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By Addmotor | 29 May 2023 | 0 Comments

With the rise of electric trikes and bikes in recent years, travel has been revolutionized. The introduction of these eco-friendly alternatives has given us a breath of fresh air in our quest to commute sustainably and greenly.

Electric trikes and bikes have transformed our lives. Featuring remarkable features and impressive performance, these vehicles have not only changed the way we move from one place to another but also altered the way we see personal mobility. Here, we will inspect what the Grandtan E Trike series consists of and what it can offer.

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#1 Addmotor Grandtan E Trike

The Addmotor Grandtan is an excellent electric trike that serves as the flagship model of the series. It boasts an impressive range of features to enhance the overall riding experience. In terms of aesthetics and performance, the trike offers a perfect blend of sleek and stylish designs. The Grandtan is powered by a robust 750W electric motor that provides ample power to navigate various terrains effortlessly. Additionally, the trike has wide-fat 4.0' Kenda tires that make riding on rough terrains even more comfortable.  

To provide 85+ miles riding range, the motor is coupled with an upgraded Samsung battery of 48V*20Ah. With its impressive acceleration and impressive riding range, the trike is suitable for both short commutes and long trips. By providing a comfortable seating arrangement with a backrest and adjustable handlebars for riders of varying heights. With a cargo load capacity of 350+100 lbs, the Grandtan is ideal for transporting anything. Additional features include an LCD display, safety lights, and a rear cargo basket.  

#2 Addmotor Grandtan City E Trike

The Addmotor Grandtan City, with 3-inch mini tires, is a compact and versatile electric trike designed specifically for urban environments. It is designed for individuals seeking a practical and efficient transportation solution for daily commuting. With its small frame and agile maneuverability, the Grandtan City effortlessly weaves through congested city streets, offering a seamless riding experience.

In terms of power and motor, the Grandtan City features the same 750W motor and Samsung battery that delivers swift acceleration and smooth performance. But in terms of riding range, the trike is even better than the Grandtan model as it can travel up to 90 miles on a single charge.
The trike's construction is impressive in durability and allows enhanced handling and agility to navigate through tight corners and narrow pathways. Although compact, Grandtan City is not short of storage capacity. With a rear cargo basket, the trike can handle up to 350+100lbs of cargo.

#3 Addmotor Grandtan Plus E Trike

For riders looking for a premium and feature-rich electric trike, the Addmotor Grandtan Plus is the epitome of luxury. Designed for comfort, style, and advanced technology, the Grandtan Plus offers a truly immersive and refined riding experience. The electric trike's cutting-edge features and top-of-the-line components make it a standout choice in the E-Trike market.

The Grandtan Plus features a powerful 750-watt electric motor that delivers exceptional performance, effortlessly handling steep inclines and challenging terrains. The battery is the same as of previous counterparts and can travel up to 85+ miles per single charge on PAS 1.  

It comes equipped with a full-color LCD display, providing riders with essential information such as speed, distance traveled, battery status, and more. The plush and comfortable seating, along with the oil-spring front suspension, ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride even on rough surfaces.

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In terms of sustainable transport, Addmotor's Grandtan E-Trike series represents a significant advance. The Grandtan, Grandtan City, and Grandtan Plus models provide a comprehensive lineup of electric trikes to suit a variety of needs. Whether it's the awe-inspiring Grandtan with its powerful performance or the urban-ready, nimble Grandtan City that's perfect for city commuting, or the luxurious Grandtan Plus that combines cutting-edge features with luxurious comfort, you can find whatever you need.   

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