Get The Best Discounts on Electric bikes with Addmotor Christmas Sale

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An electric bike that comes with electric power can simplify and improve your commute and roaming around the city. There are tons of benefits to bicycles, including easy transportation and convenience.

The benefit of using this mode of transportation is that city dwellers have an alternative to other forms of transportation, and they can also save money on gasoline. Their unique design makes them safer than regular bicycles, but they can also be a bit pricey.  

Get The Best Discounts on Electric bikes with the Addmotor Christmas Sale

The global popularity of biking has resulted in significant growth in the biking community. E-bikes allow people of all ages and health to ride seamlessly throughout the city for a long period. In the past, you might have thought about buying an e-bike from a top brand, but now is your chance with Addmotor's Christmas sale.

The latest Addmotor e-bike models are now available at discounted prices during the Christmas sale. There are a lot of excellent features on these e-bikes from this brand.

Cruiser electric bikes
  ●M-430 Cruiser Electric Bike – Save $200

Despite what you might expect, riding this cruiser electric bike is just as fun as riding a performance e-bike. When you are roaming around the city, you can carry up to 300 pounds with its powerful rear-mounted motor. For a smooth ride, it comes with 4" fat tires with a step-through design.  

In PAS 1 mode, the 17.5Ah battery can provide up to 65 miles per charge. Addmotor is currently offering a $200 discount on their M-430 cruiser electric bike on Christmas Sale.

m-340  Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser

M-66 R7 Cruiser E-Bike - Save $100

M-66 R7 electric bikes feature a retro 1970s look and a step-through frame, making them among the most impressive electric bikes on the market. Bafang 750W motors from Addmotor power the M-66 fat tire ebike. This 750W motor not only powers the 91.5-pound bike's fat tires, but it can also carry a passenger. Due to its long range of 105+ miles, this cruiser bike is ideal for long-distance rides. This makes it perfect for commuting, gym trips, shopping, and picnics. Up to $100 can be saved during the Christmas sale.
M-66 R7 Moped Electric Bike in Orange

M-66X Cruiser Bike - Save $100

Designed after the M-66 R7, the Soletan M-66X Cruiser bike has a retro design. Therefore, it is more relaxed than the M-66 R7 due to its vintage design and a step-through frame. With the bike, you can get everything you need in one package. A 750-watt motor is mounted at the rear of the M-66X along with a multifunctional taillight. Featuring 5-in-1 functionality, this tail light makes you visible in the dark, turns left or right, lights up a flashlight, and lights up your brakes. Savings of up to $100 are available during the Christmas sale.
SOLETAN M-66X Moped-Style Electric Bike In Black

M-65X Cruiser Electric Bike - Save $100

Another attractive Addmotor electric bike is the M-65X. You can choose from a variety of bright color contrast designs to complement your personality with the E-bike's outstanding retro design. Featuring strong and convenient features, it is a step-over electric cruiser bike that works well for trails and city rides alike. Get up to $100 off during the Christmas sale.
Herotri M-365X Electric Trike for Adult  in Pearl White

Fat tire Electric Bike

M-550 P7 Fat tire Electric Bike - $200 Off  

AddMotor's Motan M-550 P7 fat tire electric bike is designed for acclimating to challenging trails with its 750W power. Featuring a powerful 750-watt Bafang motor, a Shimano 7-Speed TX55 gearbox, and Panasonic lithium batteries, this bike makes for a thrilling ride. Thanks to its durable components, this bike can be used on and off road. During the Christmas sale on electric bikes at Addmotor you can save 200 dollars.  
m-550 electric bike in Army Green

GAROOTAN M-81 Fat tire Cargo Electric Bike - Save $200  

You can use the M-81 while cruising around town or for carrying more cargo. This cargo bike is powered by a 750-watt brushless gear motor located at the rear. One charge of a 48V 20Ah battery is enough to get you 80 miles. M-81 is capable of hauling 350 lbs of payload, so it can also carry kids and groceries. Electric bikes at Addmotor are on sale for up to $200 during the Christmas season.
M-81 Step-thru Fat Tire Cargo Electric Bike


With the purchase of an electric tricycle, you'll receive two gifts worth $135. Yes, you heard it correctly. As part of their Christmas promotion, Addmotor is also giving away free mirrors and backpacks with every trike.
m-360 semi-recumbent fat tire electric trike for adults

Bottom Line

Electric bicycles can be out of reach if you spend your money at the wrong time, as they are usually expensive. You can take advantage of the end-of-year sales. In case you didn't catch the Black Friday sale, don't fret. The Christmas sales are the most ideal time to buy one. Visit Addmotor and avail this opportunity.

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