What are the different types of electric trikes?

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Many people would have an e-trike on their new year's resolution list. Due to its rising popularity and numerous benefits, the adult electric trike has been on many people's wish lists. There is a variety of e-trikes available in the market. You may get any adult electric trike according to your need. But for that, you need to know the different types of e-trikes available in the market, so it gets easier to choose the one that is best for you. So here we have compiled the different types of electric trikes for adults available in the market.

Semi-recumbent adult electric trike

This 3 wheeled electric trike is designed to provide optimum comfort and stability to adults with mobility issues or who cannot maintain balance. The semi-recumbent electric tricycle for adults uses the pedal forward concept, which means that you have your legs in front of you when pedaling and not below you. It makes pedaling easier and lowers the center of gravity, providing extra stability and comfort. This type of electric trike has components with a different orientation than usual. Its handlebars are swept back and a bit higher for the riders to have an upright position. The seat is extra-large, well-padded, and placed lower than usual for extra safety and comfort. Addmotor e-trikes include this type of adult electric trike, named as Addmotor M360 adult semi-recumbent electric trike, with all the advanced features, unique design, and style, built to provide optimum comfort and stability to the riders.

Step-through adult electric trike

Adults usually struggle to lift their legs while getting on and off the bike. To solve this issue and provide comfort to adults, step-through frame e-trikes are available in the market. This e trikes for adults has an open frame for the adults to get on and off the bike without lifting their legs over it, preventing the risk of falls and injuries. This type of electric tricycle is also helpful for women as they can get on and off the bike regardless of the clothes they wear, which is a problem with traditional bicycles. In the step-through electric tricycle for adults, the riders sit comfortably in an upright position on a comfortable saddle-shaped seat which is a typical feature of a step-through adult electric trike. It also typically has a large storage basket at the rear end for carrying groceries or anything for transportation. Addmotor Grandtan series have step-through e-trikes, and the most popular Addmotor M-340 is the top-selling step-through electric tricycle for adults.  

Throttle and pedal-assist e trikes

So when you are on an electric trike hunt, you will often hear two terms, throttle e-trikes and pedal assist e-trikes, and you will be asked about your preference. The pedal-assist electric tricycle for adults, as the name indicates, provides you with an extra push or force while pedaling the e-trike. The 3 wheel electric bike for adults provides five levels of pedal assistance, so you choose how much power you require while pedaling. So it provides the same but less tiring and effortless riding experience as the traditional tricycles. Whereas the throttle e-trikes do not require any pedaling at all. The throttle is present at the handlebar, and once you push it, the electric motor does all the work without pedaling. It depends on the distance you cover on the adult electric trike and which one you should buy, as the throttle takes up more charge from the battery allowing less distance for you to travel, whereas the pedal assist takes up comparatively less charge depending upon the level you choose. But at Addmotor, we have made the decision easier for you as our e-trikes are equipped with both throttle and pedal assist modes for you to choose any of them while riding the adult electric trike.

Fat tire electric trike for adults

Fat tire e-trikes have recently gained popularity in the market due to their various benefits. What makes it different from other e-trikes is the wide tires that provide extra stability to the riders while riding a three-wheel electric tricycle for adults. The fat tires are durable, comfortable, and resistant to punctures. They prevent the adult electric trike from slipping, preventing the riders from injuries. The fat tires provide a smooth and comfortable riding experience even on bumpy or muddy roads, and on hills or rough terrains. They have multiple layers of cover and protection, maintaining the durability of the tires and providing stability to the riders. Addmotor is a one-stop solution when finding fat tire electric trikes, as we have a wide range of fat tire e-trikes currently available.
So these are the different types and varieties of e-trikes available in the market, and you know where you want to shop when looking for any kind of e-trikes.

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