What are the Main Parts Needed to Build an Electric Tricycle?

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fat tire etrikes

The fat tire electric tricycle or e-trike is an electric vehicle having three wheels, used to carry cargo, groceries, and gardening tools, etc. Although there are quite a few designs of  the fat tire electric tricycle being used in most parts of the world. It is commonly used for transporting goods and many transport companies prefer using the electric tricycle for their daily business operation.
The parts of the e-trikes are classified into three groups, the chassis, shell, and electromechanical drive system.
1. The chassis forms the base frame and the platform where all the other components are mounted, including the suspension part such as the wheels, axles, shock absorbers, leaf springs, and braking system.
2. Shell – this part provides the visual character of the vehicle with its shape, color, and decals. Included in this group are features attached to the surface, such as the headlights, signal lights, interior lights, seat and upholstery, side and rear mirrors, handlebars, baggage compartment, roof rack, the dashboard with the speedometer, odometer, battery gauge, and other indicators.
3. Electromechanical drive – this group of components provides locomotion to the e-trikes. It includes the motor, controller, throttle, key switch, forward and backward switch, signal wand, windshield wiper, and Battery Management System (BMS) with high & low voltage cut-off along with the charging system. 

After the evolution of vehicles, we have seen a wide range of changes in the production of automobiles. The prime difference is that lithium batteries have replaced gas fuel. Electric bikes in USA have been one of the most popular electric vehicles. Electric bicycles have several models, including three-wheel e-bikes called fat tire electric tricycles.
The motorized 3-wheel trike can assist you with short or long trips to run your errands. Let us discuss all the essential features of the best fat tire e-trike and how to use it to your benefit.

The Essential Parts of a Fat Tire E-Trike:

Most people are unaware of the different parts of the e-trike and how they work. This article lets you understand or even build the best fat tire e-trike.

Lithium Batteries

The e-bikes require lithium batteries to generate and sustain power for performance. An efficient battery can enable any fat tire e-trike to cover longer distances per charge and does not require a long charging time. We consider the battery as the most critical part of e-trikes. An efficient battery is around 20Ah, which can easily sustain a 750W electric trike for about 90 miles.

The Motor

The speed and acceleration of the e-trike depend upon the specifications of the motor. In the fat tire electric tricycle, a brushless motor works perfectly as it is 50% more efficient than brush-drill motors. The science behind this efficiency is that the brushless motor does not rub with any part of the motor, resulting in the most negligible production of friction and minimal loss in energy.
Moreover, the motor parts are made from heat-resistant material for a highly efficient motor. Furthermore, this helps the motor to have a high heat-dissipation, preventing the motor from heating and run-time while increasing its longevity.

The Brakes

Only speed is insufficient to make your fat tire e-trike an efficient ride. Your e-trike requires highly efficient brakes that give you complete control. Mechanical disk brakes can serve this purpose for your fat tire electric tricycle.
Mechanical disk brakes produce frictional force, which can stop or slow down your e-trike instantly, and you can stay confident about your safety protocols. In addition, you will be able to stabilize your vehicle immediately if the need arises.

The LCD Display

The LCD is a crucial part of every model of fat tire e-trikes. The best fat tire e-trikes have control options and display your mileage, speed, and remaining battery. It supports all the basic controls and shows you all the stats you need to know while you are riding your e-trike.

Fat Tires

The electric fat tire tricycle is an excellent vehicle for transportation. All adult electric trike for sale in Addmotor come with three 3+ inches fat tires to provide maximum stability and comfort. The best part is that you can travel on uneven terrain, city roads, and even snow tracks effortlessly and safely.
The stability of an e-trike is unmatched, enhanced by the three fat tires, which accumulate the pressure of the electric vehicle and the rider and add extra contact surface, allowing them to maintain maximum balance and stability. With the best electric fat tricycle, you can haul anything you need.

The Seat

The presence of a comfortable seat enables you to enjoy a comfortable ride. Our electric trikes for sale all come with backrest to provide the utmost comfort for adults with special needs for back support. The seat does not hurt your back or muscles even after several hours of riding and is ergonomic-friendly.
Moreover, the semi-recumbent electric trike is designed for people that suffer from back pain or any disability. The three tires and a comfortable seat give the rider enhanced comfort and stability.


The Integrated Taillight/ Headlight

The taillight and headlight of the electric tricycle that use the main battery to power up are the best. Our head- and tail-lights are IPX5-ranked waterproof, so you won't have to worry about rain; they are not prone to damage and are highly functional.
These lights are controlled by multi-function buttons present near the LCD and controls. It is no exaggeration that this intelligent mechanism makes 3-wheel electric trikes more durable and user-friendly.


The Rear Back

The fat tire e-trike for adults is an efficient way of transportation for short-distance travel and daily errands. You can use the e-trike to go for groceries and can carry them all in a single trip in the rear back. The fat tire e-trike has a waterproof cover to protect your groceries from damage.


With the presence of a fat tire electric tricycle, riding on a hot sunny day or harsh cold weather is not a dream anymore. If you’re looking for the best fat tire electric trike, Addmotor has something special to offer.
For those looking for a flagship product, Addmotor offers one of its best-selling e-trike; GRANDTAN M-340. Whether you’re buying it for adventures, commuting, or shopping, you won’t regret your decision because of its comfort and reliability. It’s our 750W electric trike that comes with some epic performance figures.


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