How to Prevent Electric-Bike Fire

By Addmotor | 24 November 2022 | 0 Comments
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Electric bikes are the true game changer for everyone who has difficulty with daily transportation. They are ideal for a variety of reasons. Whether you're trying to reduce your reliance on a car or trying to get fit, electric bikes serve everyone.

The batteries are considered the heart element of any e-bike and run all the electrical components of fat tire electric bikes. Lithium batteries have a lot of pros that make them the ideal choice for electric bikes. They usually last long, are lightweight, compact, offer good capacity, and can be charged hundreds of times.

How to Prevent an Electric-Bike Fire

With the rise in the popularity of electric bikes, potential safety concerns have also increased. It is a good idea to use lithium-ion batteries for e-bikes as they store a lot of energy in a relatively small amount of space. However, it is also important to note that they can be extremely flammable.

E-bike battery explosion fires have risen across the country, resulting in fire departments issuing warnings to users and educating them. With the rise in electric bike ownership in New York since the pandemic began, the FDNY has noted an increase in electric bike fires. The good news is that you can prevent a bike fire with some simple precautions.

Why do e-bikes catch fire?

It is not a joke when lithium batteries catch fire. Lithium-ion batteries are most commonly used in electric scooters and bikes today. The fires are difficult to extinguish, as well as releasing a variety of dangerous by-products, such as gas and hydrofluoric acid, which are highly toxic and corrosive. Oxygen, which fuels and sustains the fire, is also released.  

According to reports by the New York City Fire Department, over 100 e-bike fires were reported in 2021, about double the number from previous years, and as of Oct. 21, 2022, more than 174 had been reported.  

The lithium-ion batteries are sturdy and effective, but also contain some combustible fluids in them. This combustible liquid can be one reason for the fire. When the battery heats, there may be sparks that can quickly ignite the combustible fluid and lead to a fire. We know that fires and explosions are caused by excessive heat. So, you need to ensure that the battery doesn't overheat at any point. Because of excessive heat, the battery expands, which leads to fire.  

Another common reason for 48v fat tire electric bikes is faulty parts. The automobile company uses the most effective material to tackle this fire scenario and keep the parts safe from fire. However, if your e-bike gets damaged and you replace that part with a low-quality part to save money, your bike may malfunction and lead to a fire.

Tips to Prevent Fire

#1 Go with premium bikes

Try to avoid off-brand bikes for cheap to save your money. As this saving will prove short term. Good quality e-bike components are also premium in quality, including the battery and motor. So, there will be fewer chances of them failing and causing a fire or explosion. At the same time, you can also find fat tire electric bike for sale to purchase quality-built bikes at discounted prices to fit your budget.

The e bike for winter commuting from Addmotor is built with premium components to provide you with a good one-time investment. They are equipped with durable UL-certified battery packs, which are already tested for all types of electrical, mechanical, and environmental procedures to ensure there are no fire threats.

#2 Follow the manual

Now then, if you're already a bike owner, try to stick to the user manual and follow the instructions. Following the user manual that comes with your electric bike will help you understand how you should use the bike and maintain it. Following the instruction will reduce the chances of any risks, including fire threats.   

#3 Use the original charger

The electric bikes come with a complete package, including a charger and charging cables. Try to always charge your bike with its original cables and avoid any other alternative. Using a different charger from other brands can cause discrepancies in power input which can heat the battery and lead to chances of fire. If you somehow lose your original ones, go to the brand's store and get yourself a new one.

It is recommended to buy batteries from the manufacturer of your e-bike, preferably high-quality batteries. Make sure you use the correct charger provided by the manufacturer when charging batteries. Chargers from third parties or generic brands should not be used.

#4 Careful while charging

Monitoring the charging process is always a good idea. Once the battery has been charged, remove it from the charger and store it in a safe place. It has already been stated that overheating is the leading cause of e-bike fires. Check the battery if there is any smoke or foul odor coming from it. In case of any issues, do not hesitate to contact the service center and have the battery replaced.

As soon as the battery reaches the proper charge, you should remove it from the charger. The battery may continue to charge if you leave it to charge overnight, which can cause it to heat up and catch on fire if it doesn't work properly.

#5 Look for damages

Do not take any further risk with the battery after an accident or any damage, but rather take it to a local bike shop for inspection and testing under appropriate instruments. Having a failing e-bike battery rebuilt instead of purchasing a new one is sometimes considered a cost-saving measure by e-bike owners. However, this isn’t helpful.

If there's any damage or uncertain behavior, replace your damaged part with a brand-new one from the same brand you bought your bike from. Thus, there is no chance of that battery malfunctioning in the future and causing a fire.


You can prevent a fire on your e-bike easily. Make sure you follow the tips above and keep your bike safe at all times. The battery in an e-bike should be tested by a third party before you buy it, no matter what type you choose. Just like the ones from Addmotor as their batteries are UL-certified. You can also reduce the chances of your electric bike catching fire by buying a high-quality electric bike from a reputable brand like Addmotor.

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