Ride in Style and Convenience with the Addmotor ARISETAN II M-360 Semi-Recumbent E-Trike

By Addmotor | 23 November 2023 | 0 Comments
The ARISETAN II semi-recumbent e-trike is one of the latest innovations of Addmotors. It is an upgraded version of the standard M-360 electric trike and is equipped with some amazing features to make your rides more comfortable and effortless. This e-trike is equipped with a speed differential, rear placement of the motor, parking brake system, torque sensor, and trailer tube. Before we start, we have an announcement for you to save up to $204 on the ARISETAN II electric trike during the Addmotor BLACK FRIDAY discount offer. 
Let's explore the main features and abilities of this amazing fat tire electric trike.

fat tire electric trike
Addmotor Semi-Recumbent M-360 E-Trike

The ARISETAN II offers a more comfortable sitting posture with its design and upright seating arrangements due to its semi-recumbent design. This tricycle is prepared as a multipurpose product for those looking for a convenient and comfortable ride for outdoor tours and transporting luggage. 

#1.  Design Construction of ARISETAN II M-360 E-Trike

The M-360 II is prepared with a 7A19 alloy aluminum material frame to ensure exceptional strength and durability. The trike has a stylish look and is available in 6 vibrant colors including Blue, Green, Orange, Cyan Green, Peral White, and Red. it is a real head-turner with its stylish construction and eye-catching look. 
This frame is included with a rear trailer tube for safe and secure towing of luggage trailer. The tube firmly connects the trailer to the trike and maintains the balance over different terrains. 

#2.  Main Features Of ARISETAN II M-360 Fat Tire Electric Trike

The Addmotor’s M-360 II e-trike is a marvel of the latest technology and power abilities. Some of the main features of this unique marvel are listed below.

•  Robust Motor

The previously front-mounted motor is replaced with an upgraded rear-wheel motor. The ARISETAN II fat tire electric trike is installed with a powerful rear-mounted 750W motor that can produce torque up to 80N.M and carry loads up to 380 Lbs. 
Moreover, The rear replacement of the motor offers increased stability, traction, and effective control during speeding up and slowing down. 

•  Powerful Battery

The M-360 II is equipped with a high-capacity powerful battery of 48V X 20Ah as a main source of power. This battery can deliver a constant flow of necessary power for a long time and cover a distance of up to 85+ miles per charge. 
The battery is UL-certified and prepared with high-quality lithium-ion cells. The rechargeable battery takes 8-10 hours to fully charge  

•  Fat Tires

The trike is installed with 20" X 4.0" Kenda Gigas fat tires to offer exceptional grip and stability over different terrains. It can effectively tackle slippery roads and rough terrains with these fat puncture-less tires. The tires are composed of three layers of inner tube, the outer hard layer, and the inner tube cover. 

•  Throttle

The M-360 II is equipped with a twist throttle and a variable speed control. You can accelerate your trike within seconds and increase the speed to maximum. This feature of the M-360 II e-trike is very effective for getting exceptional thrust in hard areas and quick getaway situations. 

•  Pedal Assistance

The trike boasts a 7-level pedal assistance system to customize the motor support. You can select a level of pedal assistance according to the difficulty of the road and terrain. This feature is very useful while tackling inclines and mountain areas where you need an effective flow of power. 

•  Controller

Addmotor has installed an upgraded 25A chip-type controller, instead of the old traditional one. This controller has simplified different circuits and smooths the power flow from the battery to the motor. 

•  Parking Brake System

The ARISETAN II fat tire electric trike is equipped with an upgraded parking brake system. This complimentary parking brake keeps the trike firmly attached to the ground while parked on uneven or inclined surfaces. This offers peace of mind to the rider with exceptional safety of parking anywhere.

•  Trailer Tube

The rear trailer tube is another upgraded feature added to the M-360 II that is very useful for safe and secure towing of the trailer. This trailer tube increases the cargo capacity of the trike and allows you to effectively tow and drag a loaded trailer behind. 

•  Speed Differential

The M-360 II is also installed with a rear speed differential that maintains the speed and balance of the e-trike during sharp turns. This speed differential allows each rear wheel to move separately in the required direction and speed to smooth the turning with increased control. 

•  Tektro 180mm Disk Brakes with Power Cut Switch

The ARISETAN II semi-recumbent trike features the best braking system. The 180mm Tektro disk brakes of the trike are very effective in delivering necessary stopping power without any delay. These brakes ensure a safe and secured stop during emergency braking or normal stops. The brakes also consist of a power cut switch that disconnects the motor power while braking to avoid uncontrolled acceleration. 

•  Torque Sensor

The M-360 II fat tire electric trike is also equipped with the latest technology torque sensor that customizes the motor output with rider pedaling power. This sensor calculates the manual force exerted by the rider on the pedals and adjusts the motor output accordingly. It has increased the overall performance of the trike by 15%.

•  Display

This semi-recumbent tricycle boasts a stylish multi-purpose digital display that tracks the data of speed, and other functions. You can continuously track the performance of your e-trike without disturbing your riding position. 

•  Lights

The ARISETAN II fat tire electric trike features an integrated lighting system that consists of a powerful headlight and tail light. The tail light is comprised of 5 different features including, a riding light, brake light, turning indicators, and danger indicator. 

•  Saddle and Backrest

This trike is equipped with a well-paded soft saddle and a backrest to offer maximum riding comfort. The backrest supports your spine during long rides and reduces the spinal stress and pain caused by uncomfortable sitting.


The ARISETAN II semi-recumbent e-trike is an upgraded version of the Addmotor M-360 I. It is upgraded with some useful features including the rear-mounted motor, torque sensor, parking brake, rear trailer tube, and speed differential.
This 3 wheel electric bike for adults is engineered as a perfect combination of style, power, and performance with its unique design and abilities. If you want to buy this unique e-trike don't miss the opportunity to save up to $214 during BLACK FRIDAY SALES 2023

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