From M-360 to Arisetan II M-360: Upgrading Your Ride with Arisetan's Latest Electric Trike

By Addmotor | 13 October 2023 | 0 Comments
Are you seeking an exceptional riding experience along with comfort, versatility, and high performance? Then, you must check out the all-new Arisetan II M-360 2024. 
Addmotor, a prominent name in the industry of ebikes and the best electric trikes has introduced this latest and upgraded version of the popular Arisetan I M-360. The Arisetan II M-360 2024 retains its signature style while incorporating upgraded  components and enhanced features that promise to revolutionize your riding experience.
This etrike is designed to offer the ultimate comfort and stability for riders of different ages, sizes, and abilities along with some notable improvements over the Arisetan I M-360.
So, without further ado, let's find out how the Arisetan II M-360 outperforms its earlier version, the Arisetan I M-360, and what new features and improvements it brings to the table.

Rear-Mounted Motor: Unleashing the Power

The Arisetan II M-360 takes a giant leap forward with a 750W, powerful Brushless Motor, that is mounted at the rear. This upgrade from the Arisetan I's front-mounted motor delivers a remarkable boost in traction, stability, and performance.
The rear-mounted motor not only provides a stable ride but also enhances better control and handling during acceleration and deceleration. Whether you're cruising down city streets or tackling hilly terrains, the new motor ensures a thrilling and efficient ride.

Upgraded Rear Speed Differential: Enhanced Control

One of the standout improvements in the Arisetan II M-360 is the addition of a Rear Speed Differential. With this innovative feature, this etrike now lets its rear wheels rotate at different speeds and directions.
Unlike its predecessor, which lacked this feature, the new differential enhances traction and control. This is particularly valuable when navigating sharp turns and uneven surfaces to avoid the risk of tipping over or loss of control.

New Parking Brake: For Enhanced Safety

Addmotor has taken a step to enhance security by adding a Parking Brake in their best electric trikes' latest model, the Arisetan II M-360 2024, which the Arisetan I lacked. 
This can be a great addition for riders, especially when parking on slopes, by keeping the adult electric trike securely in place. The parking brake not only prevents your trike from rolling away but also allows for safer mounting and dismounting.

Enhanced Mid-Axis Torque Sensor: Precision Performance

For riders who value precision and responsiveness, the Arisetan II M-360 2024 presents an Enhanced Mid-Axis Torque Sensor. In contrast, the Arisetan I M-360 relied on a cadence sensor, which tends to be less intuitive.
The torque sensor in the new model detects your pedaling effort with incredible accuracy and adjusts its power output to match your needs instantly. This results in a more natural and enjoyable riding experience, whether you're pedaling gently or giving it your all.

Trailer Tube: Added Versatility

The Arisetan II M-360 also boasts an Enhanced Trailer Tube, a feature that opens up a world of possibilities for riders.
You can now attach trailers or carriers with ease, making the adult electric trike suitable for various purposes such as grocery shopping, picnics, or carrying your furry friends along for the ride. The enhanced trailer tube significantly increases the trike's utility and versatility.

Additional Rear Fenders: Keeping Clean and Dry

Another practical enhancement is the inclusion of both Front and Rear Fenders on the Arisetan II M-360. The Arisetan I didn't feature rear fenders, leaving you susceptible to splashes and dirt when riding in wet conditions.
But, with the new rear fenders, you can now enjoy a cleaner and drier ride, even in less-than-ideal weather.
Now that we've explored the remarkable upgrades of the Arisetan II M-360, let's take a moment to compare it to its predecessor quickly:
Feature Comparison Arisetan I M-360 Arisetan II M-360 2024
Motor Position Front-Mounted Rear-Mounted
Rear Speed Differential Not Present Upgraded
Parking Brake Not Present Included
Sensor Cadence Sensor Enhanced Mid-Axis Torque Sensor
Trailer Tube Not Present Enhanced
Fenders Front Fender Both Front and Rear Fenders
With these upgrades, it is clear that the Arisetan II M-360 2024 is poised to offer an exceptional riding experience that surpasses its previous version in every way.


Other Specialties of the Arisetan II M-360 2024

Along with bringing new and updated features, the Arisetan II M-360 also retains the special features that made the Arisetan I M-360 so popular.
• It features a semi-recumbent design that allows you to sit back and relax while pedaling.
• With its impressive 48V*20Ah Samsung battery cell, it ensures a remarkable range of up to 85 miles on a single charge.
• The Arisetan II M-360 2024 also comes with a 5-inch LCD display that shows you the speed, battery level, distance, and other information.
• Equipped with a Twist Grip Throttle with Power-Cut Switch, this etrike delivers 750W of on-demand power.
• You can conquer various terrains with confidence thanks to its Kenda 20'' x 4.0'' Fat Tires.
• The 7A19 aluminum alloy frame provides a robust and durable foundation.
• It boasts a substantial payload capacity of up to 380 lbs, allowing for substantial cargo transport.
• A cutting-edge EB2.0 Lighting System that runs on the main battery and can be effortlessly controlled through the user-friendly display to simplify the lighting experience as well as enhance convenience and efficiency.
• Improved braking performance with Tektro 180mm disc brakes on both rear wheels, ensuring smoother and more responsive stops.
• It also has 6 different vibrant color choices to pick from to match your style and preferences.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that the Arisetan II M-360 2024 is a remarkable evolution in the world of electric tricycles. Its powerful rear-mounted motor, upgraded rear speed differential, parking brake, torque sensor, trailer tube, and additional rear fenders combine to create a versatile and high-performance adult electric trike. All in all, by making the switch from the Arisetan I to the Arisetan II M-360, you're not just upgrading your ride; you're upgrading your entire riding experience.
 So, explore the future of the best electric trikes with Addmotor’s latest offering, the Arisetan II M-360, and enjoy the journey like never before.


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