Upgrade Your Riding Experience with the Triketan II M-330 E-trike: What's been upgraded?

By Addmotor | 11 October 2023 | 0 Comments
In today’s fast-paced world, a reliable and convenient source of transportation is necessary for sustaining an active and adventurous lifestyle. The upgraded Triketan II M-330 e-trike is one of the latest innovations of Addmotor that emerges as a promising solution to change your transportation and riding lifestyle. 
Whether you are a street rider, daily commuter, or adventure enthusiast, this electric trike for adults is well-aligned to tailor your every need. This 3-wheel electric bike for adults is engineered with a sleek design and upgraded features to offer a transformative ride each time you go out on your tricycle. 
The article below is articulated to unravel the amazing features of this 2024 Triketan M-330 II Upgraded e-trike and its advantages for the riders. 

Triketan M-330 Electric Tricycle for Adults 3 Wheel Electric Bikes for Seniors Candy Red

Upgraded Triketan II M-330 Electric Trike For Adults

The Addmotor Triketan M-330 II e-trike is designed with some amazing upgrades to satisfy diverse riding needs by offering an efficient and more comfortable riding experience. The trike is an upgraded model of the Triketan M-330 and is focused on offering maximum comfort and extended power performance.
This 3-wheel electric bike for adults is equipped with some amazing features that make it stand alone from the crowd. The main upgrades of this model are listed below for your consideration. 

#1.  Rear-Mounted Motor

The 2024 Triketan II M-330 e-trike is introduced with the rear placement of the motor, that was fitted on the front hub in the previous model. The rear mounting of the motor improves traction by exerting direct torque power on the rear drive wheel. 
This powerful motor boasts an impressive power output of 750W and the ability to provide 80N.M torque. You will be enjoying smooth acceleration that will make your every ride an unforgettable experience with this powerful rear hub motor. The motor has enough power ability to tackle a total weight of 450 Lbs on all types of rugged landscapes. 

#2.  Speed Differential

The absence of speed differential was highly noticed by the riders in the previous Triketan M-330 e-trike. So, Addmotor has upgraded the Triketan II M-330 with a rear speed differential to improve the stability and turning of the trike. This innovative upgrade allows both rear wheels of the trike to move separately in the desired direction and speed during sharp turns.
The speed differential offers enhanced stability and maneuverability and prevents the trike from rolling over and slipping during turns. You will experience increased control and balance while riding your Triketan M-330 Upgraded electric trike for adults.

#3.  Parking Brake

Another useful upgrade of The Triketan II M-330 e-trike is the parking brake which was not available in the previous standard Triketan model. The purpose of this parking brake system is to prevent your 3 wheel electric bike for adults from accidental movement and rollover when parked.  
The parking brake system locks the wheels of your trike and keeps them firmly attached to the ground. It is equally effective in performance while parked on plain road or slop. This feature offers increased safety and peace of mind during unattended parking and allows you to move and stop anywhere without concern for your trike’s safety. 

#4.  Torque Sensor Technology

The Triketan M-330 e-trike is equipped with state-of-the-art torque sensing technology to enhance the overall performance of the battery. Torque sensors calculate the amount of force a rider exerts while pedaling and adjust the motor output accordingly for effective use of power.  
The torque sensing technology offers you well-managed power assistance and improves the overall performance of your e-trike and battery by 30%. You can enjoy an unforgettable and stress-free ride up to an extended distance of 85+ miles per charge. 

#5.  Trailer Tube

The Triketan II M-330 electric trike for adults is installed with a reinforced rear tailer tube to increase durability and balance while attached to a rear trailer. It is convenient and well-prepared to tackle heavy-loaded rear trailer without any issue.  
The reinforced trailer tube increases the balance and efficiency of the trike while dragging a trailer. This feature allows you to enjoy adventures riding tours out of the city carrying more stuff along and increased loading capacity.

Triketan M-330 Electric Tricycle for Adults 3 Wheel Electric Bikes for Seniors Yellow
Other Useful Features Of Triketan 3-Wheel Electric Bike for Adults

The Triketan M-330 e-trike is equipped with some other amazing features to ease your rides with increased comfort and durability.

#1.  Ergonomic Design

This upgraded Triketan II M-330 electric trike for adults carries the same previous style frame constructed of 7A19 alloy aluminum material to ensure durability and performance. The trike is available in 8 different eye-catching and beautiful colors including cyan green, candy red, army green, rose gold, Neptune blue, black, and pearl white. 

#2.  Digital Display With Smartphone Connectivity

Another very useful feature is its digital display which also supports smartphone connectivity.  The display is fitted on the front handlebar of the 3-wheel electric bike for adults and it's easy to track the performance of your trike without losing concentration from the front.
You can track the data of speed, motor output, PAS level, battery storage, turning indications, and error codes for any electronic failure with the help of this digital display. 

#3.  Comfortable Seating

Considering the sitting comfort, the e-trike is installed with a well-padded, and soft saddle along with a backrest. This comfortable saddle offers wider space for comfortable sitting and allows you to relax your spine with the backrest and get rid of spinal stress caused by long uncomfortable sitting.
The Triketan II M-330 electric trike for adults offers more comfortable and relaxed sitting, especially on bumpy and uneven roads. 


The Addmotor Triketan II M-330 e-trike can revolutionize your riding with new levels of comfort and enjoyment. This impressive  Adddmotor 3-wheel electric bike for adults is an upgraded version of the Triketan M-330 I. It is equipped with some amazing features to elevate your riding experience by offering maximum durability on all types of different terrains. 
The Triketan II M-330 electric fat tire trike is upgraded with a rear hub placement of motor, torque sensing technology, a speed differential, a trailer tube, and a reliable parking brake system. All these features of the Triketan II M-330 2024 e-trike are meticulously engineered to ensure maximum comfort and reliability. 

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