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UL 2849 Certified: System-Safe, Risk-Reduced E-Bike
In 2023, New York City implemented a mandate requiring all electric bikes and tricycles sold within its jurisdiction to comply with the UL 2849 certification. This move has underscored the importance of e-bike safety for both consumers and manufacturers.

Now, Addmotor is proud to announce that its popular GAROOTAN M-81 has achieved compliance with not one but two critical safety Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards. The GAROOTAN M-81 has been certified according to the UL 2849 standard for e-bike’s system, complemented by the UL 2271 certification for battery safety. This dual certification marks a notable milestone in Addmotor’s ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable transportation solutions. More importantly, it underscores the brand’s commitment to safety, which is paramount in the design and manufacturing of its products.

Ride with Confidence: UL Certified Electric Bikes

UL Sulotions

- UL 2271 Certification: A Foundation of Trust

The journey toward enhanced safety began with the rigorous evaluation of Addmotor’s EB 2.0 960Wh battery that powers the GAROOTAN Cargo E-bike. In May 2022, our battery system received the UL 2271 certification after undergoing a comprehensive array of tests designed to challenge its endurance, reliability, and safety under various stress conditions. This standard examines various critical safety aspects, such as electrical, environmental (temperature extremes), and mechanical conditions, to ensure that the batteries can handle the demands of real-life use and operate safely under a variety of everyday scenarios.

The UL 2271 standard specifically addresses the safety of the battery cells and packs used in light electric vehicles, including e-bikes. This certification affirms that Addmotor GAROOTAN’s battery not only meets but exceeds the high standards required for electrical and mechanical stability, providing riders with a robust foundation of trusted power.


- Advancing Safety with UL 2849 Certification

Building on the foundation laid by the UL 2271 certification of its battery, the GAROOTAN M-81 itself has now been certified to the UL 2849 standard as of this year. This standard encompasses the safety and performance requirements specific to electric bikes, scrutinizing the electrical drive train, battery system, and charger system combinations to ensure they meet stringent requirements for electrical and fire safety.

The UL 2849 certification process involves rigorous testing and evaluation, boosting consumer confidence by confirming that the GAROOTAN's electrical systems operate safely under typical conditions. It represents a commitment to electrical safety that is crucial for both daily cargo haulers and leisure riders, ensuring that every journey with the GAROOTAN is as secure as it is enjoyable.

Why These Certifications Matter

For e-bike users, UL certifications serve as a beacon of trust and quality assurance. In a market crowded with numerous brands and models, where innovation often outpaces regulation, these standards help distinguish high-quality, safe products from the rest. This is crucial in a landscape where e-bike usage is seeing exponential growth and where regulations are continuously evolving.

Knowing that your vehicle adheres to such stringent safety standards lets you focus on what’s important: the joy of riding. Whether you’re using the GAROOTAN for heavy-duty cargo hauling, family adventures, or simple urban commutes, you can rest assured that your bike is equipped to handle the challenges of the road safely and efficiently.

Beyond Compliance: Our Promise to You

As the e-bike industry grows, so does the necessity for reliable safety standards. Addmotor is proud to lead the way, ensuring that our bikes are not just capable and versatile but are also among the safest available on the market today.

The double certification of the GAROOTAN Cargo E-bike reassures our users that the technology powering their rides is backed by rigorous testing and compliance with globally recognized standards.

We believe that e-biking should be joyful, worry-free, and, above all, safe. That’s why we continuously strive to innovate and improve, ensuring our bikes can carry heavy loads while being exemplary in safety standards.

The GAROOTAN is designed to empower your lifestyle, whether transporting goods for business, gearing up for a family adventure, or simply enjoying the freedom of riding. It delivers unmatched safety and performance, mile after mile.

With these new UL certifications, we are excited to set new benchmarks in the e-bike industry and to continue leading with safety at the forefront. For more information on the GAROOTAN M-81’s specifications, safety features, and certifications, visit

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Founded in 2011, Addmotor has distinguished itself as a premier designer and manufacturer of electric bikes and tricycles. Our diverse range of products, from powerful cargo models to sleek city cruisers, reflects our dedication to combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly designs. Our mission extends beyond sales. We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction with an aim to foster a low-carbon, fun travel culture accessible to all.

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