Why electric tricycles are better than other modes of commute?

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Electric tricycles are a cool new way to ride in style. These electric vehicles are constructed for people who have balance and stability issues while riding standard two-wheel bicycles. The electric trike industry has become popular among seniors, adults, and the handicapped due to its extraordinary qualities. An electric tricycle or an e-trike is a motor and battery-powered tricycle which offers many benefits to the rider which include safety, convenience, easy use, and comfort. 

Electric tricycles are a modern advancement to traditional bicycles with pedals which had no electric motor or battery. Even though manual bicycles have their fan base, the industry for electric trikes and bikes is booming in recent years. There are many advantages of an electric trike when compared to other modes of transport especially manual bikes and trikes. 

Why you should buy an electric tricycle

Electric trikes are not only used for the daily commute but with the new features and a strong motor and battery, these 3-wheel bikes are now even used for outdoor adventures. With a manual bicycle, it is hard to climb uphill as it takes energy and leg power to pedal, yet with an e-trike, you get the power and speed to ride on mountains easily. Moreover, the daily commute is also made easy with electric tricycles. With an ordinary bicycle or tricycle, you will need to consistently pedal and put in energy. The speed of an ordinary tricycle depends on how hard you pedal. However, with the help of an electric tricycle, you get motor assistance that relaxes your leg muscles while riding anywhere you want. 

Normal bicycles have high seating with handles and pedals placed far away from the seat forcing the rider to recline their back which can be highly uncomfortable for people with joint and muscle pain. An electric tricycle, on the other hand, has comfortable seating with a backrest that provides rest to your back muscles preventing any pain or injury. A low rider electric trike has handles and pedals placed in a position that allows the rider to reach them easily without having to tilt forward. It is just like sitting on a comfortable sofa and enjoying the outdoors.

Electric trikes are also superior to other modes of transport such as cars. Cars and other fuel-consuming vehicles require the driver to sit still while driving, virtually providing no physical activity. Electric tricycles on the other hand help you to stay active, and healthy and improve your lifestyle. With an electric-powered motor, an electric tricycle boosts low-impact physical activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. An electric trike can also be used as a handicap electric trike as it allows people with disabilities to ride and enjoy the outdoors easily.

Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, electric trikes have a traveling range of 70 to 120 miles per charge. As these vehicles do not consume any fuel such as petrol and gas, electric trikes have zero carbon emission which is ideal for consumers as they can ride environmental-friendly vehicles. 
World-first Semi-Recumbent M-360 Electric Trike In Purple

What is the best electric trike on the market for adults?

Even though the market for electric trikes offers a wide range of options yet adult and senior users require a tricycle that can provide ultimate comfort and physical activity that can keep them fit and active. Luckily, ADDMOTOR M-360 Adult Semi-Recumbent electric trike is a bike designed for the specific needs of seniors and adults. There are many unique features that this bike offers;

The M-360 Semi-recumbent bike is a low rider electric trike that offers a comfortable seating position. The padded backrest of the bicycle is tilted a little which allows people with back problems to sit easily and the handles and paddles are placed at a convenient distance which prevents any strain on shoulder and leg muscles. 

This handicap electric trike has thick KENDA fat tires which keep the bike steady even on rough terrains. The 750-watt motor offers great power which enables the bike to carry up to 400 lbs. weight easily. There is a luggage basket placed on the back of the bike where you can store your valuables while riding.

Why you should shift to an electric trike?

Electric tricycles are modern vehicles that come with many benefits. However, these trikes are usually specifically designed for adults to provide physical activity outdoors. The design, construction, and specifications of electric tricycles help adults with mobility and balancing while also providing an active lifestyle. So if you are also looking for light physical activity in nature, you must try riding an electric trike.     

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