How to take care of an electric tricycle battery?

By Addmotor | 18 January 2023 | 0 Comments
The battery is considered the heart of an electric trike bike as most of the features of the fat tire e-trike work on it and the performance of an electric trike mainly depends on it. Most importantly, the battery also determines the mileage of an electric 3-wheel bike. Many people overlook the importance of maintenance of electric trike batteries but for the efficient functioning of the fat tire e-trike, taking care of the battery is necessary. Several factors impact the battery’s performance, so let’s see how you can take care of the battery of your e-trike and prolong its life.

Charging the battery of fat tire e-trike

Charging a battery may seem to be an easy task, and safe charging practices may increase the lifespan of the battery, but unsafe charging practices would ultimately lead to expensive battery replacement. When using an electric trike, do not let the battery discharge to 0% or 10%, and charge it to 100%. Completely discharging the battery of your electric trike bike to less than 10% will add stress to the cells to recharge an empty battery. So it is recommended to recharge your battery when it is partially discharged, i.e., between 30% to 60% of the charge. If you rarely use your e-trike, never fully charge your battery to 100%, as it may degrade your battery by putting additional stress on the cells when continuously charged at high voltage. It is better to partially charge the battery of your electric 3-wheel bike to avoid stress on the cells and increase its longevity.

Be mindful of the temperature

The battery of the electric trike is highly affected by varying temperatures, and the batteries cannot withstand extreme temperatures. It is recommended to avoid parking your electric 3-wheel bike under direct sunlight, as high temperatures can impact the charge storage capacity of the battery.  The same is the case with parking your fat tire e trike in extremely cold weather conditions. The low temperature also decreases the lifespan of the battery and increases its charging time. So the battery of your electric trike bike should be kept between optimum temperatures. For lithium-ion batteries, the optimum temperature to store them is between 20 to 25 degrees.

Proper storage conditions

If your electric trike won’t be in use for a longer period, make sure to store it in ideal conditions. Batteries can self-discharge even when not in use. So it is necessary to store the fat tire e-trike in proper charging condition. Like, do not store the battery at full charge, or do not leave it on charging throughout the storage period. Ideally, the battery is stored between 40% to 80% of the charge. Store the battery of your electric trike bike in a place with moderate temperatures, such as a garage or inside the house, where it doesn’t experience harsh temperature conditions. Also, store the battery of the fat tire e-trike in a dry place where there are no other things stored through which it can catch fire. If you are storing your battery for an extended period, make sure to check the charging level every month and bring it back to 40% to 80%.

Use the right charger

Chargers also impact the longevity of the battery. It is necessary to use the charger that comes with the e-trike and not any other charger. The wrong charger negatively impacts the performance of the battery. The other chargers may appear to be working fine and charging your electric trike, but it may affect the working efficiency of the battery. Also, if you are looking for a charger for your e-trike by yourself, do not look for chargers with high current, as rapid discharging rate decreases the span of the battery. You may find chargers with 1 amp or higher that would quickly charge the battery but would indirectly affect its functioning.

Proper care while transporting

If you are moving to another place and taking your electric trike with you, then first detach the battery from the e-trike. While transporting through rough terrains, the battery may bump on the frame of the fat tire e trike, or even if appropriately placed, the bumpy ride may damage it. So it’s better to store the battery of the electric 3-wheel bike separately in your car. Also, check the temperature of the vehicle, which should be neither too hot nor cold, before storing the battery of the electric trike bike. Reinstall the battery upon reaching the destination.
The battery is the main component of the e-trike; the proper care of the battery would increase the efficient performance of an electric trike bike. So these are some tips on how you can take care of an electric trike battery to utilize its maximum usage by increasing its lifespan.

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