The Basics About Electric Trike Motors

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Electric three-wheel bikes have recently become game changers when it comes to the benefits they provide. For those who are concerned about health and safety, electric tricycles give unprecedented flexibility and a terrific way to get outside and recapture the joy associated with riding a bicycle while remaining safe. Electric tricycles are excellent for elders, those with restricted mobility, and people with disabilities since they are sturdy, durable, and motorized.
E-Trikes are similar to electric bikes, but they have three wheels for increased comfort and safety. Three-wheeled vehicles typically have one wheel in the front and two parallel to each other in the back. So it's a lot simpler to balance on these trikes than it is on bikes. A 3-wheel electric bike's motor also makes commuting simpler and allows you to travel far without pushing yourself too much.
You heard the term motor but what exactly are these electric trike motors? You may be wondering if it is necessary to know about them when you may own an e-trike right now or possibly in the future. Absolutely yes because motors are the heart of these e-trikes and you ought to know a bit about them to be more confident when you own one.

How does the E-Trike motor work?

Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy fundamentally. E-bikes have brushless DC motors, also known as BLDC motors, which do not require brushes to change the direction of current flowing to the motor as older electric motors did. Since their brushes decreased the motors' efficiency and had the propensity to wear out over time, brushless motors have become the standard for more than 10 years.
When you open a BLDC motor, you can see a lot of cables wrapping around a ring of poles. This is the stator, which turns into an electromagnet when the motor controller injects current into the cables from the battery. A circle-shaped row of permanent magnets will also be visible, either inside or outside the stator. The magnets' orientation to the stator may vary depending on the type of BLDC motor, but the rotor is always present.
Understanding how the rotor and stator interact is essential to grasping how e-bike motors operate. The rotor's permanent magnets are attracted to and repelled by the electromagnets on the stator as current flows through them in a circular pattern, turning the stator. A shaft is connected to the stator. The mid-drive motor's shaft is connected to a miniature chainring that helps you pedal by using the torque created by the shaft's rotation. Hub motors do not spin; instead, the shaft serves as the axle. Instead, the motor's rotor rotates independently, rotating the hub as a whole and creating the torque needed to turn either the front or back wheel.

Different types of E-Trike Motors

Many motors are used to make an e-trike function but you will mostly need knowledge of 2 among them.

Hub Motors

Hub Motors
A hub motor is one of the different kinds of electric bike motors. Hub motors, which can be categorized as front or rear hub, direct-drive, or gear, are thought of as a more "traditional" form of e-bike motor. A hub motor is directly attached to one of an electric bicycle's wheels. The motor's axle is the axle of the wheel.
This positioning offers the additional convenience of the powertrain and motor system being independent of one another, facilitating easier maintenance in a front-mounted hub. These motors can be used with a wide range of bikes that have various drivetrains.


Unlike mid-drives, hub motors do not degrade the trike's moving components. They are situated away from the chain drive, which is why. Additionally, they may be easily mass-produced in bigger quantities and are less expensive. The best thing is that producers don't have to alter their products to accommodate particular motors. All of this results in economies of scale and lower manufacturing costs. This makes it possible to lower the price of e-bikes.


When climbing hills, hub motors are less efficient than mid-drives. Even worse is the heat that is produced as a result of friction. Low-speed uphill climbs can cause heat accumulation, which can reduce performance. The majority of hub motors also demand higher power, which calls for larger batteries.
All of this increases the weight of the bike. Additionally, the hub motor e-bikes' weight distribution is not uniform. The weight of the motor can affect how strong this effect is. Finally, because the tires are wired, changing them is more challenging. You can bring the bike with the hub motor to a professional for fresh tires. This will result in additional expenses.

Mid-Drive Motors

The second most popular kind of e-bike motor is mid-drive. Because they include advanced sensor systems, these are more recent electric bikes and tend to cost a little bit more. Mid-Drive motors are a form of electric bicycle motor that directly affects the drivetrain, which is typically fixed at the crankset between the two pedals. The motor must be considered while designing an electric bicycle with a mid-drive system because it does integrate so closely with the bicycle's anatomy.
However, if you're creating your bike from scratch, this can result in a one-of-a-kind vehicle that is tailored to your requirements. Mid-drives, which are frequently powered by multiple batteries, also offer longer ride times on a single charge. The balancing problems associated with hub placements are eliminated with mid-drive motors, which are fixed at the bike's center of gravity.


Mid-drives offer more power for cyclists. Compared to hub motors, they help e-trikes climb steep hills more effectively. This is because they can use gear reduction to make low-speed climbing easier.
The best thing about mid-drive motors is how simple it is to swap out the tires. You can use any wheelset because the e-trike tires are motor-independent. Users can completely customize this in countless ways.


To begin with, they put a lot of strain on chain-driven e-Bikes. This implies customers will need to get regular maintenance checks to replace chains that are beginning to wear out.
High-end mid-drive motors are made to decrease the strain on chains because of that. Compared to hub-drive motors, mid-drive motors are frequently more expensive. The price of the e-bike may increase as a result.

Final Words

It's important to comprehend the distinctions when selecting the type of motor for your e-trike because your decision will have a big impact on how comfortable your ride will be.
If you're confused to choose one, the answer simply is what you need it for. If you need a bike to commute to work and cruise through parks and around town, a hub motor is a way to go. However, a mid-drive motor is your best bet if you live and travel mostly in uphill areas/uneven terrains. Whatever you choose, don't forget to enjoy your ride and have a quality time!


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