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By Jamie | 18 July 2022 | 5 Comments

* Picture from Addrider - Nick Wisenor

Cargo e-bikes combine all the fun, excitement, and health benefits of cycling with the practical uses of a minivan. Need to haul groceries, run errands, transport kids to school, or carry your paddle board to the beach? Enter the cargo e-bike, a style of bike that is common in European cities and quickly gaining popularity in the U.S.
M-81 cargo bike is a new member of the Addmotor electric bike collection. It’s way more affordable than most electric longtails but doesn’t cut a lot of corners to make it happen.
Addmotor M-81 Cargo E-bike
The M-81 comes with our most sought-after features. A cargo electric bike needs to be able to go the distance without stopping to fill up on power halfway through the day. Thanks to our top-of-the-line 48V*20Ah lithium-ion battery and intuitive pedal-assist technology, the M-81 can achieve 80 miles on PAS1 per charge. That is more than enough to complete a full day’s work. 
With a powerful 750-watt motor, the M-81 can haul just about anything with the max speed at ease. With the step-thru design and 12 inches for standover height, you can quickly and simply lift your leg to get on and off. If you get off and on your bike frequently, or have limited mobility, this moped-style frame is ideal. Finally, the front and rear fenders keep you clean while you work or ride through mud and rain. 
Another key feature every cargo electric bike must have is the ability to haul heavy loads with ease. Thanks to our sturdy 6061 aluminum frame design, 20” x 4” fat tires, and the integrated longtail rear rack, we’ve achieved a payload capacity of 350lbs/158kg (including the rider) which is more than plenty to carry all the gear you need. 

M-81 Cargo E-bike Usage
Imagine a world in which it is convenient and practical to forgo the minivan and pick up a bike instead. Of course, a family cargo bike won’t magically improve the bicycle infrastructure and culture in your city, but it will allow you to easily haul kids, groceries, soccer balls, school backpacks, and whatever else life may throw your way.
Cargo delivery
Cargo bikes are the most cost-effective and sustainable mobility solutions. Many localities are encouraging the use of cargo bikes, such as delivering mail or delivering food. It can also be useful for getting groceries and running errands.
It helps in saving quite some time when running errands with the bike. You don’t need to worry so much about parking and you can avoid the street parking madness in your neighborhood on the way back. It’s also an easy, environmentally fun way to zip around town.

Hauling kids

Families are embracing cargo bikes as a new fun way to explore on two wheels with multiple children. The bike is sturdy enough to haul more than one child at a time; some can handle multiple kids. Kids can be carried in several ways, depending on the bike. Older kids can sit on a bench or shelf on a rear rack and younger ones should be strapped into a bike seat. 
But remember to keep these tips in mind when carrying kids: 
Check local and state bike laws for regulations on carrying passengers. Make sure your child's bike seat is approved to work with your cargo bike. Children between 12 months to 4 years who can sit well unsupported and whose necks are strong enough to support a lightweight helmet can ride in a rear-mounted child bike seat, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Kids older than 4 should have a passenger handlebar or something to hold onto as well as a place to rest their feet.
You can customize your cargo bike with accessories including handlebars, a ring handle, safety bars that encircle the passengers, or foot guards. Add panniers, wheel covers, or other guards to protect feet from the wheel and gears.
Cargo bikes allow you to do all the things you would do on a bike. Its sturdiness means you can haul more stuff without throwing everything and everyone off balance. The usage of cargo bikes can be versatile at the same time. So, are you ready to go for a cargo e-bike?


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