Speed and Battery Life of Electric Trike Bicycle

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An electric tricycle is popularly known as an e-trike. It features three wheels and they offer a stable ride as compared to a traditional bicycle. You can move faster and easier to your destination without putting much pressure on your feet. There are plenty of electric tricycles that are suitable for adults. 

It comes in various shapes and styles to fit your needs. The best electric trike bicycle can be used for various purposes. Whether you are commuting, running errands, or moving around in the city, everything will become easy. Here are some important facts about the speed and battery life of an electric trike bicycle:

Speed of Electric Trikes

The average speed of an electric trike is around 20 mph. However, things can vary depending on the kind of model and brand you choose. You will be surprised to know that the weight of the rider will affect the speed of the bike as well. It is easy to choose the best e-trike by checking out the collection at Addmotor.

Heavy riders can move faster compared to light riders. Keep in mind that the speed of an electric tricycle will depend on a lot of other factors. It includes the power of the motor and the weight of the riders. Moreover, it depends on the kind of terrain your bike is moving. Most electric tricycles feature a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. Though there can be some models that run faster and better. 

How Fast Do E-Trikes Go? 

The top speed of electric tricycles will depend on the powertrain that is in use. The majority of them will top somewhere near 20 miles per hour. However, some can reach a speed of over around 30 miles per hour. But please note that e-trikes are limited to 20mph in the lane in the US.

Weight and Portability

There are plenty of electric trikes that are 60 to 100 pounds each. Due to this fact manufacturers choose a lithium-ion battery for electric bikes and trikes. On average the electric trike can run for 20 to 50 miles on a single charge. However, things will depend a lot on the weight of the rider as well. It involves the kind of terrain you are moving on while the weather conditions must be considered. You can choose from the wide range of 3-wheel electric for sale as they are available at affordable rates. 

Battery Power 

The average riding range of an electric trike is 20 to 50 miles. Once again a lot will depend on the weight of the rider along with the types of terrain. Generally, the three-wheel electric bike features large batteries. It will help you enjoy a longer range and will make your journey smoother than before. When you purchase an electric trike it is best to have a 16-20Ah battery for a convenient ride. 

Charging Time

The average charging time for an electric trike will be four to ten hours. If you are looking for faster-charging try using the level 2 charger. It will help you charge the product in about two to three hours.

How Far Will an Electric Tricycle Go On a Single Charge?

Many people have this question in mind how far they can go with an electric tricycle on a single charge? It will depend on the power of the motor along with the height and weight of the rider. Most tricycles can range from 20 to 50 miles, but some models can go faster and better. It is plenty especially when you are going on a trip. You can easily commute and run errands using this trike. It happens to be an ideal choice for a longer trip as well. However, the longest-range electric trike can go even further. You can find a reliable tricycle that will give you the best of everything. Many customers will be surprised to know that their weight can also affect the battery life. Heavy riders may need to use more battery power as compared to the lighter ones. 

There is a powertrain that can cover around 100+ miles very easily. However, it is very expensive and you may even have to sacrifice your comfort. Generally, the riders are happy with the moderate range as compared to the maximum one. 

What if a Battery Reaches its Maximum Number of Charge Cycles? 

The maximum number of charge cycles is usually mentioned in the specifications of the manufacturer. Your battery may get drained if you go on a very long ride. It may lose a little efficiency and will prevent any mishaps in your journey. When the specified number of cycles are complete the performance will go down than usual.

It may even hold the charge for a short period. The user will become the ultimate judge when it comes to using the bike. Whether you need a replacement or you can move along with it will be your decision. 

The Lifespan of Each Battery Type

Each battery type comes packed with a lifespan. You can predict the lifespan of a battery by checking out various specifications mentioned by the manufacturers. Some of the most common batteries include lithium, nickel, and lead batteries.
The lithium battery can easily hold up to 600-1,000 charge cycles. They are even faster than the latest lithium iron models. When it comes to nickel batteries they offer 500 cycles. While lead batteries can give the user around 300 cycles. You can choose a tricycle that is suitable for your needs and requirements.

How Long Can The Battery of an Electric Tricycle Last?

Battery life is measured with the help of charge cycles. You can take care of your battery by maintaining its quality care. It is best to keep your battery stored in a dry space. Generally, regular use of an electric bike battery will become inefficient after 3 to 5 years. 


Electric Tricycles are a great way to have a relaxing and entertaining journey. They are fast and easy to use. However, make sure that you do your complete research before purchasing one. You can check out the wide collection of electric trike bikes for sale at Addmotor to make the final purchase! 

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