What is an Electric Bicycle Range?

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Electric bicycles have a core component, batteries, that determine their range. When choosing your e-bike as a cyclist, every rider wants answers to many questions before choosing a bike. One of the most frequently asked questions is, How long will my E-bike battery last? There is no straight answer to it as it depends on several factors, which we will discuss in this blog. Moreover, we will bust the myth of fat tire electric bikes having low range. So Stay tuned

What is an Electric Bicycle Range?

An electric bike's range is how far it can travel before requiring recharging. With pedal assistance, you can cycle farther with a larger battery capacity. Does the battery's range exist? Hence, it is a distance under ideal circumstances.
Long-distance e-bikes usually have 20AH batteries and are designed for long rides. With motors between 400-500W, standard electric bikes can travel up to 60-125 miles on one charge.

Factors That Affect eBike Range

A number of factors determine an electric bike's range. Here are some of the essential factors that affect the range of the electric bicycle:

Riding Speed

In spite of the fact that you are traveling a long distance, you must slow down your e-bike speed—the higher your speed, the lower the battery's range capacity will be. Furthermore, riding fast also drains the battery due to its power consumption. Using a lower speed reduces the likelihood that your bike's power will run out.

Assist Level

A high level of pedal assistance on your e-bike could explain why you rarely cover a wide area. You can expect your battery to run out quickly if your pedal provides a lot of help. By riding with minimal assistance, you can cover a greater distance.

Non-Corresponding Gear

For effective performance, the e-bike's gear should be matched with the speed's gear. Speed is inversely proportional to gear, so the higher the speed, the higher the gear. For a longer distance, a reduced speed is required, as well as a lowered gear. Especially when riding in a group, most riders like to show off their gear level. In this case, the motor will be overworked, and the gears will be stretched.

Deflated Tires

Deflated tires are another factor that reduces the range of an e-bike. In turn, this affects the electric motor of your e-bike. Electric motors will need to overstretch to help the tires move. Therefore, make sure the e-bike tires are in good condition before riding.

Heavy Tires

A heavy, rough tire could cause the e-bike to drag, resulting in less range. Electric bicycles are also heavier due to this factor. Consequently, cyclists are often advised to choose lightweight e-bikes for their sports activities. In hilly areas, using heavy tires will significantly reduce your speed. In sandy areas, thick tires may be the best option, but you must consider your commute frequency. In addition, if you do not ride off-road, purchasing tires with rubber blocks is unnecessary.


E-bikes have a maximum weight that they can accommodate. A heavy load will quickly exhaust the power of your e-bike. As a result, you may not be able to cover the mileage you were supposed to during your trip. A rider should also avoid carrying excessive loads on a trip. It may be necessary to recheck your traveling bag and remove unnecessary items.

Worn-Out Battery

As time passes, battery performance typically decreases. Your e-bike's range capacity may also decrease over time. A reputable electric bicycle manufacturer should offer a warranty. Consequently, your battery should remain in good condition for at least two years if it is a premium product. In this case, you should replace your battery if you've been using it for a long time.


Cycling down a smooth, flat, and unchallenging road will require less energy than cycling up a steep slope. Your e-bike's mileage is greatly affected by the amount of pedaling effort required to overcome steep or rugged terrain. A simple commute to your workplace will give you a better range than mountain biking.

Wear and Tear

A bike's overall condition affects every aspect of its performance, including mileage. After long-term use, your bike's performance will also suffer, requiring you to exert more energy or use more pedal assistance.

Does the Fat tire Electric Bike have a low Range?

Now is the time to bust the myth regarding fat tire electric bicycles. Fat tire electric bicycles provide a soft ride and better control than standard e-bikes. If fat tires have properly inflated tires, they will get 5% less range than standard e-bikes. However, considering the merits of fat tire electric bikes, you won't care about the range.
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