GRAOOPRO Dual-Battery E-Cargo Bike is Ready For Your Families and Businesses

Addmotor New E-Bike Debuts: 210 Miles Long Range & 450 LBS Payload Capacity, the Graoopro is one of the Best Electric Cargo Bikes.
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Addmotor Graoopro E-Cargo Bike Debuts
A long-range and versatile e-cargo bike, the Addmotor Graoopro offers dual battery options, a long rear rack with a max load capacity of 150 lbs, the best center stands, lots of accessory options, front suspension fork, and a powerful rear-mounted motor, making it the best cargo e-bike to choose!

+ Up to 210 mile long range (dual battery)
+ Stable, fun ride

+ Ample cargo space, being versatile
+ Quick-start throttle mode & 7-level PAS mode
+ Highly efficient, powerful, durable motor
- Can be a little bumpy on uneven surfaces
- Turning can be a little inflexible
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Graoopro Dual Battery Electric Cargo Bike 2024 Best Electric Bike Orange

For green riding, cargo electric bikes are among the most popular types of electric bikes. There is something fun about riding cargo e bikes and almost every type of rider enjoys it. There is more room for you to carry, you can go faster, and you can go farther. So, with cargo electric bikes, you have the perfect vehicle replacement that is both cost-effective and equally practical.

GRAOOPRO is Addmotor's latest cargo e-bike to go on sale, offering families and businesses a better way to approach their daily commuting and cargo-hauling needs. With its dual-battery system, versatile cargo capacity, and a host of thoughtful features, this electric cargo bike opens up a world of possibilities for urban dwellers, eco-conscious individuals, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Whether you're shuttling your kids to school, delivering goods for your business, or simply seeking an eco-friendly alternative to your daily errands, the GRAOOPRO promises an electrifying experience. 

Addmotor GRAOOPRO Electric Cargo Bike

The Addmotor GRAOOPRO is a meticulously designed cargo electric bike designed to provide riders with a perfect companion for a convenient and exciting riding experience. It is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to go green, save money, and make the most of their life. With its stylish and aesthetically appealing structure, the GRAOOPRO is the ultimate combination of style, convenience, and sustainability. The cargo e-bike is available in 4 pleasing colors, including Orange, Green, Starry Blue, and Neptune Blue.

Being a cargo electric bike, We have incorporated high-quality components and a sturdy frame built for GRAOOPRO to ensure durability and rugged performance for the rider. Hence, this ride will never let you down whenever you take it anywhere.


Frame Design

Graoopro Dual Battery Electric Cargo Bike 2024 Best Electric Bike Orange
The GRAOOPRO features a step-through frame design that makes it convenient to ride for people of different backgrounds. As you don't have to lift your leg to hop on, mounting and dismounting this cargo e-bike is quite a breeze. Furthermore, the low step-through frame design also adds to the effect of the low center of gravity on this cargo e-bike by adding to its stability and traction.

The frame and all the components on it are ergonomically well-built to provide a comfortable and relaxing riding experience. The seat is well-padded and can be adjusted according to the rider's height. Similarly, the handlebar is also adjustable and can be easily adjusted in terms of height and angle to suit the rider's sitting posture.

The long rear rack is designed in a butterfly-shaped design that adds to the aesthetics of the ride and makes it more appealing to riders. The frame also has a wooden footrest board for riders to place their feet while cruising. As an added feature, this cargo e-bike also comes with a center-mount kickstand that will allow you to park it conveniently and load or unload your cargo. 


Build Quality

 CNC Laser Cutting Head Tube or the overall sturdiness of the frame
Addmotor has a reputation for offering reasonably priced electric bikes while maintaining a commitment to quality, and the GRAOOPRO is a prime example of this dedication. The cargo electric bike boasts a robust construction that exudes a premium aura. The step-through frame is meticulously crafted from EB 2.0 Durable 6061 Aluminum Alloy Polygon, combining sleek aesthetics with resilience, ensuring its suitability for all types of rides.

Whether you examine the precision of the CNC Laser Cutting Head Tube or the overall sturdiness of the frame, it becomes evident that the GRAOOPRO stands out as an exceptionally well-crafted cargo electric bike. Furthermore, the bike features front and rear fenders constructed from durable aluminum, purposely designed to endure diverse weather conditions while delivering enduring performance.


Dual Battery Pack

Dual Battery Pack
The dual battery pack is probably the most exciting feature of the GRAOOPRO Cargo Electric Bike. With an option to get single or duo batteries, you can expect to enjoy a longer ride time and more power. The dual battery system is also easier to maintain and charge, making it a great option for those who plan to use it for long distances. The battery pack is 48V*20Ah UL-recognized EB 2.0 battery, which can provide up to 105+ miles on single battery and 210+ miles on dual battery options, respectively.

The inclusion of a dual battery pack in the GRAOOPRO Electric Cargo Bike by Addmotor represents a remarkable innovation that takes the already impressive capabilities of this e-bike to a whole new level. With two batteries under the rear rack, working in tandem, the GRAOOPRO can cover considerably more distance simultaneously as opposed to single battery packs. Therefore, you can confidently embark on longer journeys without the constant worry of running out of power. Moreover, the addition of UL certification will further add to the reliability and safety of your ride. 

Robust Motor & Carrying Capacity

A powerful motor is the heart of any electric bike, but it is that much more important on cargo electric bikes. Cargo electric bikes require a robust motor because you will have to carry your weight and the cargo, which can be challenging on conventional bicycles. But worry not, as the GRAOOPRO Cargo Electric Bike is equipped with a 750W rear-mounted hub motor that truly stands out. The robust motor will allow you to conquer inclines and cover long distances effortlessly. 

With a capacity to deliver an impressive 1000 peak watts and a substantial 80Nm of torque, the rear-mounted hub motor on the GRAOOPRO will provide you with smooth and quick acceleration on different types of terrain.With the help of this motor, you can reach up to 20mph top speed. The motor is also responsible for carrying up to 150+300 lbs of cargo and rider weight with ease. So, the long rear rack isn’t only visually appealing but also enhances the practicality of your ride. 

Pedal Assist and Throttle Mode

The motor can be engaged in two riding modes, pedal assist and twist throttle. In terms of pedal assist, the GRAOOPRO offers riders a choice of 7 PAS levels, giving you full control over your ride. You can adjust the assistance level to match the terrain and your physical capabilities, maximizing your riding range. The pedal assist combined with the mid-axis torque sensor will provide you with enhanced sensitivity and response time on various types of terrains. Additionally, this torque sensor also helps in the efficient use of battery consumption and allows for a better riding range of 20-30%.

On the other hand, the twist throttle allows riders to manage the bike's speed without the need for pedaling. The twist throttle is particularly convenient for individuals seeking a straightforward point-to-point commute, including elderly riders. So, whatever type of terrain you've ahead or sort of weight you have to carry, the GRAOOPRO is a complete all-rounder that won't let you down in any aspect. 

Front Fork Suspension & Tires

Front Fork Suspension & Tires
The suspension system on your electric bike is crucial for ensuring a comfortable ride over rough terrain, making sure you do not feel any discomfort from the imperfections of the road. In this context, the GRAOOPRO cargo e-bike stands out by providing a front suspension fork that offers an impressive 80mm of travel. Using this generous travel capability, your ride will remain comfortable and smooth, even on challenging or rough terrain. The suspension system also includes adjustable preload and lockout features, allowing you to customize your ride to suit the particular terrain you encounter.

The combination of a larger front wheel and a wider rear wheel creates the perfect balance between stability and control. The 24''x2.5'' front tire offers precise steering and helps you navigate through urban streets with confidence, while the 20''x3'' rear fat tire provides exceptional traction and control, especially when carrying heavy cargo. So, altogether the unique wheel configuration will optimize your riding experience and elevate your cargo e-bike's overall performance.

Patented Integrated Button & LCD Display

The GRAOOPRO Electric Cargo Bike by Addmotor is not just about raw power and impressive cargo capabilities; it's also about an intuitive and user-friendly design. In particular, the Patented Integrated Button and EB 2.0 LCD Display stand out as truly cutting-edge components that set the GRAOOPRO apart from its competitors. With the help of these integrated buttons, navigating through various settings and adjusting your ride mode couldn't be easier. With a simple press, you can easily adjust the PAS mode you want to ride in and access different features with ease.

On the other hand, the LCD display provides a clear, easy-to-read interface that keeps you informed about your speed, distance traveled, remaining battery life, and more. Its user-friendly design ensures that riders of all levels can quickly grasp and utilize its features. The LCD display is integrated into the handlebar, so with just a single glance you can monitor your battery level and other important factors to make informed decisions with ease.

Braking System

mechanical disc brakes
Brakes play a pivotal role in ensuring your safety while riding any type of electric bike or trike and Addmotor considers it seriously. The GRAOOPRO is equipped with mechanical disc brakes for its wheels. The 180 mm rotors go above and beyond expectations to provide you with a secure and reliable stopping experience.

The mechanical disc brakes are more reliable and less prone to failure. They do not have any fluid that can leak, boil, or freeze, which can affect the performance of hydraulic disc brakes. Also, they are easier to maintain, which can be adjusted and repaired with a single wrench. You can have complete confidence in GRAOOPRO's brakes to bring you to a swift and secure halt when needed. 

EB 2.0 Lighting System

ersatile 5-in-1 taillight
The GRAOOPRO offers a set of crucial safety features, including the advanced EB 2.0 lighting system. The comprehensive EB 2.0 lighting solution consists of front light and a versatile 5-in-1 taillight, enhancing visibility and ensuring safety while on the road. The EB 2.0 lighting system is more than just a way to light your path; it's a complete safety package.

In addition to the standard front and rear lights, this system incorporates left and right turn signals, providing clear indications of your intentions to fellow road users. Whether you're changing lanes or making a turn, these signals ensure that everyone around you is aware of your next move, ultimately improving overall safety.

For situations where you need to attract even more attention, you can activate the hazard lights. These lights emit a highly visible and attention-grabbing signal, ensuring that other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists can easily spot you. 

Power Your Daily Rides With GRAOOPRO

The GRAOOPRO is a well-designed cargo e-bike. With its dual-battery system, it offers an extended range and remarkable versatility, ensuring that it can effortlessly handle any task you throw its way, whether it's daily commuting, family outings, or business deliveries. The GRAOOPRO isn't just a mode of transportation; it's a statement of sustainability, innovation, and performance. So, why wait for anything? Elevate your riding experience and embrace a greener future with the GRAOOPRO, the ultimate choice for all your cargo-carrying and commuting needs.

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