TK Bay review on Addmotor Soletan M-66X Cruiser Ebike

By TK Bay | 29 June 2023 | 0 Comments

If you're looking for a fat tire cruising style e-bike that has a lot of power and allows you to actually ride up to two people on it with the actual included foot stands for the person in the back. This is definitely going to be a very unique experience. Today, we're talking about the Addmotor Soletan M-66X model that is a e-bike that has fat tires with amazing suspension and a very unique design.
This is TK and this is my review of the brand new Soletan M-66X cruiser electric bike from Addmotor. Let's check it out and I want to share with you guys why this is so much fun. Talking about the assembly of this ebike which is literally 94%, I would say it’s almost 80 to 90 assembled and ready to go. You pretty much have to assemble the main tire on the front and of course the ability of putting the actual handlebars on the top and allowing the display to come in place. But once you have all of that done and literally it took me maybe about 10 to 15 minutes mostly. And the battery is really nice, we have a nice large battery but the assembly is very simple and there's a few color options that you're able to pick up from them. One of them that almost looks like an old beach cruiser and this is one of the reasons why I really was intrigued. Ebikes have a lot of functionalities and this one will not disappoint the big thing about. This features pedal assist as well as throttle control which means you can have as assistive pedal configuration from level one all the way up to level seven and that gives you the ability of getting the right level of assist when you need it at the right speed that you want to go. Of course throttle mode just basically takes you from zero all the way to the maximum speed and that's going to be the biggest experience there. 
This is a 48 volt 750 watt powered ebike with fat tire and of course a definitely better suspension on both front and back. We have pedal assist up to seven levels as well as throttle controlled maximum speed about 20 miles an hour. The battery that we have is a 20AH battery with about eight hours to charge from zero to 100 percent. It's rated to be able to give you somewhere around 105 miles. I'll probably say this is going to depend on your usage and of course the power level that you're riding it. We have brakes and signal lights on the back which is really sure and nice. The maximum weight capacity on here is 300 pounds with both sitting on the banana styled seat and this is up to two people available seat. There is a feet support for the back person sitting there but again keep in mind a maximum of 300 pounds. The great suspension that we have here between the front fork as well as the rear shock. It's very nice and of course the fat tires themselves also absorb a lot of that shock when you're going off. The step through design and the Textural Aries Mechanical brakes give us the best experience. All of this is powered by that electric brush-less motor. When we're talking about the riding ability of this when you're using throttle mode, it's pretty much straightforward. You start off by just twisting the control around the throttle on the right side. That's one of the things I like about it, if you don't want to actually participate in the exertion of energy in here. This is going to work really good if you switch it over to pedal assist. 

That's actually the horn which is kind of pretty loud. Also has directional signals, right and left, that's indicated in the back for somebody that's behind us. And that was hitting brakes for maximum speed to 20 miles an hour gonna get off a little bit on the road. All the configurations are pretty much straightforward on the display. It is actually very nice and easy to read. It’s a very simple way of getting all the information. One thing to mention is that you do have the ability of turning off the auto acceleration a little bit. A couple of things to note when you're using the boost mode, it does not have an auto lock. If you're going at a certain speed after some time and you release it for some reason, it will slow down so you need to keep in mind that you have to keep that button from there. There is a button under the boost to turn on auto start and without auto start meaning you can actually turn it off. When you turn on the button, it'll start accelerating from stop and level that you have maximum is about 20 miles an hour either with pedal assist or without. 
You're going to definitely get a very comfortable and nice ride, this is literally one of the most comfortable rides I've ever had. The seat level is so easy, you're able to accommodate another person in the back with the little pedals that we have on the side so it is intended to be a maximum of 300 pounds entirely. The fat tire keeps it very nice, comfortable, cushioning and the suspension that we have here on the ebike makes it even more comfortable. You're definitely getting a very nice long seat and what I'll probably say is it's intended for two people to ride. But from my point of view, when I'm riding it by myself, I can actually ride it a little bit further back and so my feet are a little bit more extended. Add motor has some accessories if you want to be able to have like a little compartment in the back to be able to stow things in there, put a water bottle or so on. It even has an attachment for a little cart that you're able to pull behind you. A lot of function has been built into this but what I will say is of all the ebikes that I've reviewed to date. This is by far the most comfortable, the smoothest and the easiest ebike. You can charge the battery directly on the actual ebike itself by plugging directly into it or you can remove the bike off it and then bring the battery inside with the charger and then charge it overnight. 

So when we're kind of wrapping up everything, we have a great suspension, fat tire experience smooth ride. Easy transition between throttle and pedal assist depending on how you want to ride it. Of course we have the signals that we have on the back. We have the dual horn, the electric one and the bell. That's a great big display that gives you not only just easy visibility but also the ability of actually enjoying it outdoors in the sun. Of course make sure you're wearing the right helmet to support you and protect you. At the end of the day, this is by far one of the most enjoyable, smoothest rides that I've ever had on an e-bike and it is so much fun to just go out and spend some time in nature and enjoy the outdoors My Hope Is that you found this ebike helpful and maybe the Addmotor Soletan M-66X could be the right cruiser ebike for you.

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