Safety Tips When Riding An Electric Bike At Night

By Addmotor | 27 December 2022 | 0 Comments
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Electric bikes have risen in popularity due to their convenient and eco-friendly nature. If you're planning to reduce your carbon footprint, commuting to and from work on your electric bike is an effective way to do so. There are tons of benefits related to electric bikes that make them a suitable choice for people of all ages and backgrounds.

There's no doubt that cycling is an enjoyable activity that helps you to stay fit and improves your well-being, so you should always feel safe to cycle wherever you like to. Even so, there are some major safety concerns with adult electric bike, especially at night.

Safety Tips When Riding A Bike At Night

There can be plenty of compelling reasons for you to ride your electric bike at night. Maybe you commute to work at night or perhaps you enjoy driving without the massive traffic and noise. Or perhaps that's the only time you have to get out on your ebike. Whatever the reason may be that you have to go out, staying safe is everyone's utmost priority.

There are some obvious steps to take such as having lights on your bike. However, there are other steps as well that you can take to make riding at night safer and more comfortable. In this blog, we will discuss those steps on how you can stay safe while riding at night.

#1 Use appropriate lights

Riding your electric bike at night can include plenty of risks because of low visibility. So the first step to ensure you stay safe is to have high-quality bright lights installed on your electric bike. With proper lights, you can safely ride without risking yourself or anybody else on the road.

However, you should also take care that your lights must not super bright as these can cause unnecessary strain on the sight of other cyclists. It is recommended to mount lights on the front and back of your bike to make you visible to drivers without compromising the vision of fellow riders. Moreover, if you're on trails or rural roads, you should use ultra-bright lights so you avoid any sudden obstacles.

#2 Wear proper gear

Wearing the proper gear can also keep you safe and protected at night. Your helmet is the first thing you should have. It is always a wise idea to wear lighted helmets to increase your visibility to motorists. Clothes also play an important role in your visibility. It is recommended to wear retro-reflective and lighter color clothing because they can be more visible in the dark.

#3 Check your battery

Checking your battery to see how much juice you have left is imperative before every ride. But at night this becomes even more critical as you certainly don't want to run out of battery at night and then push your bike home. Checking your battery also ensures that your lights keep working. At low battery levels, the lights might also not work properly.

The bikes from Addmotor are equipped with durable lithium-ion batteries that increase your biking range.

#4 Ride where you can be seen

Making yourself visible on the roads isn't limited to lighting yourself up. In general, drivers are always looking ahead, so make you're riding in the field of their vision. Avoid riding at the corner of the road or somewhere where it's difficult for them to spot you.

Furthermore, you should also make sure you don't get hit by any obstacles such as potholes or drain covers. Therefore, keep yourself in the proper lane and avoid changing it too much.

#5 Flash headlights before overtaking

Always flash your lights when overtaking a vehicle so that the driver in front of you can see your intentions clearly before making the move. When riding during winter, most cars keep their windows open so they don't get cold air in, which means they won't hear your horn. To alert the rider in front that you will be making an overtaking maneuver, in addition to blowing the horn, you must also flash the lights.

Bottom Line

Riding your electric bike at night can be a peaceful and enjoyable activity. However, you certainly won't want any uncertainty on your trip. Having bright lights is probably the most critical step in ensuring your safety and electric bikes from Addmotor are equipped with high-quality lights. By following the tips listed above, you can make sure you stay safe at night.

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