Should You Buy A Folding Electric Bike?

By Jamie | 02 April 2022 | 0 Comments
Featuring a top tube, mainframe, and pedals that can be folded, the folding electric bikes allow riders to fold and store their bikes with ease.
Should you buy a folding electric bike? Is the folding electric bike worth it? If you are still worried about the storage and transport of electric bikes, then a folding electric bike would be a perfect solution to your worries. Nowadays, more and more cyclists (especially commuters) have realized the benefits of owning a folding bicycle. As folding bikes are becoming lighter and stronger, their functionality makes them easy to transport on public transportation systems. We will see more of them on the road.
Compared with a full-size electric bike, a folding electric bike provides more possibilities to commuters.


1. Easy to Transport
The ability to be transported easily makes the folding electric bike ideal for commuters. You can cycle to your closest bus, train, or metro with the folding electric bike and fold it up to bring it on board. It’s a nuisance to do this with a full-size bicycle.   
Additionally, folding bikes are easy to transport in a car trunk or an overhead bin of a plane. Hoping to go for a ride on a road trip, or enjoy the beautiful natural scenery at the vacation spot during the summer holiday, but you can’t bring a full-size bike with you? Pack up your folding bike and you’ll be able to pedal while you’re on your trip.

2. Compact Storage
Due to its compact nature, most people also consider a folding bike in the first place. Addmotor’s folding bikes size at 41″ x 21″ x 29″ while folded, and weighing about 30kg (68lbs). They take up very little space and can be folded up into a small package. You can store them in a closet, carry them upstairs, or just put it behind the door. For this reason, they are ideal for condo dwellers or for storing in any room where extra space is an issue. The folding size of the bike depends on the size of the frame and the wheels. Some are larger than others.

3. Security
Many cyclists don’t have the luxury of bringing a full-size bicycle into their office space to keep an eye on it. Not only that but due to the limited space in their home, some cyclists might have to leave their full-size bikes locked up outside at night. One of the most upsetting things that can happen to a cyclist is having their bicycle stolen. Many city-dwelling cyclists purchase multiple locks and have an intricate system to keep their bikes secure while locked outside. A lock is a deterrent from thieves, but not guaranteed to keep your bike safe.
Being compact and easy to carry with you means folding bikes are rarely left in a place where they’re at risk of being stolen. There’s no need to leave it chained up outside the office the whole day or tied to a lamppost when you meet a friend at the cinema or for coffee. You won’t have to constantly worry if your bike will still be when you go home.

After reading these, we believe that you already have the answer to whether or not you should buy a folding electric bike. 

Here at Addmotor, we believe that folding electric bikes will continue to grow in popularity and open up a greater variety of fun lifestyles. This is why we developed the M-150 and M-140, two good choices for those who want an electric folding bike that is portable, affordable, and powerful enough to handle a wide range of use. Make the city your playground and never have a bad commute again.

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