How to Clean an Electric Trike: Tips for Cleaning Your E-tricycle  

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3 wheel electric trikes are a great mode of daily commuting. They are a quicker and more efficient way of traveling in this busy world where the roads are jam-packed with vehicles, and you get stuck in traffic for hours. An electric trike is a great investment as it does not require high maintenance if taken care of properly by the riders. But the new riders might be skeptical about how to clean the e-tricycle, which cleaning products to use, and how frequently you should clean your electric trike. So this article includes all the information and tips for cleaning your electric trike.

Why is cleaning an electric trike important?

Cleaning an e-tricycle is not just about making it look presentable and dirt free. Cleaning it is important as the buildup of mud and dirt might interfere with the efficient functioning of the electric trike. The electric motor will start making noise due to the buildup of mud or dirt on the bearings and may cause an increase in friction. The buildup of mud or dirt on the chain may cause difficulty pedaling, and you will feel more resistance. So cleaning and lubricating the chain is necessary for the chain to move smoothly.    

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How to clean an electric trike?

Before cleaning your e-tricycle, remove the battery, as electricity and water never go well together. If possible, also remove the electrical display units to avoid any damage to the electrical components of the electric trike. Things that you may need for cleaning are, a hot water bucket or garden hose, sponge, toothbrush, stiff bristle brush, degreaser, and chain lubricant. Now follow these steps:

1. Use a big bristle brush to remove the chunks of dirt or mud from the parts with the most dirt, like the wheels.

2. Now use a soapy sponge to remove dirt from the frame of the electric trike and other surfaces. For surfaces that are hard to reach, use a toothbrush to scrub those places. You may use a spray cleaner to remove debris, or you can also make your own DIY cleaner with dishwashing soap and warm water and spray it on the electric trike.

3. Let the cleaner sit for a while so that the accumulated grease removes from its place. Then rinse the e-tricycle with water pouring it from top to bottom, avoiding the handlebar, brakes, and rotor. You may use a bucket of water or a garden hose with nozzle adjustments of light showers. Remember not to use pressure water as it may damage the electrical components of the bike.

4. Never forget to clean the chain of your e-trike. So start with degreasing the chain by spraying the degreaser on a tool such as a drivetrain brush and scrubbing it on the chain to remove all the accumulated grease.

5. Now lubricate the chain with a lubricant by applying a thin layer to the inside of the chain while rotating it with the pedal.

6. Lastly, you won’t leave your e-tricycle all wet as it can damage the electrical components. So after rinsing, you’ll have to dry your e-tricycle with a dry cloth and remove any excess water.

You have now completed all the steps of cleaning your electric trike. Now re-install all the components that you removed pre-cleaning, like the battery. Also before placing your battery, wipe your battery with a dry cloth and also the area where the battery is mounted.

How frequently should you clean your e-tricycle?

You may have questions about many times you should clean your electric trike. It mainly depends on how much you ride your e-tricycle and where you ride it. If you ride your e-tricycle daily, then it is said that you should clean it weekly, but if you ride it weekly, then cleaning it once a month is recommended. But it also depends on where you ride your electric trike, for example, if you ride it daily but in normal city weather, then cleaning it once a month would work, but if you ride it fortnightly but in a muddy, wet, and dirty place then cleaning it weekly, would be necessary. But it is better to wipe your e-tricycle superficially with a dry cloth every time before riding it.

Which components of the electric trike should you avoid cleaning?

Some components of three-wheel electric bikes for adults should be handled carefully and should not be cleaned. Along with the motor and battery, you should also take care of the parts such as hub and headset bearings, gears, bottom brackets, rotors, handlebars, and brake pads.
The three-wheel electric bikes for adults require proper cleaning and maintenance if you want to increase the life of your electric trike and make the most of your investment. So you can clean it with the procedure mentioned above while considering all the precautions and tips.


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