What Accessories Are Recommended When Using Electric Trike?

By Addmotor | 27 April 2023 | 0 Comments
Electric trikes have increasingly paved their way in the automobile industry and the routine of many people, especially adults. Electric trikes have made commuting convenient for adults with health and mobility issues. It has also made daily commuting easy for office workers and students, providing them with a hassle-free and convenient riding experience while keeping everyone fit and healthy. Electric tricycles for adults already have many benefits, but you can have many added benefits and more safety with the accessories recommended with them. But it may be difficult to decide which accessories are worth buying and would provide you with a long-term benefit. So to help you decide which accessories may help you with a safer and more convenient riding experience on an e-trike, here we have gathered all the information regarding some accessories that are worth an investment.

#1.  Mirrors

Many accidents occur due to the irresponsibility of not using mirrors when driving a car or riding an electric tricycle. So for a safer and more convenient riding experience, the first accessory that we recommend to customers is the mirrors. The Addmotor 360-degree rotatable rear view mirrors give you a clear view of the vehicles and other things behind you. It may help you make a safe turn and prevent any accidents. It can easily be installed on the 22mm handlebar of your electric tricycle and can be bent to any angle and remain in its place even when you ride your e-trike on a rough road or terrain. The HD automotive antiglare lens has an anti-reflective coating that provides 50 to 60% antiglare function that helps you see clearly during the daytime. The unbreakable, stainless steel lens also has a slight convex surface to provide clear visuals of the conditions behind you.   

#2.  Electric air pump

The most common situation that every electric trike rider face is sudden flat tires before the ride. The hassle of taking the adult electric tricycle to a repair shop or inflating the tire with a manual pump takes a lot of time. To avoid any such situation, we recommend an electric air pump that inflates the tires of the e-trike without any hassle. It is equipped with an LCD that shows the current pressure of your tires and an LED light that makes air pumping convenient at night too. The electric air pump is not only used for an electric tricycle for adults but can also be used for cars, motorcycles, and even basketballs. The electric air pumps come with a 6000mah rechargeable battery that has 3 to 5 hours of charging time. Also, you don’t have to wait to stop the pump till the tire inflates to the desired pressure. The electric air pump has an auto detection feature that detects when the pressure has reached its set value and automatically stops, preventing over-inflation of the tires or any other risks.

#3.  Cell phone holder bag

We all can relate to the struggle of using our mobile phones while driving a car or riding an electric trike bike. It is also dangerous to use your mobile phone with one hand while controlling your e-bike with the other. Keeping in mind the safety and convenience of using a mobile phone, we recommend a cellphone holder bag for electric trikes. Made with waterproof material and designed with waterproof leather, this cell phone holder bag is perfect for rainy weather conditions. The bag can be attached to the e-trike frame, and the cellphone pocket can also be detached easily, as it is equipped with a Velcro and also has a Velcro strap to place the cell phone. You can easily see your messages and notifications and receive calls through the transparent cover of the cell phone pocket. The sensitive touch screen cover allows you to use your phone while it's inside the cover, so you wouldn’t need to take out the phone from the bag to receive a call or play a song. You might think that the direct sunlight would cause hindrance in the visibility of the screen, but there is a sun visor on the top of the bag that blocks the sun rays and ensures the clear visibility of the screen. The cellphone holder bag is compatible with many smartphone brands, such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, and HTC.

#4.  Rear fenders

The main advantage of electric trikes is that they can be used anywhere on rough terrain, mountains, or beaches and also in any weather condition. The fat tires provide maximum protection and stability, but when riding them during rainy weather conditions or muddy roads, we often experience flashes of water, snow, mud, and dirt ruining our clothes and face. The rear fenders may be a solution to prevent this problem. Made with high-quality strong aluminum alloy, the rear fenders are easy to install with screw holes on the rear basket. You can easily mount the fenders on your electric trike bike with an Allen wrench tool. We have rear fenders specially designed for Grandtan, Triketan, Soletan, and Herotan fat tire electric tricycles that cover the whole length and width of the tires, protecting your clothing from any splashes of water or mud.   

#5.  Rim strip inner tube protector

We all know the hassle and frustration when knowing about a punctured tire before riding your electric trike bike to work. To prevent the fat tires of an electric tricycle for adults from getting punctured, we recommend an Addmotor rim strip inner tube protector. The rim strip is made of cloth, rubber, or PVC and placed around the rim of the e-trike, which then protects the inner tube from getting punctured. The Addmotor rim inner tube is made of PVC, which is environmentally friendly, more durable and ductile, wear-resistant, and lightweight compared to the rubber liner. It also provides more elasticity and toughness, which prevents the tires from getting punctured by thorns, glass, nails, or any sharp object. It is easy to install as you only have to place it on the rim by stretching it.

So Addmotor electric trike provides a safe and smooth riding experience to the riders even without the accessories, but with these accessories, the riding experience will reach another level. An adult electric tricycle with all the necessary accessories is something we all need in our chaotic lives so that we can enjoy a peaceful and calm ride on an e-trike. 

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