Safely Riding Your Electric Trike on the Roads

By Addmotor | 11 November 2022 | 0 Comments
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There's no doubt that battery-powered biking is the future of green transportation. Riding a 3 wheel electric bike offers you a bunch of advantages over traditional e-bikes and is a smart choice for seniors. Due to this, electric trikes are more popular than ever and in high demand.
At the same time, riding an e-trike is both thrilling and intimidating. However, e-trikes can be challenging to ride if you're a newbie to using adult electric trike or if you're not used to handling them on roads, so you might feel even more nervous about it.

Therefore, to ride an electric trike safely, it's imperative to understand all of the factors that play into it. These include plenty of factors to consider.


Safely Riding Your Electric Trike on the Roads

With each day passing more and more riders are adopting this latest introduction in the transportation industry. However, as more and more electric bikes and e-trikes are getting onto the road, the number of crashes and cyclist fatalities are also increasing. This gives rise to the importance of understanding how to handle this new kind of tricycle to ensure their safety.

Using an electric trike allows people of all ages to enjoy the perks of riding an e-bike. Since it has an extra wheel at the back, it's much easier to handle and offers good stability. However, this doesn't mean there are no considerations if you're venturing out on the road with your electric trike.

3-wheel electric bikes are often much heavier than regular commuter e-bikes, can be difficult to handle if you're a newbie, and make the usually manageable corner and obstacles more dangerous.

The 3-wheel electric bikes for sale from Addmotor are pretty good options for newbies as they come with extra safety features and are pretty decent compared to other riding options available in the market. Here are a few tips for you to follow if you want to reap the benefits of electric trikes for adults:


#1 Pre-Ride Checks:

The first and most basic thing that you need to do before you take your electric trike out on the road is to make sure that everything is in proper working condition. Learning to ride an electric tricycle is easier than learning to ride a two-wheel bike. For practice and pre-ride checks, we recommend taking it down a quiet street or finding an empty parking lot when you are getting used to it before taking it out on the road. You don't want to suffer because you forgot to check it before you ride. Therefore, you must take care of the following things:
The brakes on any bike are of vital importance. These are among the most common causes of bicycle accidents. Usually, people forget to check whether their brakes are working or not before riding their trikes. Checking your brakes is pretty simple. All you need to do is hold your brakes and try to move your e-trike back and forth. If it moves while you're holding the brakes, it means they need to be fixed.
Checking your tire pressure is also a crucial aspect before heading out. You need to make sure the tire isn't flat or the pressure is too high. Checking your tires is crucial because you won't be able to get much further with one deflated tire. If it gets inflated during the ride, you might even experience blowouts.
Electric trikes are usually heavier than normal e-bikes and relying solely on pedals can be difficult. The battery is what makes the electric trike move with the throttle or pedal assist. Hence, you must check your battery before you go on the road, to ensure you have enough to reach your destination and return. The elderly can find it exhausting to ride uphill on an electrical trike without battery assistance.
If you're driving at night, proper working head and tail lights are necessary to make you visible to others. Having the lights on is also important because it allows the signal light to be seen before taking any turn. Therefore, you should ensure that all the lights are working properly before going out.

#2 Turns on Electric Trike

Having an additional tire on an electric trike improves stability and handling, but it also has its drawbacks. E-trikes have a wider turning radius as compared to a two-wheel electric bike because of their wider wheelbase. An adult electric trike takes longer and requires more space to complete a turn than a normal electric bike.

Therefore, you should keep that in mind while turning. To achieve perfection, practice leaning left or right in curves to understand how much space you must be comfortable with before taking any turn. Furthermore, ensure that all three tires of the e-trike are firmly planted on the ground and maintain a balanced weight on the trike.


#3 Follow Traffic Rules

While electric trikes are more convenient than other forms of transportation, they do not exempt you from traffic conditions. So, you must follow traffic laws to stay safe and ensure the safety of others as well.
- Always make sure to be in your specified electric bike lane.
- Make sure to wear a helmet no matter where you ride an e-trike.
- The simplicity and quietness of an e-trike usually make it hard for other riders or pedestrians to hear you coming. Consider installing a horn or bell to give a bit of warning before you approach.
- Always keep your eyes on the road for uneven terrain and potholes.
- Be sure to use the turn signal before taking any turn.
- Always equip yourself with side mirrors and accessories to remain safe, as well as front and rear lights.
- Don't overspeed in sensitive areas such as schools or hospitals.
- Follow the traffic signs and signals to ensure your safety


Following these e-trike best practices will reduce your chances of getting injured or getting into an accident. You'll enjoy your e-trike experience without spoiling it for others. Now that you know how to take care of yourself on an e-trike, make sure to check out Addmotor's adult electric trikes for sale to find one that suits your style!

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