Riding In Comfort With The Addmotor M-66x Cruiser Electric Fat Bike

By 51 Drones | 27 May 2023 | 0 Comments

So they say you aren't truly a YouTuber until you get yourself an electric scooter, a one wheel or an ebike. Now nobody knows why that is but that's just how it is. This is the Addmotor SOLETAN M-66X ebike and it is one of the best looking ebikes on the market today. But as we know, looks aren't everything. Now, let's talk about this addmotor electric bike and let's see if it's something that's worth spending your hard-earned money on. 
The SOLETAN M-66X is a moped style step through fat tire ebike and it brings back memories of when I would see my wealthy friends from grade school driving their mopeds around town while I had to chase them pedaling my rainbow bike with a banana seat and a bar on the back. Some of you may have had a bike like that, but overall this is a very well built electric fat bike.

Two things that make this bike worth its price 

First of all, this seat or saddle is incredibly comfortable. It's almost two feet long and it's over eight inches wide. It's so nice to sit on and it makes long rides so much more enjoyable. The faux leather is thick and it's durable. It’s a lot like a snowmobile seat or maybe a motorcycle seat. If you've ever sat on those. It's very thick and it's very nice. The seat is big enough for two people. And then they have these foldable foot pegs on the back so you can enjoy the ride with someone special or maybe if you're just alone, this long seat allows you to adjust your position occasionally for better comfort. 

The next thing that makes this bike so nice to ride is that it has full suspension on the front. In particular they have these ADDSHOCKs fork with 80 millimeters of travel. The M-66x is not really meant to be an off-road bike strictly like for aggressive rides. But it does really well on bike trails and convenient if you're out on the road and you hit a pothole or maybe on the sidewalk and you hit a large gap or something you barely.

Components make this ebike oustanding

Now looking at the handlebars here, it has very nice soft handles. It's got appropriately spaced brake handles and it also has a horn that you can hear from at least 500 feet away. I think you can hear it from further than that and it also has the old-fashioned bell. Right here is the power button and here are the pedal assist buttons so you can increase or decrease the amount of motor that contributes to your pedaling. And then right here are the turn signal buttons and that's right, this bike has turn signals and they are very bright. Along with the brake light as well and that's another thing that you don't see it on a whole lot of e-bikes is turn signals and brake lights. Now on the throttle side is the motor control and the motor power button like you can disable and enable the motor by just pushing that button right there. 

Now let's talk about power, this electric fat bike M-66x has a ton of power. It's got a Bafang 48 volt 750 watt single motor powered by this massive 20 amp hour battery. This battery has its own power button, I found the power button on top of the battery. Because you know you can't turn that motor until the battery is powered on. So just be sure that you turn on the battery before you turn on the bike. You guys buy this best electric bike because you want that moped that you couldn't afford when you were a teenager. You buy it for the comfortable ride, you get it for the extended ride time and you get it for the appearance how it looks. That's one little bonus to it, now the LCD display is appropriately sized. It's easy to see in the sun and it provides all the information that you need. There's a 40 lumen headlight that works to provide visibility for others if you're in low light conditions. This platform right here is very nice to rest your feet on once in a while if you want to. Earlier I did talk about the benefit of having that long comfortable seat because this ebike has such a short stroke to make it more comfortable for taller people. You can list slide back further or slide forward or whatever you can. Kind of adjust, so you're able to extend your legs a little bit. It's not ideal but it is nice to be able to change position occasionally. 

This is a very nice e-bike, it is a heavy bike, it weighs just over 90 pounds with that battery on there which is probably part of the reason it rides so nice. If you want like a more portable option, Addmotor does have one folding ebike. It's called the Foldtan and it looks to be pretty nice. I think that would be perfect for like camping, maybe you're at the campground and you want to throw in your tent and then pull out and go around the campground or you know something just to cruise around town a little bit you can throw it in the back of your vehicle or maybe even in your back seat because it's foldable. This is a heavy electric fat bike, something that you're going to keep in your garage or in your shed or whatever you're going to go get groceries. When you're riding with two people, I think they have a backrest that you can get like it's an accessory. They have quite a few accessories that you can get for this ebike. If you're going to be using this with two people I highly recommend getting that backrest. You can check them all out through Addmotor website, they have a really wide array of options for you so if this one doesn't fit your needs, they do have some other ones that can fit your needs.

Bottom Line

The other thing that I want to say about this ebike the cable management. It's important and there's a lot of cables and wires. They do a really nice job of running it through the frame they got a little kind of a cable management thing under the seat. The suspension is number one thing on this ebike, I think that sets it above other bikes in this price range. It's a little spendy, but it is a very high quality ebike. You're getting what you pay for with this ebike. To check the best ebikes in Addmotor!


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