Meet Addmotor Arisetan M-360 II Semi Recumbent Electric Trike for Adults

Learn about the features and specifications of the Addmotor Arisetan M-360 II semi-recumbent electric trike.
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m-360 electric trike for easy riding
Traveling with an electric trike bike means enjoying a pollution-free and pocket-friendly ride.  The advanced features and unmatched performance with better comfort make the electric trike a perfect travel companion for riders of all ages. Renewable energy is the power source of the electric trikes that ensure zero carbon emission release. 
Addmotor launched the upgraded Arisetan M-360 II semi-recumbent electric trike in a series of high-performing multiple electric trike models that focus on delivering an effortless and comfortable riding experience. This adult electric trike is efficient and powerful. The article will discuss more about the M-360 electric trike features in detail.  

World's FIRST Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike

Arisetan M-360 Trike is the world’s first semi-recumbent electric trike. The trike is perfect for riders of all ages and helps them handle challenging surfaces effectively. The trike is equipped with advanced features to make every ride joyful and comfortable. The electric tricycle is available in six eye-capturing color options and retains its signature style.  
The electric trike is more comfortable than the other electric trikes by maintaining the upright position of the rider. The upgraded features of the e trike enhance the riding experience and provide better safety for the rider. Overall, the semi-recumbent electric trike frame delivers an enhanced riding experience by ensuring a better, more comfortable, and more powerful ride. 

Features and Specifications of Addmotor Arisetan M-360

m-360 orange electric trike for adults 

#1 Semi-Recumbent Frame Design

The semi-recumbent frame design of the electric tricycle helps the rider maintain a back pain-relieving riding position to make the ride more comfortable. The rider can relax their back to enjoy the ride without back pain or tiredness after completing the long rides. The semi-recumbent trike design makes pedaling effortless compared to the traditional electric trikes. Also, the lower center of gravity provides enhanced stability and balance to make riding more joyful.  

#2 Differential 

The differential makes riding more stable and balanced for the rider. The rear wheels of the trike are independent of each other because they are not connected to the axle. The rear wheels can rotate in different directions at different speeds. The differential works better during sharp turns and makes riding safe for the riders. The differential reduces the risk of slippage, skidding, or loss of control at the higher pace of the trike. The differential is also good and helpful for riding a trike on uneven or rough surface types. 

#3 Parking Brake 

The parking brake is considered a secondary brake of the electric trike that ensures the safety and security of the rider. The riders can apply the parking brake when the trike is parked on an inclined or uneven surface type to ensure safe, secure, and stable parking. The rider can apply the parking brake by squeezing the handlebar brakes and pressing the parking brakes. The parking brake reduces the risk of movement of the electric trike and prevents the surroundings from accidents due to the movement of the electric bicycle while the trike is parked. 

#4 Upgraded 750W Rear Drive Motor 

Whether on rocky surfaces or inclined hills, the 750W motor effectively pushes the e-trike on different surface areas and makes riding effortless for the rider. The adult riders can adjust the levels of pedal assistance to pedal the electric trike based on their ability. The motor supplies power to make pedaling easy and convenient for the riders on different surfaces and encourages them to handle any surface without worrying about the power supply. Also, the rear-mounted motors make the rear part of the trike heavier to ensure improved stability and balance for the rider. 

#5 EB 2.0 Front and Rear Lights

Better visibility means better safety, and the Arisetan electric trike offers an EB 2.0 lighting system to provide proper lighting in low-light conditions and make riding safer. Also, the multifunctional backlight of the trike provides several indications, such as danger light, brake light, turn indications, etc., to make riding safe and convenient. The lights are controlled by the waterproof display and the rider can monitor the display to understand the current status of the trike. Also, the lights are powered by the main battery, which runs till the battery discharges completely. 

#6 Enhanced Mid-axis Torque Sensor 

The torque sensor reacts in less than a second to measure the force applied by the rider while pedaling and supply power accordingly. The torque sensor reduces power consumption by more than 15%. Whether the rider starts the trike with a high pace or takes a steady start, the sensor ensures a precise power supply and makes riding smooth and stable. Even the 20-degree movement of the pedal is enough for the torque sensor to adjust the power output and makes riding effortless for the rider. 

#7 Trailer Tube

The trailer tube works to carry the cargo effectively without impacting the frame. The reinforced trailer tube provides additional strength to the electric trike and makes the trailer tube powerful enough to carry the cargo trailer without bending. So, this way, the rider can carry the heavy cargo without compromising the strength or speed of the electric trike. Also, the reinforced trailer tube ensures effortless attachment of the cargo and makes riding convenient for the rider. 

#8 Waterproof LCD

The electric trike offers a waterproof display to make riding convenient and safe. The LCD shows the gear level, pedal assistance level, turn indications, speed, battery status, etc., to help the riders know the current status of the electric tricycle.  The rider can monitor the display to understand the current status of the trike and take suitable actions. 

#9 Payload Capacity

The adult electric trike offers an impressive payload capacity of up to 300 lbs + 80 lbs (380 lbs). The Addmotor Arisetan electric trike offers a Metal Large Capacity Rear Basket with a Waterproof Bag to protect the cargo from mud, dust, or rain. Also, traveling by carrying the cargo without impacting the speed of the trike delivers a satisfying riding experience and encourages the rider to cover more miles. 
m-360 electric trike in green 

Choose Your Adult Electric Trike 

Addmotor Arisetan semi-recumbent electric trike is different from the other trikes. The trike offers ultimate comfort and stability to the riders. The adult riders can enjoy a speedy and slow-steady ride by using the trike. All the advanced features of the trike bring the riding experience to another level and double the fun of riding the trike. If you want to get a comfortable, stylish, and powerful electric trike, Addmotor Arisetan is the best trike we suggest. Also, consider safety features to enjoy a safe and confident ride. 

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