Addmotor GRANDTAN Electric Trikes Bring Comfortable Riding Experience for Each Riders

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Electric trikes are more versatile and accessible than push bicycles or two-wheeled eBikes. This is because they are self-balancing and can fit a rider and cargo. The only notable downsides are that they aren’t as maneuverable as two-wheelers and tend to be heavier and bulkier. 

That said, electric trikes are getting better each day. Addmotor: the best electric trike brand is always improving to provide safer and more comfortable trikes.

Their best lineup of electric trikes consists of the GRANDTAN series. These include fat tire electric trikes prioritizing comfort, stability, and accessibility. 

So let’s learn about the different models in the GRANDTAN lineup and how you can pick the best one to suit your needs. 

The Different Trikes in the GRANDTAN Lineup

There are many types of adult electric trikes that fit various riding styles, locations, and people. Because of this, finding a more versatile and accessible trike can be a difficult task. 
Most electric trikes for adults are designed to carry passengers and cargo. Meanwhile, others are designed to ride faster through long stretches of open road. They are mostly for adults who are either very fit or have been cycling all their life. 

So finding an electric trike for seniors, and people with limited mobility has been a challenge. That is until Addmotor stepped in with their GRANDTAN lineup. 

GRANDTAN Electric Trikes: The Ideal Middleground

Addmotor electric trikes, specifically the GRANDTAN series, find the best balance between mobility, safety, comfort, and stability.

This makes them a favorite among seniors and people with limited mobility. They want an electric trike that’s comfortable, easy to use, and minimizes the chances of bicycle-related injuries. 

They are also a favorite among regular adults who want to ditch their car for a more active lifestyle. They want to commute, run errands, and enjoy the outdoors with something that’s eco-friendly but doesn’t break the bank. 

So if you fall into either of these categories, you need to check out the different models available in our GRANDTAN lineup. These include:
  1. The Standard GRANDTAN (now updated as the GRANDTAN II 2024)
  3. GRANDTAN X (the new arrival trike 2024 )
  4. GRANDTAN PLUS (also updated in 2024)

Common Features In Each GRANDTAN Electric Trike

specs of grandtan electric trikes

The original GRANDTAN is one of the most versatile electric trikes on the market. It’s got everything you need to start your eBike journey and live a more active and eco-friendly lifestyle. 

All the features in the original GRANDTAN are also included or improved upon in the other models. These include things such as:

  1. UL2271-Certified Battery Pack: All models feature a 48V 20Ah battery pack. It has an IPX6-rated enclosure and is guaranteed to minimize fire hazards by 90%. It’s also removable and can be secured on the bike using a special key.
  2. Front and Rear Storage Racks: GRANDTAN models all have front and rear storage racks. You also get a complimentary waterproof bag that fits perfectly into the rear rack and can be easily installed/removed.
  3. Strong Trailer Tube: If the racks weren’t enough, you can also hitch a trailer to the trike frame. So whether that’s a kid trailer or cargo, you can always carry more. 
  4. EB 2.0 System:  The same electrical system (motor controller, display, wiring harness, etc..) that’s used in Addmotor’s first UL2849-certified cargo eBike. But GRANDTAN TURBO uses Bafang mid-drive motor system.
  5. Multifunctional Taillight: Models include a taillight that indicates braking, turn signals, hazard lighting, and other custom signals.
  6. Horn + Bell: An electrical horn and a mechanical bell are included to improve your riding experience and to adapt to the situation (Grandtan TURBO trike does not come with electric horn ). 
  7. Additional Safety Features: Parking brakes, rear differential, mechanical disc brakes, and motor cutoff switch to keep you safe on the road. 
  8. Ergonomic Features: Wooden footrest, a step-through frame design, and a combination of pedal assist plus throttle control. 
These models share a lot of similarities. But, their differences can make or break your riding experience. So if you’re considering one, be sure to keep reading and learn about the pros and cons of each.

The Standard GRANDTAN Trike

fat tire electric trike

The standard GRANDTAN is one of Addmotor's first fat tire electric trikes that took the market by storm. It's a versatile and all-inclusive electric trike that appeals to adults and people with limited mobility.
So if you're unsure of which one to get, the Addmotor GRANDTAN is always a good fit. It's compatible with many people's riding needs and lifestyles.

Perfectly Fits Most Adults

So if you're a heavy rider, someone with mobility issues, or too tall, you can always make it work with the original GRANDTAN. It's designed to support a rider weight of 350 LBS and anybody that falls within the 5 '2”-6' 4” height range (maximum load capacity: 450 LBS). 

This is almost 90% of adults in the US. So if you're worried about buying an electric trike that can be shared by your friends and family, this is the one to get. 

Also, the GRANDTAN trike is fully adjustable. You can customize the seat height, backrest height, and handlebars to find a good fit. 


  1. Fits most adults
  2. Reasonably-priced


  1. Only comes with a rear-mounted hub motor
  2. Doesn't have a full suspension setup
  3. Not suitable for anybody taller than 6’4”
  4. Not the most off-road capable


mid-drive electric trike

The vanilla GRANDTAN is all well and good. However, if you're looking for a little extra power to push up steep hills and stubborn off-road terrain, the GRANDTAN TURBO is what you need. 
The GRANDTAN TURBO comes with a powerful mid-drive motor instead of a regular hub-drive.

Ultra-Powerful Mid-Drive Motor

This motor powers the drivetrain (or gear system) directly. You can get more torque out of the motor which means more power to climb hills or gain momentum from a complete stop. 

Besides, the mid-drive high torque capabilities make it ideal for off-roading. You can easily push through muddy, sandy, or rocky terrain without getting stuck. 

This mid-drive motor is rated for 1000W continuously. It peaks at 1500W and has a maximum torque of 160 Nm. In comparison, the rear-mounted hub motor on the GRANDTAN can only do 750W continuous with a max torque of 90Nm. 

Intuitive Riding and Less Chance of Tipping Over

Besides raw power, the mid-drive motor provides several other advantages. For starters, it's much more responsive and provides a more authentic and intuitive riding experience. 

Because it powers the drivetrain, you don't get the feeling of being “pushed” or “pulled” like in other trikes with hub motors. Instead, the Mid-Drive enhances the natural feeling of riding a bicycle. 

In turn, this improves stability and also gives a more satisfying riding experience.


  1. Great for offroading
  2. The mid-drive motor offers a more stable and natural riding experience


  1. Tends to be more expensive than the standard GRANDTAN
  2. Doesn't have a full suspension system
  3. Not recommended for adults taller than 6’4”

GRANDTAN X Full Suspension Electric Trike

full suspension electric trike

The original GRANDTAN is one of the most comfortable electric trikes you can get. It has a front fork suspension to reduce unnecessary vibrations with a well-padded saddle and other features. 
However, if you want to take comfort and stability to the next level, you want to get the GRANDTAN X full-suspension electric trike. Why? It's the only GRANDTAN model that comes with full suspension.

Rear Suspension for 50% More Comfort

The GRANDTAN X has dual shock absorbers on the rear wheels. These absorb a lot of vibrations and improve your overall riding experience by 50%. 

With the GRANDTAN X, it's smooth sailing every day. So it's a great option if you have a fragile back and want to minimize injuries as much as possible. 

On top of that, the rear coils do a lot to improve stability and keep the trike from falling over. This is because the coils can compress and retract to keep the rear wheels level. 

This feature is incredibly useful when riding through rocky and uneven ground.  


  1. Full suspension setup for maximum comfort
  2. Decent option for offroading


  1. Pricier than the regular GRANDTAN
  2. Not recommended for adults taller than 6’4”

GRANDTAN PLUS Big Wheel Electric Trike

big wheel electric trike

So as you can tell, the GRANDTAN PLUS is designed for taller riders as the suitable height range is 5’5”-6’5”. 

Meanwhile, its payload capacity is 450 lbs. This means 350 lbs for the rider and 100 lbs for cargo in the rear rack. 

Big Wheels, Longer Wheelbase

In this model, the frame is slightly larger and sturdier. On top of that, it has larger wheels than the regular GRANDTAN. 

Instead of the 24”/20” wheelset (front/rear), the GRANDTAN PLUS has a 26”/24” wheel setup. This gives it a slightly longer wheelbase and maintains comfort and ergonomics for taller and heavier riders. 

So if you’re too tall to fit in the regular GRANDTAN, you can go for this one instead. However, don’t forget to adjust the seat height, backrest, and handlebars to find the perfect fit. 


  1. Better for adults taller than 6’4”
  2. Larger wheels so less chance of tipping over


  1. Slightly larger than other models
  2. Somewhat pricier than the regular GRANDTAN
  3. Doesn’t come with full suspension

Wrapping Up

Addmotor’s GRANDTAN lineup of electric trikes is all about providing comfort and stability. They are designed to fit most riders but include settings for others to find a comfortable fit.

There are various models in the lineup. Here, the original GRANDTAN sets the standard for the other models. It’s very capable on its own and is one of the most high-value electric trikes on the market. 

Meanwhile, the GRANDTAN Turbo is a mid-drive electric trike with a 1000W motor for better performance. The GRANDTAN X is a full-suspension electric trike for maximizing comfort and minimizing injuries. 

And, last but not least, the GRANDTAN PLUS caters to taller riders who want to enjoy the outdoors but can’t find a comfortable fit. It’s got larger wheels and adjustable features to help them ride safely.

So be sure to check out Addmotor’s GRANDTAN lineup and pick one that fits your needs. You won’t regret it. 


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