Three Tips for Riding Your Electric Trike in the Dark

By Addmotor | 10 January 2023 | 0 Comments
Riding an electric trike at night, on a dark winter evening, or on a foggy morning is a difficult undertaking that calls for a lot of caution on your part. When compared to cycling during the day, it is an entirely different game. When preparing to ride your E-trike at night, there are a lot of considerations to make. So much goes into it, from selecting the appropriate clothing to planning the route. However, if you take the necessary precautions and prepare in advance, you can ride your e-trike at night without any worries.

You have come to the right site if you are looking for advice about riding at night. I've given you some of the most important advice for smooth nighttime travel. You will value these riding suggestions if you enjoy cycling and nighttime activities. You can have a pleasant experience while riding with the moon shining brightly and the breeze brushing over your face if you follow these recommendations.
Here are some riding tips in the dark:

1. Proper Use of lights

A headlight, taillight, and integrated brake light are necessities whether riding at night, in the early morning, or in foggy conditions. They not only illuminate your way, but this combination also alerts oncoming traffic to your presence. You undoubtedly believe that the brighter the spotlight, the better it will be, but it's not quite that straightforward.

Although some lights on the market offer well over a thousand lumens (the unit of brightness), they are probably not appropriate for your preferred style of riding. For instance, some bike headlights have a lumen output of roughly 4200, which is 6 times greater than that of a car headlight. This is fantastic for playing in the woods at night, but it is totally inappropriate for riding on the streets. You could be in a hazardous scenario if you shine too brightly and blind oncoming cars. Additionally, too many lumens make it more difficult to notice the turn signals and brake lights on the vehicles nearby.

Addmotor 3 wheel electric bike is equipped with integrated headlights & taillight that adhere to industry standards and are made to increase your visibility, which could cover 200m visual range.

2. Present yourself and your bike in a successful manner

You're used to folks noticing your bike during the day. According to our observations, they're also definitely stopping you and interrogating you extensively. You cannot, however, rely on the fact that your bike will be recognized simply because it is cool when you are riding at night. To be noticed, you must make an effort.
To start, this entails wearing luminous apparel to capture the attention of cars. A recent study from the University of Clemson suggests that if you truly want to be seen, you should also wear reflective leggings or pants in addition to a fluorescent jacket or a bright helmet.
Assemble your battery powered trike to provide optimal visibility. Keep your headlight on, choose a taillight, and think about applying a few luminous safety stickers on the frame and fenders.


3. Always ride safely

When you ride your electric trike in a city, defensive riding is very crucial. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's most recent statistics show that 27 percent of cycling fatalities that involve motor vehicles occur at traffic junctions and that 75 percent of cycling fatalities occur in urban areas. That's why you should ride more carefully at night when the lighting conditions are worse.

To put it simply, use common sense. Give yourself additional time to stop and look both ways at crossings. Consider pulling over and allowing that car to pass if you're on a small roadway and you see a light coming up behind you. Try leaving the Bluetooth speaker at home if you typically listen to music while driving so that you can concentrate entirely on the road. A solid defense strategy is to plan the best route. Bicycle lanes, pathways, and other places where people ride bikes frequently are the places you should go. The very last thing you want is for an automobile to suddenly come around a curve and be startled by your presence.

Just keep in mind that you can't see as well at night, so ride your 3 wheel electric bike more slowly, keep an eye out for potholes, and be extra cautious. Additionally, be sure to stay in your comfort zone, especially at the beginning.


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