Tips on How to Ride an Electric Trike

By Ella | 09 August 2022 | 2 Comments

Fat wheel electric trikes are becoming increasingly popular among the general public as they are highly efficient for everyday commuting or off-road tracks. Also, they are suitable for the elderly and disabled, as well as kids, as they provide stability, speed, and comfort.

Fat wheel e-trikes provide steady travel on hills, mountains, snow, sand, and other rough tracks, as their high-volume tires make a ride smooth and let you enjoy bumpy rides without falling or trembling.

For the health and environmental-conscious populace, who likes a little cost-effective adventure with appropriate exercise, Addmotors has a lot of fat tire electric trikes for sale.
Riding an electric fat trike is easy, but certain significant things should be kept in mind before hopping on it to go to a mountain hill or a park.

Before you Hop on an E-Trike: Remember!

You should wear a helmet with knee and elbow pads to be safe. Tricycles are easy to ride and are steady compared to most bikes, cycles, and other vehicles, but that doesn't mean you ignore the basic safety protocol.
Before you mount an e-trike, ensure the battery is complete and the bike doesn't need any repairs. Also, check if the motor is off, the brakes are working, and you're on ground level, or else you can trip and fall once you start the tricycle.

Take your time mounting a fat tire electric tricycle; take a water bottle with you if you want to.

Steps and Tips on Riding an Electric Trike


Deciding the range

Electric fat trikes have a little less range than e-bikes that can go up on any track without difficulty. But, e-tricycles are more comfortable and stable and have more load capacity, making them unsuitable for enthusiastic adventures. We suggest purchasing an e-bike if you're young and adventurous. Usually, electric tricycles have a riding range between 20 and 60 miles on a single charge with different capacity batteries. So, it is best to cycle within the electric riding range that your e-trike can support. But even if your electric tricycle runs out of power before you reach your destination, you don't have to worry. This is because, in contrast to a car that can only be refilled with gasoline to keep going, it can continue on with the pedals.

Choose a seating

You can sit in several positions while riding an electric trike. However, understand that bikes and trikes are very different. Two types of seats in a fat tire electric tricycle are upright and recumbent seats.
Upright seats are easy to ride; step on the pedals and exert force on them. For a comfortable riding experience, Addmotors manufactures M-330 P7, M-340, and M-350 P7 trikes, which all have upright seats.
On the other hand, Addmotors M-360 has a semi-recumbent frame. Recumbent seats of electric fat trikes are appropriate for users with joint pains, bone issues, or knee problems.

How to mount an e-trike

Once you've put on that helmet and prepared to mount the tricycle, you need to place your feet on the pedals and make yourself comfortable.
Don’t rush to start driving. Once you fully mount the bike, switch on the electric motor. Stitching is tricky and set the speed to appropriate levels. Also, keep a foot on the ground while mounting for better stability.

How to take a turn

Start riding an electric fat trike like any other bike, but make sure you don’t accelerate its turns. Tricycles can trip off if you change speed while turning because there are two wheels in the back. It would be best to decelerate while turning and lean your body in the opposite direction of the turns. Otherwise, the tricycle is likely to tip over.

How to pull brakes

Pulling a break to halt the fat tire electric tricycle is a little technical. Engage the rear brake before pulling the front brake. If you're traveling in a zero pedal assist level, a light pull would be enough to stop the trike; however, if your tricycle is moving at a turbo rate, brakes need a little more strength.


Best pick e-trike recommendation

Riding an e-trike for the first time might sound strenuous, but it's easier than riding a bike. Because of its modern design that facilitates stability and ease, the fat tire electric tricycles are widely popular among adults and the elderly.

You can adjust the paddle assist according to your strength and rely on the electric power source for a nudge that helps you ride smoothly without getting tired. Addmotors manufactures several different kinds of fat tire electric trikes for sale and assists its users in choosing the best tricycle for their daily use. It can be a little tricky at first, but due to the presence of that third wheel, the advantage becomes safe, and the ride becomes comfy!

Addmotor electric tricycles 2023:

Brief intro to Addmotor electric tricycle for adults and seniors:

1-Multi-color for your selection and taste, you can get one that differs yours from others like white or black
2-2023 version head tube, laser cnc high precision cutting workmanship instead of welding like bikes from Radpower, Himiway
3-Powerful brushless Bafang motor from 750w to 960w
4-World-first 48V*20.0Ah battery upgraded from 17.5Ah, verified by UL,powers 85+ miles with PAS1
5-Semi-recumbent design: Ergonomic saddle and backrest electric trike to relax your back and release the handicapped
6-Multi-functional integraded tailight with flashing left & right turning,braking danger and more
7-Fat tire with curved fenders anti mud, sand, rain drop to protect riders fully

1-A little bit heavier than traditional trike
2-Not applicable for off-road riding


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