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By Addmotor | 07 July 2023 | 1 Comments


FOLDTAN M-160 Comes with Your Most-Asked Beautiful Look

Power up your GREEN RIDE with Addmotor's New FOLDTAN M-160, the foldable electric bike that combines performance and portability!

With the desire to design user-friendly e-bikes, Addmotor proudly welcomes another folding electric bike in the family - FOLDTAN M-160. Prepare yourself to be electrified by the imminent launch of the new successor of M-140 and M-150 with upgrades and a new appearance. Foldtan M-160 is going to be the latest addition to the prestigious line of foldable electric bikes on July 25th. 
Every aspect of the M-160 has been meticulously engineered to provide riders with a more comfortable, efficient, safe and enjoyable experience. The M-160 is not just an upgrade, but a revolution, boasting enhancements to its handlebar, pedal-assist sensor, brake system, and battery pack, etc. These make for a more comfortable, longer, safer, and more convenient adventure ride.
FOLDTAN M-160 blends performance, portability, and style into a package that is set to revolutionize your impression of Addmotor folding e-bikes. The future of cycling is here - are you ready to experience the thrill of the Foldtan M-160?
More details will be updated one after another, so stay tuned!

###the Bar of FOLDTAN M-160
Part 1: Introducing the U-Shaped Handlebar

Part 2: Introducing the Torque Sensor
Part 3: Introducing the Brake System: Hydraulic Brakes

Part 4: Introducing the Foldable Frame 
Part 5: Introducing the Battery Pack 

Part 1: Introducing the U-Shaped Handlebar

FOLDTAN M-160 Folding Bike Introducing the U-Shaped Handlebar 
The FOLDTAN M-160 will be available in five colors including white, yellow, olive green, sky blue, and candy red. No doubt, these colors are quite aesthetically pleasing and will suit a wide range of choices. However, the main feature that is keeping everyone buzzing isn’t just about looks. To take this exciting electric bike to another level, Addmotor has introduced a U-shaped handlebar on the Foldtan M-160. The handlebar has a crossbar in the middle that connects the two sides, which makes it more durable and compact for daily riding. This better prevents deformation of the handlebars. It will also improve build quality and provide a superior riding experience without sacrificing performance when loading cargo into the front rack. 
With this exciting new handlebar design, riders can enjoy enhanced comfort, control, and a truly unmatched experience on their everyday rides. Therefore, this innovative design feature truly sets the FOLDTAN M-160 apart from traditional electric bikes. So, it doesn't matter whether you're a daily commuter or just someone who wants better performance in terms of control and comfort, the FOLDTAN M-160 can be your ultimate choice. For further consideration, let's examine how the inclusion of this U-shaped handlebar will improve your daily riding experience by the follwing plus points.


Plus points for U-Shaped Handlebars

First and foremost, the U-shaped handlebar on the FOLDTAN M-160 will provide riders with exceptional stability and control to maintain a firm grip on the bike and ride confidently through various terrains. Unlike typical handlebars, which are usually straight or with a slight curve, the U-shaped handlebar creates a broader base for hand placement, which helps disperse the rider’s weight across the handlebar. With this setup, the chances of losing control, especially when encountering bumps or potholes, are minimal. So, whether you like to ride through paved city roads or rough terrains, the M-160’s handlebars ensure a stable ride like no other.

The U-shaped handlebar is designed ergonomically to provide a smoother ride. In contrast to other designs, the U-shaped handlebar will allow the rider to place their hands more naturally, thereby reducing the need for constant adjustments and minimizing the risk of losing control.  This feature is beneficial when riding around tight corners or making quick maneuvers because riders are able to maintain a steady grip and easily control the bike. Together with Addmotor's 5-inch LCD display attached to the center of the crossbar, you'll have a better idea of your riding, like battery usage, mileage, speed, lighting usage, PAS level, current motor wattage, etc. Therefore, your Foldtan M-160 will make you feel completely in control, no matter how challenging the ride is.

Although the FOLDTAN M-160 excels at comfort and performance, it does not end there. The folding electric bike also has sophistication and style and looks aesthetically pleasing with its U-shaped handlebars on the front. Hence, it is the perfect mix of performance and appearance for all types of riders.
Additionally, the bikes saddle and seat post are adjustable. You can move the saddle forward and backward, and get a perfect position to grab the handlebars. The adjustable seat post can also allow you to change the height of your saddle quickly and easily to pull open the quick-release lever. It allows you to customize the riding posture according to your preference, body type, and riding terrains. This is especially useful if you want to embark on longer trips and equally helpful if you want to use this option for daily commutes or other uses.


Part 2: Introducing the Torque Sensor

Introducing the Torque Sensor
Today's world is characterized by fast-paced commutes, which can be made easier by electric bikes. Different electric bikes have pedal assist systems that provide riders with varying levels of assistance according to their needs. Riding an electric bike with PAS is easy. Once you begin pedaling, the motor will engage so that you can accelerate more quickly. The sensor is the component responsible for sending this signal from the pedal assist to the motor. So as soon as you pedal, the sensors send the signal to engage the motor. The entire process takes mere nanoseconds, so you won't even notice. Generally, there are two main types of e-bike sensors; cadence and torque sensors.

To ensure a long riding range for its riders, the FOLDTAN M-160 comes equipped with a torque sensor to engage the motor. The torque sensor on the M-160 amplifies the pedal input according to the pedal assist system you're riding in. In the simplest case, let's say you are on the lowest PAS mode, which is PAS1. The system will increase your pedaling power by approximately 50%. On the other hand, if you ride in the highest PAS mode, the system can increase your power by about 300%. In other words, the torque sensor measures how much force you're applying to the pedals with a precision strain gauge. As soon as you pedal, the torque sensor sends the signal to your electric bike's control unit, which will calculate the amount of electrical power sent to the motor.

With the change in the amount of force applied to the pedal, the torque sensor will send the signal to the controller. Therefore, you can easily control your electric bike's power and battery usage with the torque sensor on the FOLDTAN M-160. Torque sensors are commonly found on high-end electric bikes but the Addmotor FOLDTAN features this component to make your riding more delicate and smooth.

Torque sensors will give riders a more natural feel when riding the FOLDTAN M-160. With the help of a torque sensor, the M-160 can adjust the motor's assistance to match the rider's pedaling efforts. Therefore, the rider would get the feel of riding a regular bicycle as there's no delay or sudden jolt of power when changing PAS levels. As torque sensors do not exceed or produce a preset amount of output on PAS levels, riders can conserve their battery power and ride longer. Even with a 750W powerful, brushless motor, the FOLDTAN M-160 has an impressive 100+ miles riding range, thanks to this torque sensor. 

Moreover, the Foldtan M-160 still uses Addmotor's EB 2.0 lighting system. This maximizes the safety of your night ride.  To provide you with customizable riding speeds, the M-160 also has 7 levels of PAS mode and half-twist throttle mode. The SHIMANO TOURNEY TY300 Rear 7-Speed Derailleur offers a wide range of gears for different terrains and speeds.

Part 3 Introducing the Hydraulic Brakes

m-160 folding electric bike's hydraulic brake
No matter whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or someone just jumping on the bandwagon of electric bikes, the safety and reliability of your electric bike is of paramount importance. Fortunately, Addmotor knows how to deliver on all fronts and elevate electric bikes' performance and safety to new heights. So, the upcoming folding electric bike, FOLDTAN M-160 comes with powerful hydraulic braking system to provide exceptional stopping power and enhance rider’s safety. With the inclusion of hydraulic brakes, the rider can experience an improvement in overall riding quality. This will not only lead to safe rides but also the satisfaction of mind, as they can easily rely on their braking system for an unmatched riding experience.

By utilizing hydraulic fluid to transmit force, the brakes on the M-160 will deliver instant and reliable stopping power to allow the rider to quickly and confidently stop the bike. Moreover, unlike traditional cable-operated brakes, hydraulic brakes also excel in constant performance. Cable stretch and wear can affect the cable-operated brakes as time goes on. But, not the hydraulic brakes, as they offer excellent consistency and predictability to stop your electric bike with ease. This reliability will enhance the rider’s confidence and ensure a smooth and responsive baking experience on the FOLDTAN M-160.

For fast commuting and other errands, the M-160 is one of the agile options out there, so having this sort of reliable braking is a must. Apart from providing much needed safety assurance, the hydraulic brakes also contribute to less fatigue as they can be activated with minimal force. This is because hydraulic brakes utilize fluid pressure to transfer force. Therefore, the rider can brake powerfully, with less effort and fatigue. This can be especially helpful for some elders, as they do not possess the same energy as they used to have. Another plus point of the hydraulic braking system is its quick response. With the precise and instant stopping power of these brakes, you can reduce accidents and collisions. Moreover, hydraulic brakes also require minimal maintenance compared to their counterparts. The hydraulic fluid used in these brakes is sealed within the system, protecting it from external contaminants and reducing frequent adjustments.

Part 4 Introducing the Easy-To-Fold Bike Frame

Introducing the Easy-To-Fold Bike Frame

The FOLDTAN M-160 is not only about innovative performance features like the torque sensor or hydraulic brakes as this electric bike also boasts an easy to fold electric bike frame. This unique design of this folding electric bike sets the FOLDTAN M-160 apart from other e-bikes because of its convenience and portability. The frame is quite easy to wrap up and can be folded within 10 seconds, making it a space-saving and convenient e-bike option. This is ideal for people with no parking spaces or garages or for people who want to transport their electric bikes while traveling by other means. So, by having this portable and easy-to-fold electric bike frame you can easily take your electric bike anywhere with you as it can be stored quite conveniently inside your car trunk as well. This makes it an ideal and flexible choice for daily commuters as well as recreational riders as they can easily take this e-bike with them on picnics and mountain riding with ease.

The folding mechanism on the FOLDTAN M-160 is designed to be as user-friendly as it gets. In just a few steps, riders can easily fold their bikes into compact and manageable sizes for storage or transport. In the same way, when you want to ride, you can follow the user manual to get your bike in riding shape within seconds. This foldable feature is advantageous for people who want to transport their bikes in cars, public transportation, or limited storage spaces. Therefore, The portability of the Foldtan M-160 opens up a world of possibilities, allowing riders to explore new locations and seamlessly integrate biking into their daily routines.


Part 5 Introducing the Built-In Battery

Introducing the Built-In Battery
Another intuitive feature of the FOLDTAN M-160 is the built-in battery. Yes, you heard it right, the M-160 48V*20Ah battery is hidden inside the bike frame. The battery on any electric bike is a crucial component as it is responsible for storing the energy required to drive the electric bicycle's electrical components. The FOLDTAN M-160 battery is rated for around 1000-1500 charge cycles. Therefore, if you take appropriate care of the battery, it will stay fine for many years to come.

With this 48V*20Ah powerful battery, the FOLDTAN provides a range of up to 100+ miles on a single charge, which is quite impressive. This makes it suitable for continuous daily use such as commuting or other errands and long recreational trips as well. Plus, as it is an folding electric bike, you can easily fold it into an compact size and store in any storage space and this battery will do just fine, if you follow to take care of it.

With the upgrade of this integrated battery inside the bike frame, the FOLDTAN M-160’s battery will be extremely durable and safe. Moreover, it remains hidden inside of the frame for a longer lifespan. So, by staying away from external factors such as wetness or harsh weather conditions, which will keep it safe from corrosion and other electrical failures. Therefore, the battery on the FOLDTAN M-160 will remain safe, provided there are just a few precautionary measures to follow.

Another plus point of this integrated built-in battery is the lower risk of theft since the battery isn’t that easy to remove. They’re well-fitted inside the electric bike frame and removing it will take some effort and time. So, by having a frame with a built-in battery, you can park your electric bike more confidently in outer parking spaces by locking the bike. If you have a detachable battery, you will either have to store the battery inside or lock it along with the bike. So, the built-in battery system is the safest option for daily commuters.
Moreover, the integrated battery will also improve your riding experience as the battery is rightly placed at the centre to improve the bike’s weight distribution which will add to better handling and control. The bike feels much more agile than its counterparts and can be easily navigated through tight spaces, crowded urban areas, or rough terrains. This enhanced maneuverability of the FOLDTAN M-160 adds to confidence and improves the overall riding experience.

So all-in-all the built-in battery on the FOLDTAN M-160 will improve the riding experience for the rider by providing a more sleek and aesthetically pleasing look, better weight distribution, enhanced handling, fewer chances of being stolen, and a shield against environmental elements.



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