PSI out here and I don't feel a thing like it's great. It rides really well. These shocks are really well built. And I was skeptical at first I knew about this brand because I've been heavily looking into electric bikes for a while. But it's like you never know what you're gonna get until it gets there. And when Addmotor offered to send this to me in exchange for a review, it was the first thing I've accepted as far as a sponsorship deal on a video. What actually the main thing that sold me on this ebike was the neck right here, there's no welds. This is all one piece and it's aluminum where there are welds they're really thick and they're done right. And most bike frames are not one piece like this. It’s actually broke right there, the neck tube snapped off of the frame. Yeah, the rear has the sealed up swing arm, all the bearings are sealed. The bearings in the neck are all sealed, the bearings in the wheels are sealed as well. And it's got a nice little screen here. There's the pedal assist mode that goes like one to seven. You just hit the little buttons up here and that'll assist your pedaling with motor power which there's a little wheel right here with sensors on it. Or you can just use the throttle which is what I do. It detects when you're pedaling and adds power. Addmotor has been in business for the better part of 12 years I believe and they're based right out of California. I am beyond impressed with this unit. It's twenty four hundred dollars I believe somewhere around there for this electric bike. Link and discount code are in the description! I mean it's beyond worth it. In my opinion, just the one piece aluminum frame, it's very lightweight. It's just amazing. You know what it reminds me of is like a Honda 50 like dirt bike and if it does have any sort of failure you just pedal home. But thank you Addmotor, you guys are awesome. I love this ebike and I'm gonna use this ebike a lot. Look at this throttle, how cool is that.

I'm gonna check our tires here, it’s still got good air in them. Let’s go back home. Full battery still. This wheel print is about all this ebike does to the dirt. So that'll be gone overnight with a little bit of wind. Oh, we lost a battery bar finally and it just came back, it's because I was on the motor. Yeah, we lost one bar and we have four left since we've been out here like whole day. So we're back on the mint 400 course now. This is a pretty forgiving part of it. A lot of big whoops, we can just go up and down. Now we can get some speed, so I was like thrown off like why would I want a bike that only does 25 miles an hour, I'm only going 13 miles an hour right now. It feels so fast out here. I think that looks a little more forgiving over here. I mean this suspension on this ebike sucks a lot of this stuff right up. I could not do this on a hardtail bike. That change of lighting was cool. I'm gonna give it a little bit of pedaling, there we go, pedals and motor for the win. I'm still just full throttle pinned right now. If this electric bike’s gonna break, it's gonna break right now. Yes, it's a very big steep hill that we just got up.
There's also a little flip thing right here. Yeah, there's a USB port right there and you can get USB power. I don't think I'm gonna ever break this ebike, to be honest. We're going to the middle of the lake, but there's a little lake over there. I bet there's some water in it. Oh look at that, that's a lot of water. It’s surprised there's some animals out here drinking it. We're just pulling up these hills with all kinds of torque. But still look at this ebike, it’s doing good. It’s alien technology, huh, I think. OK, that was a very good time. I hope you enjoyed and we will catch you guys on the next one.


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