How To Ride Your E-trike Ensuring Safety

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E-trikes also known as 3-wheel electric bicycle has become the most convenient and adopted mode of transportation with the advancement of technology. These powerful trikes offer more comfort and durability in riding as compared to any other common vehicle. With the rising popularity of adult 3 wheel electric bike, it is necessary to ensure safe riding on the road to avoid fatal road contingencies. There are some basic safety practices you have to follow to prevent such accidents.  

The article below is a fully comprehensive guide on how to ride your e-trike ensuring safety. Let’s get started

Why Is It Necessary To Safely Ride Your Electric Tricycle

According to recent Bicycle Accident Stats, electric bicycle riders are 57 percent more likely to be involved in road accidents than others. Safety awareness and proper implementation are necessary to prevent and lower the rising stats of accidents. 
In this alarming situation, it is necessary to educate riders about safety practices while riding fat tire electric trikes to save every road user from fatal accidents. There are 3 types of safety precautions i.s prior to the ride, during the ride, and after the ride that everyone should adapt to ensure a safe journey.  


What Safety Gear Are Necessary For Riding An Electric Tricycle

It is essential to wear safety gear while riding your electric bike trike. The following gadgets are necessary to wear while riding your Electric Trike.
1. Helmet: always wear a high-quality and accurate size cycling helmet to protect your head from injuries in case of a collision or rollover.

2. Protective Glasses: consider wearing protective or sunglasses to save your eyes from any type of flying debris.
3. Gloves: always wear gloves to increase grip and avoid sweaty hands.  
4. Elbow & Knee Pads: wear quality Elbow and Knee Pads while riding your Fat Tire E-Tricycle to secure your main joints from getting hurt in case of any unwanted situation. 

Pre-Ride Safety Checks For Electric Trike

To ensure serviceability, It is necessary to thoroughly examine your adult electric tricycle before starting your ride. Make it a habit to check the following before taking on your Trike.
•  Hold the brake lever and try to move your trike front and backward to ensure the brake's functionality. 
•  Check tires for enough air pressure and any cut or damage. 
•  Make sure the battery is charged enough to cover your ride distance 
•  Check the serviceability of all lights by turning them on
•  Thoroughly examine the chain, derailleur, and all major parts for any physical damage. 

Safety Tips To Adopt During The Rides

While riding your e-trike out on the road, you have to adopt some necessary safety precautions for ensured safety. Foremost, adjust the handlebar and saddle according to your best comfortable position from where you can easily apply brakes and control your trike. Make sure to ride into the specific bike lane on the road. 
Once you are on the road, always focus on your front while going straight and on your back when taking a left or right turn. Use the left and right indicators before taking a turn to inform the driver behind you about your next move. The Addmotor electric trike is the best with an integrated lightening system and a digital display to keep you updated on the status of lights and indicators. 
Furthermore, keeping a safe distance from the vehicle is necessary to have some time for an effective response in case of any emergency. Riding at a low PAS level helps to maintain balance while riding on mountains or undulating ground. To ride your 3-Wheel electric trike at night, use the front and rear lights to enhance your visibility to other commuters on the road.

Post Riding Safety Tips For Your Electric Tricycle

It is also important to make sure everything is good on your e-trike after getting back from a ride. These tips should be applied for safe storage and serviceability for the next ride. These will help you to figure out any fault that occurred during the ride, so you can fix it easily before your next ride. 
•  Park your trike in a secure place or parking 
•  Thoroughly examine all components for any damage 
•  Ensure the brakes are applied
•  Check all the lights, and electrical attachments for any fault
•  Apply grease or lubricating oil to the chain, derailleur, and all working parts 
•  Remove the battery if you are parking for a long period
•  Properly lock and cover your E-Trike to save it from theft, dust, and weather effects
If you find any fault or damage during this final inspection, don't ignore it. Fix the fault by yourself or get the assistance of any mechanic to enhance the lifespan and serviceability of your trike. The Addmotor Grandtan M-340 is the best-selling electric trike with durable components to minimize the maintenance cost of your Trike.

Safety Tips For Night Riding Of Your Electric Tricycle

In general, riding an Electric Trike for long distances at nighttime is not recommended because of low visibility and safety concerns. But if it is necessary to ride at night, make sure all the lights and indicators are serviceable and working properly.
Make sure to inform any of your friends or family member about your departure. Wearing reflective items is also necessary to make yourself more obvious to other drivers. Also avoids riding in uninhabited places in dark hours to avoid the risk of being robbed or theft.

Protect Yourself From Severe Accidental Injuries In Case Of Any Collision

While riding an Electric Trike or any other vehicle on the road, you can't ignore the risk of a collision. Accidents are not always your fault, sometimes a small carelessness of any other involves you directly in a fatal accident. To avoid fatal injuries, learn and adopt the following safety procedure in such an emergency.
•  Control your senses to maintain the balance 
•  Understand the direction of impact and try to fall away from it 
•  Bend your knees and cover your head with your arms 
•  Side leaning is better while falling on the ground to avoid direct face hitting
•  Roll away immediately after touching the ground 
•  Physically check your organs for any damage
•  Immediately report to a Doctor for a detailed examination 



Riding your 3 wheeled electric trike can be a pleasant experience for anyone who needs a more comfortable bike. Your Careless and unsafe riding of Fat Tire Electric Trike can lead to serious injuries. Some basic preventive measures are needed to ensure safe and enjoyable riding. 
There are 3 types of safety measures for the safe riding of an e-trike. This includes pre-ride, during-ride, and post-ride safety precautions. In pre-ride, make sure your bike is fully charged, and make sure the serviceability of the brake, lights, and tires is. During ride safety tips includes, wearing reflective dressing and safety gear, following traffic rules, proper usage of left/right indicators, braking before time, and keeping the focus on the surroundings. 
Don't forget to thoroughly inspect your Electric Tricycle for physical & mechanical damage before storing it. If storing for a long time, remove the battery and apply grease or oil lubrication on all working parts. This will help to increase the life span of your trike and keep it ready for the next ride. In case of any emergency collision, try to cover your head with your arms to avoid fatal injuries. 
Finally, as a professional rider, make it a habit to follow all the above-mentioned tips for the safety of yourself and other commuters on the road. 

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