Is An Electric Trike Safer Than An E-bike?

By Addmotor | 29 December 2022 | 0 Comments
Recently E-bikes and E-trikes have become popular means of transport among people of all ages. These eco-friendly commute gadgets are used for transporting, staying active, adventuring, and staying fit and healthy. Yet, the most important purpose of using these electric gadgets for travel is safety and security. Many concerned riders have questions such as, "are electric trikes safe?" "are e-trikes and e-bikes the same" and "is an electric trike safer than an e-bike?" No matter why and where you are riding your electric bikes and trikes, safety is always the priority. For this reason, it is crucial to compare the features of e-bikes and e-trikes to determine which is safer.

The purpose of an electric bike is to facilitate adventure such as riding on hills and electric trikes are designed to offer safety and security to the riders. Even though an electric trike is a safe and stable ride compared to an electric bike, here are some reasons why e-trikes are a better option for safety.

3-wheel design for stability

Electric bikes are constructed with a two-wheel design ideal for speed, control, and road grip for difficult terrains such as hills. Electric trikes on the other hand are designed to provide stability. The 3 wheel electric bikes for seniors provide stability to riders having a low sense of control when riding bikes on the road. Usually, people such as the elderly and handicapped have difficulty riding electric bikes because of the fast speed and two wheels which can result in tripping or falling. The additional wheel on the back of electric trikes ensures that even the elderly and handicapped can put their maximum weight on the bike and ride comfortably. The design of electric trikes allows the rider to avoid the risk of falling over while cruising and turning corners.

Comfortable seating for safety

Electric bikes have small seats that encourage the rider to lean forward for enhanced focus. Comparatively, Electric trikes are designed for older people and riders who need support and stability while being on the road. For this purpose, the seating on 3-wheel electric bikes for seniors is positioned very low. This ADDMOTOR M-360 Semi-recumbent electric trike has a thick padded seat and back support positioned very low. This keeps the rider closer to their center of gravity and prevents them from losing balance.
World-first Semi-Recumbent M-360 Electric Trike In Purple
The construction of electric trikes enables the rider to sit comfortably similar to sitting in a chair thanks to a wide seat and backrest. The backrest also prevents the rider from leaning forward providing support and comfort to your back muscles. Electric trikes also have footrests that keep your legs steady making you feel like sitting in a car seat with the extra advantage of riding in the open fresh air.

Thick tires allow a steady ride

Electric bikes and trikes have thick tires specifically designed for road grip, durability, and resistance to obstacles on the road. While electric bikes have upgraded tires that are built for trekking on hills, beaches, and woods, electric tricycles have tires that are designed to provide a smooth and steady ride to adults. Additionally, new electric trikes now come with upgraded thick tires that allow the rider to wheel-though loose or rough terrains easily. These ADDMOTOR E-Trikes display 4-inch thick KENDA tires that have inner tubes and protective layers which keep the wheel from puncturing or bursting when riding on tough terrains.

Motor and battery power

When it comes to adventure, electric bikes have throttle motors and a high-efficiency battery which provides boosting speed for climbing on hills or through woods and forests. However, where security is concerned, e-trikes are a better option. Providing a reasonably fast speed, electric trikes have motors that will stop working at max. range keeping the ride steady. Some electric trikes also come with the option that let the motor do 100% of your work while you rest your legs. Take these ADDMOTOR electric trikes into consideration. These electric trikes have a 750-watt motor with a 20Ah battery which is best for riding to distant locations and tough terrains.

Electric trikes vs electric bikes: which is safer?

Although similar in features, the 2 and 3 wheel electric bikes for seniors are built for different purposes, and when it comes down to the question, which is safer? And “are electric trikes safe than electric bikes?” The answer is, “it depends on what you are looking for”. If you need safety while you are cruising on hills and racing on rough roads, an electric bike will offer steadiness and speed. Yet if your priority is stability and steadiness, an electric trike is your best choice. Electric trikes have ergonomic control systems, comfortable seating, and durable tires all built and combined for the single purpose: to provide a safe and comfortable ride to the rider.

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