How to Protect Your Electric Trike in Cold Weather

By Ella | 15 September 2022 | 0 Comments
 E-trikes and all kinds of e-bikes have made transportation easier for many. Not only is it budget-friendly but a pretty convenient mode of moving around. However, while summers are pleasant, many people believe riding bikes in winter are a no-go.

Many, except the true bike lovers for whom these e-trikes have become an ever favorite. While riding in winter isn’t a problem, you might want to take extra care of your electric trike with the dropping temperatures. How can you do that? Learn below.


How to Protect Your Electric Trikes during the Harsh Winters?

All motor-operated vehicles budge down or do not start as soon as the first harsh winds approach the winter. The case will be similar to your electric trike, and you will have to take extra care of its lithium-ion battery.

However, while the battery is one aspect, it is not the only thing you will have to care about. There is so much that goes into protecting your beloved 3-wheeled electric bike during the winter, and thorough detail is given below.


1. Make Sure Your E-Trike is Ready

As soon as winter starts making its presence, you should take your e-trike to a maintenance shop and get it all tuned up for the forthcoming season. This tuning will ensure that you start on the right foot – or wheel- for winter.
Get a good set of lights and fenders installed, and make sure your brakes work efficiently. For what we advise, it is better to change your brakes and shifters during the start of winter altogether because sometimes moisture can sit within them, and you do not want them to stop working during such a skidding season.


2. Invest in Winter Tires

Winters bring heavy snow along with it, and while we all love some gorgeous white sheet stretched far and wide, biking in such conditions can be a nuisance. Well, that is until you invest in some good winter tires. 
If you are a new bike owner but don’t know what tires to invest in, hear us out. Nothing will work better than a fat tire electric trike during winters or harsh terrains. So, you either invest in good quality fat tires or buy an electric fat tire trike for your commute. If you are looking for a great fat tire e-trike, check out Addmotor’s Grandtan M-340 electric trike. It is chic, classy, and convenient for daily cycling.


3. Take Care of Battery – Don’t Lose Power

During winter, it is essential to protect your battery from the cold and snow. To ensure the batteries stay protected, many e-bikes invest in a good quality neoprene cover specifically designed to fit and protect your battery. This will ensure your batteries stay warm and perform efficiently as before.
However, many riders detach their batteries from the e-trike and bring them inside to protect it from the harsh winds on a freezing day. Leaving it out in the garage would be no good because the temperature is slightly lower than outside.
Keeping an extra battery for your 3-wheeled trike during winter is always an intelligent decision.


4. Wipe Your E-Trike After Every Ride

During winters, locals throw salt and grit on the ground to quickly melt snow. However, while it is an excellent way to melt down snow, the dynamic doesn’t sit well with your trike structure.
Hence, after every ride, wiping your e-trike thoroughly and adding a fresh layer of oil to the chains is recommended. Moreover, buying rust-proof sprays to shoot in the small areas of your bike where moisture can fit is essential to avoid rusting.


Where Can You Find the Best E-Trikes and Accessories for Winters?

With winters making their presence known in about a few months, it is recommended you start looking for all the valuable accessories or a convenient e-trike beforehand. However, where will you find one?

Well, right at Addmotor, of course. Now Addmotor is one of the most trusted names in business, and if you want a reliable and budget-friendly bike, our electric bikes for sale are what you should start looking at. We hope this article was helpful and that you will save your e-trike this winter.


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