E-Bikes are Efficient, but Nothing Beats this 90 Mile Range Electric Trike

Discover the unbeatable range and performance of the Addmotor Grandtan City electric trike, which is perfect for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing performance. Learn more about its features and how it compares to other e-bikes on the market in this blog.

By Addmotor | 11 November 2022 | 2 Comments

It's true that the majority of people enjoy riding electric bikes. These electric bicycles move along at a respectable pace. The majority of folks utilize their electric bikes for daily transportation. The three wheel electric trike, however, can easily compete with the electric bicycle in terms of range. Because an electric tricycle with three wheels keeps the user balanced and allows them to ride for extended periods of time without getting dizzy.


Addmotor Best Three-Wheel Electric Trike with 90 Miles Long Range

Due to the fact that its three-wheeled electric bicycle has given people fresh hope for unforgettable and ideal travel, Addmotor is regarded as one of the best, most renowned, and most trusted companies in the USA. Addmotor is always striving to provide users with the highest level of security using a range of outstanding features.


One of the top three wheel electric trikes for adults offered by Addmotor is the GRANDTAN CITY Etrike. The best range using the best features has earned it a reputation among consumers of Addmotor. This fat tire electric trike is made especially for senior people. It allows adults to travel around in the locations of their choice at their leisure. Its vast range will not be affected by the road or the weather, and its rider will bike in total happiness.

Grandtan M-340 Electric Trikes for Adult In Cyan Green

What Causes the Grandtan City its Long Range?

Addmotor has always provided the best type of tricycles to its customers. This 3-wheel electric trike has the feature of running for a long range. What are the functions or parts that increase the range of any electric tricycle? Addmotor has expanded its range of tricycles considerably using these qualities and functions.

Fat Tires of GRANDTAN CITY Electric Trike

• Fat Tires of GRANDTAN CITY Electric Trike

Any electric trike’s range can be significantly increased by having the best tires. The rider who rides the tricycle for a long distance fearlessly benefits from safety while riding thanks to these fat tires. GRANDTAN CITY Electric Trike has New 3.0 mini flame-like tires, which allows the adults to cover 90 miles long range.

Upgrade 20Ah High-capacity Battery

• Upgrade 20Ah High-capacity Battery

The Addmotor three-wheel electric trike is equipped with high-capacity 20.0Ah Samsung batteries. The best feature of this enhanced battery was updated by the manufacturer to provide a lengthy range of 90 miles. Meanwhile, the battery is UL certified which can provide the rider a safety riding. Other electric bikes are unable to match this electric trike's range. Large battery capacity ensures that the Grandtan City electric tricycle stands out with its long battery life.


• Electrical System of this Grandtan City

The three wheel electric trike of Addmotor performs at its peak in front of potential customers because of the robust electrical systems built inside the three-wheel electric trike. M-340 CITY is also using a high-capacity battery installed in it. This upgraded battery allows the trike to travel up to 90 miles per single charge. Because this electrical system regulates the entire battery's power, the waterproof 5-inch LCD display and integrated front and back lighting work effectively. GRANTAN CITY Etrike of Addmotor has 750W brushless hub motor installed and indicates the speed of the trike and motor output power, allowing them to travel 90 miles with little energy expenditure.

• Brake Control System

Tektro mechanical disc brake with the motor cut-off sensor is the feature which is installed in this three-wheel electric bike. It enables you to instantly stop the electric tricycle and can protect you from any form of an accident right away. The range of three wheel electric trike is up to 90 miles, and it all operates on a high brake system.



The three wheel electric trike’s range needs to be high enough to enhance movement and maneuverability. No other electric bike can match the range of over 90 miles that Addmotor is delivering to its clients.

M-340, M-360, M-350 and M-330 are the best 3 wheel electric bike of Addmotor. Having a front-mounted motor with a notable range miles and a large battery capacity, these electric trikes are reasonably priced and on sale. Additionally, these electric trikes will fulfill your aspirations of safe and extended travel.

GRANDTAN City E-trike is utilizing every feature that is extremely beneficial for traveling the 90-mile distance. This adult-sized long-range fat electric trike is the best long-range trike offered by Addmotors. It's a good thing for you because utilizing a tricycle can improve your commute, and you can get one for a reasonable price. Never pass up this chance to get an electric trike from Addmotor.

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