Trade Car for Greener Transport- Electric Trike

By Addmotor | 06 January 2023 | 0 Comments
Electric tricycles have seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years. This trend can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the increasing demand for sustainable transportation options, and the convenience and accessibility of these motorised trike bike.

As the transportation system evolves, manufacturers alter the features of transport modes, and residents and city governments have acknowledged these changes. Recently, many urban riders have gradually replaced their cars with e-bikes. It may not be long before e-bikes outnumber cars on the road as electric bikes have many advantages over automobiles.

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It doesn't matter if you are looking to implement a change in your routine or are sick and tired of being stuck in traffic whole day. There are many benefits to these e trikes as compared to traditional bicycles or gasoline-powered vehicles. As a result, electric trike bike has become a viable option for commuters, delivery workers, and recreational riders alike. But are these features enough to replace your cars with e trike? Let's get into detail.

If you're thinking about ditching your car for an electric bike, but aren't sure about the decision yet, keep reading to learn all about it. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to purchase an e-bike or a car, but we'll tell you why it shouldn't be a tough decision. In this blog, we will discuss these factors.

#1 Electric trike is fun to use

Riding an electric trike is more fun than taking a car to go out. This is because an electric trike allows the rider to stay more in touch with their surroundings and nature. It doesn't matter if you're taking a ride around the block of your local neighborhood, or you're out in the mountains, an electric trike provides just that.

With an electric tricycle, you can enjoy nature's most precious gifts, something you rarely get the chance to do when you spend a lot of time in a car. At the end of the day, tricycles just make your rides a little more enjoyable.

#2 E-trike is more cost-effective

You have probably heard that e-trikes are pretty expensive, especially for those with advanced technology. In the long term, e-trikes are more economical than cars because they offer good value for money. The initial price of an electric bike may seem high. However, it is still not as high as a gas-powered vehicle. When you consider registration fees, insurance fees, tire costs, maintenance and repairs, and depreciation, you'll find that an electric bike is more affordable.

#3 Keeps you active and healthy

The physical advantages of riding an e-trike are similar to those of riding a regular bike. The majority of electric bikes have pedal assist, which means you will still get a good workout while riding them. Moreover, if you are going somewhere and don't want to smell sweaty after an intense workout, you can increase the pedal assistance to prevent yourself from smelling bad, while still exercising healthy.

#4 Avoid traffic jams

The best thing about using an electric trike is being able to worry less about traffic. Additionally, an electric tricycle allows you to navigate traffic more quickly, has your own bike lane, and offers you more alternative routes to your destination.

Due to the fact that you are no longer restricted to taking only roads and highways, you may be able to shorten the distance between where you are and where you need to go.

#5 Environmentally-friendly

The most compelling reason for using an electric trike is its environmental friendliness. It is true that we all love cars, even electric cars, but they generate considerable pollution. Electric bicycles not only reduce your costs but also reduce your carbon footprint, making you more eco-friendly. In this way, switching from cars to electric trikes can sound like a good change, and there are compelling reasons for doing so as well.

Bottom Line

There's no doubt that e-bikes make commuting easier than cars. As a means of sightseeing, being more affordable, environmentally friendly, and fun to ride, e-trikes are also more convenient than cars. Ebikes or cars, at the end of the day, are very personal decisions that only you can make. Addmotor gives you the option to buy a durable 3 wheel electric trike when you're ready to purchase one.


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