How Different Accessories Can Make Your Ebike More Convenience

By Addmotor | 02 January 2023 | 0 Comments
We always considered all kinds of different factors that might affect the performance of the bike. However, there is something we ignored that might greatly improve our electric bikes riding experience, nice and high-quality accessories. What kind of accessories are needed and how they can help us to get a better riding experience? If you are interested in this topic, please check it out with us.

Front Basket

Not every ebike will have a front basket come with it. However, having a front basket on your ebike will be very helpful. You can put your heavy backpack on the basket so that you don’t need to carry it all the way when riding. It will make you feel more relaxed for sure. And you can even put your groceries there without needing to hang a plastic bag on the handlebar. Sometimes it will be very dangerous to hang too much stuff on both sides of the handlebar since it will affect some moves you made with the bike like turning left or turning right etc. Also, most of the front baskets wont cause you too much money and it will be very easy for you to mount one by yourself.


Have you ever stopped temporarily just to check out whether there is any car going fast in your back before crossing the road or changing lanes? To be honest, this is really common for most riders since mirrors are not the standard configuration for almost all electric bicycle currently. But many people will ride it on the sidewalk, the park or the beach, and even on the road. The road conditions can be pretty complex in most circumstances. Therefore, having mirrors like a car will make you feel safer when riding it. No need to dangerously look backward or stop when want to cut the lane or make a turn. Simply adjust the angle of the mirrors before every ride and you will have a clear view even from your back.

Back Rest

Some electric bicycle are capable of carrying people in the back, but most of them are not designed with a backrest for the passenger. So the passenger will need to hold on tight to the cyclist and always make sure they wont fall backward. To some extend, this will greatly reduce the riding experience of the passenger. So why not consider getting a backrest on the back rack? With a backrest on the bike, the passenger can ride on the bike more comfortably without needing to worry about any potential safety problems. With the backrest, some older kids can also ride on it with their parents for some short trips near their homes. And in this way, the cyclist will have more space to cope with the emergency situation more easily and timely since they have more freedom while riding the bike.

Cell Phone Holder Bag

For people who love to ride the bike to explore unknown places or are not that good at finding roads, mounting a cell phone holder bag will be very necessary. With this bag, you will be able to follow the navigation and estimate the time that you can get there. We sometimes will put on Bluetooth earphone to listen to the instruction the navigation give. But due to some internet problem, there will be some delay and it will result in turning into the wrong road which will be very annoying. Being able to see the whole map through the navigation, you will feel safer and can predict the next turn timely.
Actually, there are still many amazing accessories that can bring your bike riding experience to a new level, from tire stickers to backrest, etc. Never underestimated these small accessories, they can be very useful when you need them. Of course, its a good choice to simply use the bike without any accessories for a while, and after riding it for a period of time, you will know exactly what kind of accessories is your pick. Mounting all these accessories, you will get a bike that only matches your personal needs and it will become the very unique ebike in the world!

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