How to Select the Right Electric Tricycle?

By Ella | 20 May 2022 | 1 Comments
You probably didn’t consider trying a 3-wheeler again when you’ve grown older. But now it is well-accepted by many adults. Electric tricycles are an eco-friendly way of riding for most people, even for seniors and those with limited mobility. It is safe and convenient, but only if you select the right electric tricycle.
There are some considerations you must consider before purchasing the best electric trike for you. It might surprise you how comfortable it is to sit on the perfect tricycle. Keep browsing and find the perfect tricycle for you.
What is an Electric Tricycle?
An electric tricycle has a motor to make riding much easier. However, it comes with an extra wheel in the back or the front. This means you can go faster, further with more safety and stability. Moreover, due to the 3-wheel design, tricycles can always be equipped with a large storage basket.
These two unique features make electric tricycles more ideal for certain groups.
First, it is a great choice for seniors and those with back pain. Almost 40% of older adults have balance problems. This leads to a greater likelihood of them falling when riding a two-wheeler. So, for these seniors, it is a more inexpensive alternative than a car. Additionally, there are recumbent or semi-recumbent electric tricycles. Those with back pain can ride in a recumbent or semi-recumbent position comfortably. Electric tricycles with large baskets offer a convenient way to deliver or store items when camping or shopping around a city. The motor can even help people conquer hills without any other pushing. If you love to camp, go shopping, or have to do deliveries often, an electric tricycle is not a bad choice. Some e-trikes can also allow you to carry a passenger such as a pet or kid.
Addmotor Semi-Recumbent Electric Tricycle

What to Consider When Selecting an Electric Tricycle
Electric Tricycle Motor & Battery
Firstly, electric tricycles tend to use 250-1000W motors. You need to know that the higher the motor power is, the faster your trike can go under the same conditions. Since an electric tricycle is heavier than an e-bike, it needs more power to go uphill or across tough terrain. Its great to select a 3-wheeler that has a 500W motor or more. However, it may be best to have a 750W one because the battery will be depleted very quickly with a 1000W motor. Motors can be divided into four types according to whether they have brushes or gears. The brushless, geared motor works much more efficiently than the others.
The battery is another important part of an e-trike. It provides power to the motor. The quality and capacity of the battery determine the safety performance, riding range, and experience of the electric tricycle. For material, the battery can be divided into lead-acid battery and lithium battery. It is better to have a lithium battery, which ensures a longer range and service life and is lighter. The battery capacity measures how much energy the battery can store. This is usually described as Watt-Hours(WH) or Ampere-Hours(AH). There is an equation: Voltage x Ampere-Hours = Watt-Hours. So for a longer range, we recommend selecting an electric tricycle with a higher AH battery.
Frame Material & Style
The frame of any e-trike is also important. Some trikes are made of cheap carbon steel which is strong and durable but heavy. Quality electric trikes tend to have a 6061-aluminum alloy frame. It is easy to weld and has high strength, rust resistance, and low weight. Because of this, it is advised to try to find a trike made of aluminum. This helps your trike to avoid rust. Additionally, if you value easy accessibility, an electric tricycle that has a low step-thru frame and a feet-resting wood board will be your best choice.

Addmotor's Most Accessible Electric Tricycle 

Mid-Drive Motors or Hub Motors
Sometimes you may have seen that there are two kinds of motor: mid-drive motors and hub motors. Which is better? These are their pros and cons.
Mid-drive motor pros and cons:
1. Mid-drive motors do well in climbing steep terrains and
retaining balance.

2. Mid-drive bikes are more convenient to change tires.
3. The chains on mid-drive bikes are more susceptible to wear and tear.
4. Mid-drive bikes are more expensive.  

Hub motor pros and cons:

1. Hub motors will not wear down chains and cogs.
2. Sudden damage to the chain will not affect your ride. The trike can still run fast with the motor.  
3. They are more affordable.
4. Hub motors provide pushing (rear hub motors) or pulling (front hub motors) power.
5. The hub models are more commonly equipped with throttles.
6. It tends to be inconvenient to change tires.  

In all, electric tricycles are exceptionally convenient to ride and offer lots of space to carry items. But the factors listed above will affect your riding experience. Taking them into consideration may help you select a model that fits you best. If you are still not sure about it, you can contact our service team and we are ready to help you find the perfect one

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