How to Properly Lock Your Electric Bike

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Electric bikes are the latest addition to the electric vehicle family and are continuously attracting more and more people with their bunch of advantages. Compared to traditional ways of transportation, they are faster, more environmentally friendly, and more convenient.

There is no escaping the fact that theft can be a problem in the bicycle world, and electric bikes are no exception. This is probably due to the fact that e-bikes are so convenient that everyone wants to try one out. Nevertheless, the theft of e-bikes might increase as the USA's popularity for riding e-bikes increases.

How to Properly Lock Your Electric Bike

For many people, e-bikes are a vital part of their daily lives, whether they're used for work or leisure. Compared to regular bikes, electric bikes are more expensive and heavier. Because of that, these bikes represent a significant investment, making the loss of them all the more painful.

Protecting them is therefore crucial. One simple way to make it challenging for thieves is to lock it properly. Listed below are the top bike security tips you need to know if you want to lock your bike securely.

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Tips for locking an electric bike

The joy of having your own electric bicycle is unmatched, but that can also be spoiled as there are always chances of someone stealing them. Due to the fact that you cannot continuously keep an eye on your e-bike, it is possible for a thief to swipe it and sell it for a profit. Although you can't always keep an eye on your bike, you can ensure it is locked up properly - reducing the risk of it being stolen. However, to help you with this issue, some of the safety tips are listed below;

#1 Lock your electric bike in a busy place

It's also imperative to pick the right spot if you're planning to leave your e-bike out for a while. Ideally, you should place it somewhere well-lit, and even better if there are CCTV cameras nearby. Although leaving your electric bike in a busy place doesn't guarantee that it won't get stolen, it can significantly reduce the chances.

This is because e-bikes that are left somewhere out of the way and quiet are easy targets for thieves, so always leave them in an area where they will be noticed.

#2 Keep it indoors at night

You should also avoid leaving your e-bike locked up outside overnight, as this is prime time for thieves. Your e-bike might stay safer when you keep it inside when you go to sleep, regardless of whether you are in your home, garage, or another building.

The importance of protecting your e-bike cannot be overstated. If you are renting an electric bike, if you have an e-bike for delivery, or if you are considering buying a fast electric bike for fun, be sure to lock it up properly.

#3 Lock the bike to something solid

Whenever you secure your bike with a lock, ensure that it is cemented to something solid, immovable, and strong. Likewise, do not lock bikes to trees; this is damaging to the trees, and the trees may be cut down to make way for the bikes.

There are many bike racks and stands available. However, bike racks and stands are the best ones because they provide all of the above and are thick enough to prevent theft. Roadside infrastructure such as signposts, buildings, and infrastructure along other roadsides are also good options.

#4 Use multiple bike locks to secure your bike

Making your electric bicycle nearly impossible to steal is your first line of defense. Using multiple locks to make it more secure is the easiest way to do that. It is always recommended that you use a U-lock or a D-lock as the main line of defense, but you can choose any other lock that works for your needs.

With more locks installed, it will take the perp longer to steal your electric bicycle, so they may not attempt to take it at all. With double protection, e-bike thieves will have a much more difficult time taking your bike. It won't take long for you to do this, yet thieves might just be deterred from trying to steal your extra safe e-bike after just one look at it.

#5 Lock Through the E-Bike’s Frame

No matter what kind of lock you choose, you should use it to secure your e-bike to a fixed object through the frame's main triangle. It is crucial to protect the electric bicycle frame, as it forms the foundation of the bike.

Even though you don't want anything stolen, you're better off having your wheels or seat stolen than your frame. A bike that is secured through the main triangle of its frame is much harder to steal and provides an additional layer of protection.

#6 Lock your e-bike's parts

If you also want to secure your components along with the frame it is wise to lock these parts as well. The battery is usually the most expensive component of your electric bike so it can be smart to secure it too. No matter where you lock your bike, you must always secure some parts of your bike in order to save your valuable components.

#7 Understand the locks

There are several types of locks available on the market to secure your bike. However, not all locks are created equal, so you should be aware of which lock is most suitable for your ebike. Generally, cable locks are not considered effective as they can be easily woven through the frame and wheels or can be simply cut down with some tool.

On the other hand, U-locks and D-locks are considered very secure because they offer smaller spaces and provide resistance to different cutting tools and grinders. So, understanding which lock will do the work for you is also imperative.

Bottom Line

Robbers will likely target your ebike urban commuter and steal it if you fail to lock it with a quality lock. It's imperative to lock your bike, as well as its parts and accessories, in order to deter criminals from targeting it. Among the most reliable ebike shop you can find durable bikes and locks at Addmotor.

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