How long can the typical electric bike go on a single charge?

How long can your electric bike go? Click on this ebike blog and discover NOW.
By Addmotor | 22 December 2022 | 0 Comments
Most people talk about this question a lot before they decide to buy an electric bike or an electric trike. Typically, an electric bicycle can take a trip between 20-100 miles on a single charge. It varies from model to model and it’s hard to nail it at a single number.
ADDMOTOR electric bikes and trikes are powered by the ul-certified 48v 20Ah battery, ensuring a safe trip and helping you go farther in a single charge up to 125 miles (CITYPRO electric bike commuter) at PAS1 and 90 miles (all electric trikes) at PAS1.
Riding range depends on many factors:

Weight of the load, rider + gear
Your riding speeds
The ebike's tire pressure and type
Terrain and hill grade
Wind levels
Road condition and bumps
Outdoor temperature
How hard you pedal
Type of battery
Battery size
Age of battery

GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo Electric Bike In Orange

Now let’s talk about the battery, which is the most crucial part of electric bikes for adults.
You can always get a longer riding range from a larger battery with higher volts and amp hours. It helps you cover more grounds in a single charge like what we offer, a ul-certified 48v 20Ah battery.
As time goes by, thing changes. The battery has no exception. It will not function as well as it was when you ride your ebike at the very first time. But you can take some measures to prevent it from ageing rapidly like charging your battery between 20 to 80 per cent, storing the battery or electric bike at room temperature in a moisture and humidity-free place. The lifetime of a battery can be expected to range between 3 and 5 years. After that, the battery will still work, but will not last for long. The holding energy capacity will decrease, and your battery will discharge quickly and not provide you with enough range as it used to provide. Please replace a new battery for your ebike when it can’t cover more grounds than before.
Please do not twist your throttle and go as far as you want. In this way, you are overusing your battery, which leads to reduction of battery life and finally a poor riding range. Pedal more, ease your throttle, you’ll get longer riding range on your ebikes or electric trikes.
Pedaling only without using throttle helps to reduce the electricity consumption of your battery in a long run and add distance to your range.
Tires have much more impact on your electric bike than you think, not only the comfort of your ebike, but also the riding range. You can go somewhere in a longer distance easily and comfortably with the correct tire pressure. Your battery won’t waste energy while riding with a flat tire. Fill up your tire, pick a right pressure. You can achieve your biking goal easily without loss of distance and harming your body and your battery.
Riding in the wrong gear will do harm to your battery over time like reduce of life expectancy. Please keep in mind that shift gears on your electric bicycle or electric tricycle correctly to protect your battery and increase your riding range. Chose a right gear, switch it up, and adjust it based on different situations. That will add extra miles to your next adventure.
ADDMOTOR ebikes have a riding range between 70 miles to 125 miles (CITYPRO especifically) and etrikes have a riding range between 40 miles to 90+ miles depending on a number of factors including battery, rider, tire, model and so on.  *Please note that these numbers are based on several different factors. The involved factors include: riding at a constant speed with no win on smooth cement or asphalt roads and the rider’s weight is around 165 lbs.
With our ul-certified 48v 20Ah battery, you can cover more mileage on a single charge and ride safely.


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