What's the difference between ebike throttle & pedal assist mode?

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Cruiser M-66 R7 adult electric bikes
Cruiser M-66 R7 adult electric bikes, with throttle & pedal-assist mode!

The electric bike offers the choice of exerting full control or relaxing and enjoying the ride. This is one of the most appealing features of electric bikes. Bikes like these offer things that traditional bicycles cannot. Besides making riding long distances easier, electric bikes move faster as well.  
Compared to traditional bikes and even cars, electric bikes excel in a variety of areas. We can activate the motor assist on an electric bike in different ways. If you are planning to purchase one, you should know these options. Choosing the right assistance and understanding how each one works will help you make the right decision.

What's the difference between throttle & pedal assist?

With so many electric bikes for sale, there are several controversies related to them as well, such as which motor is superior or whether riding an electric bike is cheating. Similarly, it is common for inexperienced riders to get confused about choosing between throttle bikes and pedal-assist bikes.  
Users are, however, free to decide whether they want extra assistance from the machine. It is up to you to decide what type of e-bike is right for you. Here, we'll review another topic of confusion to help you decide which type of assistance you should get. Let's start.

Overview of pedal assist  

If you are looking for an option that offers both optional assistance and the feel of a traditional bicycle, a pedal assist is a perfect choice. You must pedal the electric bicycle in order to activate the electric assist. According to the model, pedal assist is available in three to seven modes.  
With the sensor included, each mode provides more or less power, depending on your trip. Until the bike reaches its top speed, you will receive assistance. With a separate controller or display, you can adjust the assistance.
Low modes aid you in some ways, but you are still responsible for doing most of the work. If you use the medium mode, your pedaling will be more assisted, allowing you to go further than you might otherwise. Using high-level mode makes for an easy ride with lots of electric assistance.

Overview of throttle mode

As for the throttle, think of it in the same way your motorcycle's engine works. Engaging the throttle pushes you forward without any effort on your part. Similarly, electric bikes with throttles work the same way. You can then sit back and enjoy cycling on a cool evening without having to worry about pedaling.  
A throttle is typically located on the handlebar or grip and provides direct power to the motor to reach its maximum speed without pedaling. It can be useful to use the throttle during traffic or when you are tired of pedaling.

Difference between pedal assist and throttle

The motor on a pedal-assist electric bike only provides power when the rider pedals. An electric motor on a pedal-assist electric bike will not drive the bike until a pedal-assist sensor detects movement from the rider. Pedal assist lets you control when your bike delivers maximum power. By doing so, you will avoid accidentally speeding up on flat surfaces or downhills.
As opposed to a pedal-driven e-bike, an e-bike with throttle activation provides power as needed to the rider. Instead of using their feet to pedal, throttle-assist bikes let users engage the motor with ease by just twisting the throttle on the handle. Using a throttle, you cannot determine when you reach your maximum speed.
Additionally, the battery and range play an influential role in pedal assist and throttle modes. Using throttle mode increases the risk of running out of power in the middle of a trip increase. While on the other hand, pedal assist requires less energy, so the battery lasts longer and the rider can travel farther.

Which one should you choose?

It is ultimately paramount that you choose a bike that meets your needs. It might be a wise idea to invest in a bike with pedal assist if you require only minimal assistance and prefer to stay in control of your speed. The throttle assist system can be helpful if you want to travel longer distances or want more consistent and thoughtless power.  
Both throttles and pedal-assists are useful, but pedal-assists have a few additional advantages. However, in the end, the choice is yours. Some bike brands are offering both throttle and pedal assist to make that decision easier.


To simplify traveling, both pedal assist and throttle assist are available. Both are very efficient systems with different pros and cons in terms of control, comfort, and battery usage. In the end, it depends on your motive and how you plan to carry out your trips with electric bicycle in USA. To know more about different types of electric bikes and more visit Addmotor.

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