Winter Electric Bikes Riding Tips

Click on these electric bike ride tips as winter comes.
By Addmotor | 15 December 2022 | 0 Comments
Have you ever thought of riding your electric bike in the winter season? There are so many beautiful views that can only be seen in Winter and it will be a lot easier for you to get there by bike, especially electric bikes. And it’s also a good means for commuting since the price of gasoline won’t go down in the cold weather. If we still want to ride our favorite ebike this winter, what can we do to make sure we ride it safely and efficiently, also maybe comfortably? 

Keep the Battery Warm

No one will want the battery suddenly run out of power halfway, it will be a nightmare for ebike riders. So, except for ensuring the battery is fully charged before starting every journey, there is still something else we need to pay attention to, especially in this cold winter. 
The performance of the battery will vary due to changes in the weather, the temperature, more accurately. So it’s better to keep the battery in a warm place during the cold winter. Many riders will always take the battery off the bike and keep it indoors to make sure the battery won’t be damaged due to the cold weather after finishing their ride. This will be a good habit when there is not enough space for you to park the bike in your garage or house. 
Some people might put on “clothes” for the battery to keep the battery warm. This is also another alternative but we must know the basic logistic which will be don’t let the battery exposing in cold weather for a long time, this will surely shorten the battery circling life and affect the battery performance.
Motan M-430 Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Eelectric Bike In Cyprus Green
Choose Fat Tire Electric Bike for All Terrain

Most roads in winter will become extremely wet and even muddy due to some rainy days or even snowy days. In this case, it’s extremely important to choose the right bike for your winter riding. A fat tire electric bike will be exactly what you need. The fat tire can expand the contact surface and it will be safer for all types of road conditions in winter. Our 4-inch fat tire Addmotor e-bike is specially designed for different types of terrains so it will be a great booster for your safe winter riding.

Ensure Sufficient Light for Clear View

In Winter, it’s more likely to have more rainy days or foggy days and the daylight time will also be decreased. It will cause the visible range to shorten a little bit so it becomes extremely important to ensure sufficient light for a clear view. You won’t want to have any accident happen simply just because not having sufficient light when riding. Equipped with EB 2.0 Light System, the advanced electrical system invented by Addmotor, ultimate visibility, and impressive durability can be paired perfectly. No more worry about the poor view when riding in Winter!

Dress Warmly From Head to Toe

Many people might wonder what is dressing to do with e-biking in winter. However, this is of great importance!
Imagine you are not wearing enough clothes to keep you warm when riding in the freezing cold winter, and the joints of your body will not be able to react timely to avoid any potential danger or accident. Warm gloves will be the must-have items for winter riding since they can ensure dexterity for throttle and brake use. For the material of the gloves, it will be better to purchase some gloves that are specially designed for bike riding. These gloves can not only provide you with enough heat but also will maintain strong friction between the gloves and the throttle bar which is also very important.

By reading all these tips mentioned above, you must already can’t wait to start your winter trip with your ebike. I believe it will be a great helper in some extent. Except for some snowy weather and iced up on the ground, you can still enjoy your leisure riding time with your electric bikes as long as you are fully prepared for the precautions mentioned above. There will be many unexpected natural beauty in winter, so just got everything prepared and enjoy!

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