Things about E-bike Range and How to Extend It

By Ella | 12 September 2022 | 0 Comments
When most people are looking to get an electric bike, one of the main things they are concerned with is how far the bike can go and how they would be able to increase the range of the battery.
So, if you're in the same situation and are looking for some answers, you're at the best place because we've done some research to help you find ways to enhance the range of an electric bike.

You can do multiple things to elevate the range of a battery-operated bike. The most common ones include:
-Using a lower level of assistance.
-Pumping the tires fully.
-Replacing the battery after some time.
-Cycling at a slower speed.
-Reducing weight.

What is an E-Bikes Range?

An electric bike's range is the maximum distance the e-bike can travel on one charge. The range of all e-bikes is not the same and can vary depending on the brand and model.
Let's get straight into our topic and look at some easy ways to help you extend your e-bike range.


How to Extend E-bikes Range

Lower the Assistance

The pedal-assisted electric bikes work by aiding you as you pedal. You can adjust assistance by raising or lowering it.
Your electric bike's battery will deplete more rapidly the more assistance you use. Hence, you should select one of the lesser degrees of assistance if you wish to extend the range of your electric bike.


Charge the Battery After Use and Avoid Overheating

According to research data, lithium-ion batteries perform at their best when charged to 50%. You should avoid letting your battery entirely discharge before charging it if you want to maximize how far you can go as it ages.
The battery may become less effective and even suffer damage if it is allowed to overheat. It's unlikely that the battery will overheat if you use the e-bike as you did when you first acquired it. On the other hand, if you cover the battery, it might not be able to get the air it needs to stay cool.


Cycle Slower

The power needed to maintain speed increases significantly as you bike faster.

Given this, you should think about slowing down when cycling to get more range out of the battery. You'll get to your destination later, but it will be more pleasant, and there is less chance you'll run out of juice before you get there.


Gear Properly

Cycling at a slower speed makes using a lower gear easier, whereas cycling at a faster speed makes using a higher gear easier. This means that you should ensure you are in a gear that is appropriate for your speed to limit the amount of power the battery needs.

When riding an
electric bike, it can be tempting to shift into a higher gear to accelerate, but doing so can wear out the electric motor faster than it needs to.

Use Thinner Tires

Using thinner tires is another way to lessen the amount of drag generated by your wheels. Racing motorbikes always have skinny wheels for a purpose. If they were to use wheels made for mountain bikes, they wouldn't be able to travel as fast because they make it easier to cycle at high speeds when on the road.

Despite this, employing thicker tires, such as those found on
fat tire electric bikes for sale, has grown in popularity because electric bikes enable you to pedal more powerfully. You may pedal on more challenging terrain, like sand, by using thicker tires like these, but your motor will have to work more to keep you moving.

Use a Different Type of E-Bike

Different types of e-bikes are designed for specific purposes. Using an e-bike designed for the terrain you'll be riding on would be best to get the most range out of your battery. If you're going to be on the road, an e-bike for commuting is ideal.

You can visit Addmotor e-bike shop to look at the wide variety of motorized bicycles available for adults.

Reduce Weight

The greater your electric motor's weight must push, the more power it will consume. So, if you want to maximize the distance you can travel on your electric bicycle, you should take steps to reduce the amount of weight you carry. Perhaps there are items in your bag you do not require and could leave behind.

Keep an Extra Battery

Carrying a spare battery is a simple way to double the potential distance you can get out of your electric bicycle. If necessary, you can usually purchase an extra battery from the manufacturer.

Another option to increase the electric bike's range is a larger battery. Most e-bike manufacturers offer a long-range battery, which you should consider if you want to get the most range out of your e-bike.

Bottom line: 

With this, we conclude our blog. We hope the eight ways mentioned in the blog will help you increase your bike range.



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